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The platform in a two-point scaffold should be no more than _____ inches wide.


Toe board or mesh fencing installed on scaffolding protects workers below the scaffolding from what hazards?

falling objects

The mid-rails of guardrails must be capable of withstanding how many pounds of force applied at any point, in any direction?


After a fall, a suspended worker must keep his arms and legs moving to keep circulation going and avoid Orthostatic Intolerance.


The gaps between planks on the platforms of supported scaffolds should not exceed _____.

1 inch

An outrigger is the structural member of a supported scaffold used to perform what function?

Increase its base width

When is climbing cross-braces permitted?

it is strictly prohibited

What is a scaffold?

A temporary elevated platform used to support workers and/or materials

How is a float scaffold supported?

By two bearers hung from an overhead support

A pump jack scaffold must be fitted with two ______ gripping mechanisms to prevent slippage.


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