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As discussed in the chapter opening case, the Giants’ new ticketing information systems is an effort to achieve which of the primary business objectives?

Improved decision making

Journalist Thomas Friedman’s description of the world as "flat" referred to:

The flattening of economic and cultural advantages of developed countries.

The six important business objectives of information system investment include all of the following except:

Employee morale

The use of information systems because of necessity describes the business objective of:


All of the following choices describe ways for a company to achieve a competitive advantage, except:

implementing information systems to support better management decision making

Verizon’s implementation of a Web-based digital dashboard to provide managers with real-time information, such as customer complaints, is an example of:

Improved decision making

The move of retail banking to use ATMs after Citibank unveiled its first ATMs illustrates the information system business objective of:


An information system can be defined technically as a set of interrelated components that collect (or retrieve), process, store, and distribute information to support:

Decision making and control in an organization

The three activities in an information system that produce the information organizations use to control operations are:

Input, processing, and output

All of the following describe the effects of globalization except:

Increases in transaction costs

The average number of tickets sold daily online is an example of:

Meaningful information


Transfers processed information to the people who will use it or to the activities for which it will be used

Converting raw data into a more meaningful form is called:


An example of raw data from a national chain of automobile stores would be:

1 Toyota RAV4 sold January 7, 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky – $28,000.

Electronic computers and related software programs are the technical foundation, the tools and materials, of:

Modern information systems

The field that deals with behavioral issues, as well as technical issues surrounding the development, use, and impact of information systems used by managers and employees in the firm, is called:

Management information systems

A hierarchy:

IS a pyramid structure of rising authority and responsibility

In a hierarchical organization, the upper levels consist of:

Managerial, professional, and technical workers

The fundamental set of assumptions, values, and ways of doing things that has been accepted by most of a company’s members is called its:


All of the following can be considered managerial responsibilities except:

Designing new information systems

Data management technology consists of:

The software governing the organization of data on physical storage media

A database that receives employee manual input of customer names and addresses is riddled with errors and you have been charged with rectifying the situation. In taking an organizational perspective of this problem, you would be considering:

The types of reviews in place for selecting data input personnel


Use internet technology for a private company network

The first step in the four-step model of business problem solving is:

Identifying the problem

Inadequate database capacity is an example of the ________ dimension of business problems.


Legal and regulatory compliance is an example of the ________ dimension of business problems.


You are a new manager at a plumbing supply manufacturer where there is an unusually high number of returns for a new aerator for a high-end faucet in production. In viewing the problem you determine that the primary cause is the improperly designed die cast for the aerator. Which dimension of a business problem does this reflect?


Poor business processes is an example of the ________ dimension of business problems.


The owners of Speed-EZ, a new bike messenger service, are concerned about how they will manage their messengers once they have left the office. This is a business problem that falls into the:

People dimension

Flapjack Flats, a new pancake chain, is having difficulty finding pancake chefs. This is a business problem that falls into the:

Organizational dimension

In choosing the best solution for a business problem, one of the most important considerations is:

Existing resources and skills

The final step in the four-step model of business problem solving is:


Which of the following would not be considered part of the implementation phase of problem solving?

Evaluating a selection of software packages for implementing a new business process.

The failure of NASA’s initial solution to preventing the space shuttle shedding foam illustrates:

The continuous nature of problem solving

One of the most frequent errors in problem solving is:

Rushing to judgement

A major criterion in deciding the most important perspectives of a business problem is:


Which of the following is an example of a business using information systems to create new products and services?

Apple’s creation of the ipod

An example of a business using information systems to attain competitive advantage is:

Toyota’s legendary TPS that has created superlative efficiencies and enabled Toyota to become the world’s largest auto maker.

An example of a business using information systems for customer and supplier intimacy is:

JC Penney’s information system that allows its contract manufacturers to see what garments have been sold and need to be replaced

An information skill important for an accounting major would be:

An understanding of online transactions and reporting systems

An information skill important for a marketing major would be:

An understanding of product management enterprise systems

Consider an information system in a moving company that analyzes travel patterns and decides which routes are the most efficient for every van. The need for employees to follow procedures to update this system with arrival and departure times would be considered a(n) ________ element of the system.


What is the estimated growth rate for information systems managers’ jobs through 2020?


To make sure they stock clothes that their customers will purchase, a department store implements a new application that analyzes spending levels at their stores and cross references this data to popular clothing styles. This is an example of using information systems to support a business strategy of:

Customer and supplier intimacy

Financial managers work directly with ________ to ensure investments in information systems help achieve corporate goals.

Senior managers

Operations management, as a discipline, is directly relevant to all of the following occupational categories except:

Financial managers

Assume you work for a package delivery service in a major metropolitan area and that the business has been losing customers for several years. You have been asked to find a solution to this problem, perhaps one which uses modern information technologies. What is the correct way to proceed?

Indentify the problem, design alternative solutions, choose the best solution, and then implement the solution

Which of the following statements is not true?

The impact of domestic IT outsourcing has been very disruptive to some regional areas of the US

The culture of UPS places service to the customer among the company’s highest business objectives, which is reflected in their use of information systems to enable customer tracking of their packages. Based on your reading of Chapter 1, why is "culture" an important factor to consider when building information system solutions to business problems?

Culture affects how information systems solutions are implemented and used

Based on your reading of the case discussing mobile handhelds in the workplace, PepsiCo’s custom iPhone app to coordinate deliveries enhances which of the following generic business objectives?

Customer and supplier intimacy

The world’s largest and most widely used network is:

The internet

Detailed, preprogrammed instructions that control and coordinate the computer hardware components in an information system describes:


________ is a service provided by the Internet that uses universally accepted standards for storing, retrieving, formatting, and displaying information in a page format.

The web

Which of the following is not one of the three major categories of business problem solving?


All of the following are elements of critical thinking except:

Relying on gut instinct

The five basic entities that make up any business are suppliers, customers, employees, products and services, and:

Invoices and payments

Promoting the organization’s products or services is a responsibility of the ________ function.

Sales and marketing

Checking for product quality is an activity associated with the ________ function.

Manufacturing and production

Which of the following is a cross-functional business process?

Fulfilling a customer order

Employees that assist with paperwork at all levels of the firm are called:

Data workers

The three principal levels of hierarchies within a business organization are:

Senior management, middle management, and operational management

Key forces in a business’s immediate environment include:


Engineers and architects are examples of:

Knowledge workers

Which of the following is an example of a key force in a firm’s broader, less immediate environment?

Economic trends

A computerized system that performs and records the daily dealings necessary to conduct business is classified as a(n):

Transaction-processing system

Which type of system would you use to change a production schedule if a key supplier was late in delivering goods?


A relocation control system that reports summaries on the total moving, house-hunting, and home financing costs for employees in all company divisions would fall into the category of:

Management information systems

The term "management information systems" designates a specific category of information systems serving:

Middle management functions

These systems are designed to summarize and report on the company’s basic operations.

Management information systems

________ support making decisions that are unique, rapidly changing, and not easily specified in advance.

Decision support systems

Which type of system would you use to determine the five suppliers with the worst record in delivering goods on time?


These systems are especially suited to situations in which the procedure for arriving at a solution may not be fully predefined in advance.

Decision support systems

Which type of system would you use to forecast the return on investment if you used new suppliers with better delivery track records?


DSS and MIS are also referred to as ________ systems.

Business intelligence

Executive support systems are information systems that support the:

Long-range planning activities of senior management

From your reading of the case study discussing TELUS’s employee learning initiatives, which of the following statements best expresses their experience?

Converting the learning environment from formal classes to a collaborative learning can achieve significant reductions in an organization’s learning budget

Which type of system would you use to determine what trends in your supplier’s industry will affect your firm the most in five years?


Which of the following best describes the goals of the Vail Ski Resort’s implementation of new information systems, as described in the chapter case?

Improve quality and breadth of products and services to engage more customers

These systems are designed to support organization-wide process coordination and integration.

Enterprise applications

A(n) ________ collects data from various key business processes and stores the data in a single comprehensive data repository, usable by other parts of the business.

Enterprise system

What is the most important benefit of an enterprise application?

Enabling business functions and departments to share information

________ systems integrate and share information from suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and logistics companies.

Supply-chain management

________ systems provide information to coordinate all of the business processes that deal with customers in sales, marketing, and service to optimize revenue, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.


Which type of information system would an intranet be most easily adapted to?


Which of the following types of systems could be used to enable different firms to work collaboratively on a product?


You manage the Information Systems department at a small startup Internet advertiser. You need to set up an inexpensive system that allows customers to see real-time statistics, such as views and click-throughs, about their current banner ads. Which type of system will most efficiently provide a solution?


Buying or selling goods over the Internet is called:


The use of digital technology and the Internet to execute the major business processes in the enterprise is called:


You work for a highly successful advertiser that is just about to expand nationally. Of utmost importance will be finding a way to store and disseminate their client’s frequently updated branding and style guides to all of their branches. The guides include multiple image files and text documents. What system will best serve these needs?

An extranet with KMS capabilities

Interaction jobs are those jobs which:

Are in the service sector and require close coordination and collaboration

You have been hired by Inspiration Inc., to help improve their profit margin. Inspiration Inc. is a business communications consultancy that services many clients in different industries throughout the U.S. The end products of the company are customized recommendations for the best use of a client’s existing resources for improving internal communications, typically delivered via documentation in different media. The company has approximately 100 consultants, all of whom are located in their central headquarters in Chicago. What system do you recommend to improve the company’s business processes and increase their profit margin?

Extranet, to enable quick collaboration over the internet, minimize the time spent communicating with the client, and minimize the amount of paperwork needed

In a business environment, the focus of collaboration is to:

Accomplish the task at hand

Which of the following statements is not true about collaboration in a business setting?

Collaboration is a many-to-many activity as opposed to a one-to-one or one-to-many activity.

Each of the following is a quality of business organization and structure that serves to enable productive collaboration, except:

Strong hierarchy

What is the primary benefit of using information services to enhance business processes?

Automate manual processes

A wiki is a type of collaborative:

Web site

Second Life is an example of a:

Virtual world

The goal of social commerce applications is to:

Share opinions about purchasing products or services

What analytical framework discussed in the chapter helps understand and evaluate the benefits and uses of collaboration tools?

Time/space matrix

Which of the following collaboration tools would be appropriate for participants in separate locations who need to collaborate synchronously?

Electronic meeting software

The ________ is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with existing data privacy laws.


The principal liaison between the information systems groups and the rest of the organization is a(n):

Systems analyst

A ________ is a senior manager who oversees the use of IT in the firm.


Development and support services for a firm’s business systems are provided by:

Application software services

Policies that determine which information technology will be used, when, and how, are provided by:

IT standards services

A firm depends heavily on its ________ to supply capital, labor, customers, new technology, services and products, stable markets and legal systems, and general educational resources.


Instant messaging, videoconferencing, and shared screens are all examples of ________ collaboration tools.


Supply chain management systems are one type of ________ because they automate the flow of information across company boundaries.

Interorganizational system

________ technology allows a videoconference participant to give the appearance of being present at a location other than his or her true physical location.


Which of the following best describes the type of information systems P&G implemented to maintain competitive advantage, as discussed in the chapter case?


Which of the following is not one of the competitive forces of Porter’s model?

External environment

A manufacturer of deep-sea oil rigs may be least concerned about which of these marketplace forces?

New market entrants

Which of the following industries has the lowest barrier to entry?


A substitute product of most concern for a cable TV distributor is:

Satellite tv

Which of the following can force a business and its competitors to compete on price alone?

Transparent marketplace

A firm can exercise greater control over its suppliers by having:

More suppliers

Which of the following is not one of the four basic strategies a company can employ to deal with competitive forces?

Compete on employee loyalty

Walmart’s continuous replenishment system allows it to:

Provide an efficient customer response system

Which of the following illustrates the use of information systems to achieve product differentiation?

A shoe manufacturer’s use of information systems in selling custom, made-to-order shoes directly to customers

Which of the following illustrates the use of information systems to strengthen customer and supplier intimacy?

A PC manufacturer’s use of information systems to facilitate direct access from suppliers to production schedules

Which of the following illustrates the use of information systems to focus on market niche?

A hot tub dealer’s use of information systems to determine which models and options its customers are most likely to buy

When a firm provides a specialized product or service for a narrow target market better than competitors, they are using a ________ strategy.

Market niche

________ is the ability to offer individually tailored products or services using the same production resources as bulk production.

Mass customization

An information system can enable a company to focus on a market niche through:

Intensive customer data analysis

Hilton Hotels’ use of customer information software to identify the most profitable customers to direct services to is an example of using information systems to:

Focus on market niche

All of the following industries have been severely disrupted by the Internet except:

PC manufacturer

To what competitive force did the printed encyclopedia industry succumb?

Substitute products or services

Internet technology:

Makes it easy for rivals to compete on price alone

The Internet raises the bargaining power of customers by:

Making information available to everyone

The value chain model:

Helps a firm identify points at which information technology can most effectively enhance its competitive postition

All of the following are considered primary activities of a firm except:


The support activities of a firm include:

Organization infrastructure, human resources, technology, and procurement


Compares the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes against strict standards.

The most successful solutions or methods for achieving a business objective are called:

Best practices

A firm’s value chain is linked to the:

Value chains of its suppliers, distributors, and customers

A ________ is a collection of independent firms that use information technology to coordinate their value chains to produce a product or service for a market collectively.

Value web

How are information systems used at the industry level to achieve strategic advantage?

By building industry-wide, IT-supported consortia and symposia

When the output of some units can be used as inputs to other units, or if two organizations pool markets and expertise that result in lower costs and generate profits, it is often referred to as creating:


An information system can enhance core competencies by:

Encouraging the sharing of knowledge across business units

The more any given resource is applied to production, the lower the marginal gain in output, until a point is reached where the additional inputs produce no additional output is referred to as:

The law of diminishing returns

Network economics:

Sees the cost of adding new members as inconsequential

In network economics, the value of a commercial software vendor’s software products:

Increases as more people use them

A virtual company:

Uses the capabilities of other companies without being physically tied to those companies

The emergence of the World Wide Web acted as a disruptive technology for:

Print publishing

Which of the following best describes business globalization?

Businesses selling their products worldwide

The greatest impact the Internet has had on globalization is in lowering the costs of:

Entry to global-scale operations

The ________ strategy concentrates financial management and control out of a central home base while decentralizing production, sales, and marketing operations to units in other countries.


The ________ strategy is characterized by heavy centralization of corporate activities in the home country of origin.

Domestic exporter

In a ________ system configuration, separate information systems are designed and managed by each foreign unit.


________ systems are those in which development occurs at the home base, but operations are handed over to autonomous units in foreign locations.


A firm that locates all systems development and operations at its headquarters is using a ________ system configuration.


________ typically develop a single information system, usually at the home base, and then replicate it around the world.


Which of the following does not describe a difference between the way customers and producers see quality?

For a consumer, quality means uniformity of the product

Seeing quality as the responsibility of all people and functions in an organization is central to the concept of:


The reduction of errors to 3.4 defects per million opportunities is central to the concept of:

Six sigma

Which of the following is not an advantage for new companies entering the marketplace?

They can establish new relationships with suppliers

Based on your reading of the chapter case, which of the four generic business strategies was Ford Motor company following in implementing its new software and apps?

Product differentiation

The iPad can be seen as a disruptive technology for the ________ industry.


All of the following have been disruptive technologies except:


All of the following are ways to improve quality except:

Implementing a new information system

You are the production manager for a manufacturer of bicycle parts. Which of the following tools or technologies would you use to improve production precision?

CAD software

A ________ is an activity at which a firm excels as a world-class leader.

Core competency

All of the following are psychological aspects of quality except:

Effective marketing

In a(n) ________ computing model, companies use their own infrastructure for essential computing tasks and adopt public cloud computing for less critical operations or additional processing during peak business periods.

Hybrid cloud

Software that manages the resources of the computer is called:

System software

Software used to apply the computer to a specific task for an end user is called:

Application software

Software that organizes, manages, and processes business data, such as data concerned with inventory, customers, and vendors, is called:

Data management software

Legacy systems are still in use today because:

They are to expensive to redisign

What would be a reason for using a workstation rather than a personal computer?

When you need more powerful computational abilities

Which of the following types of computer would you use to support a computer network?


Which of the following types of computer is used for weather forecasting?


Connecting geographically remote computers in a single network to create a "virtual supercomputer" is called:

Grid computing

The use of multiple computers linked by a communications network for processing is called:

Distributed processing

The business case for using grid computing involves all of the following except:

Centralized maintenance

In client/server computing, the client is:

The computer that acts as the user point of entry

In a multitiered network:

The work of the entire network is balanced over several levels of servers

A client computer networked to a server computer, with processing split between the two types of machines, is called a(n) ________ architecture.

Two-tiered client/server

The primary storage technologies are:

Storage networks, magnetic tape, magnetic disk, and optical disk

Which of the following is a type of optical disk storage?


Which of the following storage technology stores data sequentially?

Magnetic tape

A high-speed network dedicated to storage that connects different kinds of storage devices, such as tape libraries and disk arrays so they can be shared by multiple servers, best describes:


What type of device gathers data and converts them into electronic form for use by the computer?

Input device

Which of the following devices collects data directly from the environment for input into a computer system?


Which of the following is not a type of output device?



Can boost server utilization rates to 70% or higher

Which of the following statements is not true about cloud computing?

It removes the concern about data and systems security for businesses

Purchasing computing power from a central computing service and paying only for the amount of computing power used is commonly referred to as:

Utility computing

________ describes the practices and technologies used minimize the environmental effects of manufacturing and managing computing devices.

Green computing

An example of autonomic computing is:

Virus protection software that runs and updates itself automatically

An industry-wide effort to develop systems that can configure, optimize, tune, and heal themselves when broken, and protect themselves from outside intruders and self-destruction is called:

Autonomic computing

The interactive, multiuser operating system developed by Bell Laboratories in 1969 to be highly supportive of communications and networking is:


Linux is:

An example of open-source software

Linux plays a major role in supporting business information systems, and has garnered about ________ of the U.S. server market.

25 percent

Which of the following is not one of the most important programming languages for business?


The toy manufacturer you work for wants to exchange data with a chain of toy stores in order to improve their distribution and speed to market. The toy stores use different software than your firm. Which of the following tools or technologies presents the best solution?

Web services


Require the user to have an online connection

Microsoft Word is an example of:

Word-processing software


Is a Windows-like operating system

Microsoft Excel is an example of:

Spreadsheet software

Which type of software provides more control over text and graphic placement in the layout of a page than word processing software?

Desktop publishing software

The main challenge coming to Microsoft’s Office software suite will be:

Web-based productivity software such as Google Apps

A software suite:

Includes full-featured versions of application software bundled as a unit

Running a Java program on a computer requires:

A Java Virtual Machine to be installed on the computer

What is the foundation technology for Web services?


A set of self-contained services that communicate with each other to create a working software application is called:


ChicagoCrime.org, which combines Google Maps with crime data for the city of Chicago, is an example of:


Software applications that combine different components of online software applications are referred to as:


All of the following place strain on system capacity, except for:

Minimized response time for transaction processing

Which of the following refers to the ability of a computer, product, or system to expand to serve a larger number of users without breaking down?


To analyze the direct and indirect costs and determine the actual cost of specific technology implementations, you would use a:

Total cost of ownership model

Translating software to different languages is commonly referred to as:

Software localization

In order to manage their relationship with an outsourcer or technology service provider, firms need a contract that includes a(n):


In co-location, a firm:

Purchases and owns their Web server but locates the server in the physical facility of a hosting service

Which of the following is an open-source operating system designed for mobile devices?


A(n) ________ allows users to interact with a computer by using several fingers to perform gestures without using a mouse or keyboard.

Multitouch interface

________ is an operating system-independent, processor-independent, object-oriented programming language that has become a leading interactive programming environment for the Web.


________ is free software created and updated by a worldwide community of programmers.

Open-source software

You use ________ to predict when a computer hardware system becomes saturated.

Capacity planning

The device that acts as a connection point between computers and can filter and forward data to a specified destination is called a(n):


The Internet is based on which three key technologies?

Client/server computing, packet switching, and the development of communications standards for linking networks and computers

The method of slicing digital messages into parcels, transmitting them along different communication paths, and reassembling them at their destinations is called:

Packet switching

The telephone system is an example of a ________ network.


Which of the following is not a characteristic of packet switching?

Packet switching requires point-to-point circuits

In TCP/IP, IP is responsible for:

Disassembling and reassembling of packets during transmission

In a telecommunications network architecture, a protocol is:

A standard set of rules and procedures for control of communications in a network

What are the four layers of the TCP/IP reference model?

Application, transport, Internet, and network interface

Which signal types are represented by a continuous waveform?


To use the analog telephone system for sending digital data, you must also use:

A modem

Which type of network is used to connect digital devices within a half-mile or 500-meter radius?


Which type of network serves a small group of computers, allowing them to share resources and peripherals without using a dedicated server?


Which type of network would be most appropriate for a business that comprised three employees and a manager located in the same office space, whose primary need is to share documents?

Peer-to-peer network

Which of the following is considered by many to be the defining Web 2.0 application?

Social networking

Which of the following enables multiple users to create and edit Web documents?


The "Internet of Things" refers to:

A vision of pervasive Web, in which common objects are connected to and controlled over the Internet

A network that spans a city, and sometimes its major suburbs as well, is called a:


A network that covers entire geographical regions is most commonly referred to as a(n):

Wide are network

Which of the following is a challenge posed by Wi-Fi networks?

Susceptibility to interference from nearby wireless systems

Bandwidth is the:

Difference between the highest and lowest frequencies that can be accommodated on a single channel.

The total amount of digital information that can be transmitted through any telecommunications medium is measured in:


Digital subscriber lines:

Operate over existing telephone lines to carry voice, data, and video

T lines:

Are high-speed, leased data lines providing guaranteed service levels

Which protocol is the Internet based on?


What service converts IP addresses into more recognizable alphanumeric names?


The child domain of the root is the:

Top-level domain

In the domain name "http://myspace.blogging.com", what are the root, top-level, second-level, and third-level domains, respectively?

".", com, blogging, myspace

Which organization helps define the overall structure of the Internet?


IPv6 is being developed in order to:

Created more IP addresses

Which of the following services enables logging on to one computer system and working on another?


Instant messaging is a type of ________ service.


Which of the following statements about RFID is not true?

RFIDs require line-of-sight contact to be read

________ integrate(s) disparate channels for voice communications, data communications, instant messaging, e-mail, and electronic conferencing into a single experience.

Unified communication


Is an encrypted private network configured within a public network

Web browser software requests Web pages from the Internet using which protocol?


Together, a protocol prefix, a domain name, a directory path, and a document name, are called a(n):

Uniform resource locator

The most common Web server today, controlling 65 percent of the market, is:

Apache HTTP Server

What technology allows people to have content pulled from Web sites and fed automatically to their computers?


The process of employing techniques to help a Web site achieve a higher ranking with the major search engines is called:


Which of the following statements is not true about search engines?

There are hundreds of search engines vying for user attention, with no clear leader having yet emerged.

Which of the following is an example of the "visual Web"?


A LAN would be used to connect all of the following except:

All of the computers in a city

The most appropriate wireless networking standard for creating PANs is:


Bluetooth can be used to link up to ________ devices within a 10-meter area using low-power, radio-based communication.


Which process is used to protect transmitted data in a VPN?


One or more access points positioned on a ceiling, wall, or other strategic spot in a public place to provide maximum wireless coverage for a specific area are referred to as:


The 802.11 set of standards is known as:


The WiMax standard can transmit up to a distance of approximately:

30 miles

What is the primary difference between 3G and 4G cellular systems?

4G systems have greater transmission speeds

Based on your reading of the examples in the chapter, what would be the best use of RFID for a business?

Managing the supply chain

A ________ is special software that routes and manages communications on the network and coordinates networks resources.

Network operating system/NOS

Prior to the development of ________, computer networks used leased, dedicated telephone circuits to communicate with other computers in remote locations.

Packet switching

In Europe, and much of the world, the standard for cellular services is:


A(n) ________ is a box consisting of a radio receiver/transmitter and antennas that links to a wired network, router, or hub.

Access point

From your reading of the chapter’s opening case, Nvidia implemented new information systems in order to achieve which of the main six business objectives?

Improved decision making

A suite of integrated software modules for finance and accounting, human resources, manufacturing and production, and sales and marketing that allows data to be used by multiple functions and business processes best describes:

ERP systems

Enterprise software is built around thousands of predefined business processes that reflect:

Best practices

Which of the following is not true about enterprise systems?

Enterprise software is expressly built to allow companies to mimic their unique business practices

You have been asked to implement enterprise software for a manufacturer of kitchen appliances. What is the first step you should take?

Select the functions of the system you wish to use

When tailoring a particular aspect of a system to the way a company does business, enterprise software can provide the company with:

Configuration tables

In order to achieve maximum benefit from an enterprise software package, a business:

Changes the way it works to match the software’s business processes.

Supply chain complexity and scale increases when firms:

Produce products and services that coordinate with hundreds or more firms and suppliers.

A network of organizations and business processes for procuring raw materials, transforming these materials into intermediate and finished products, and distributing the finished products to customers is called a:

Supply Chain

Components or parts of finished products are referred to as:

Intermediate products

A company’s suppliers, supplier’s suppliers, and the processes for managing relationships with them is the:

Upstream portion of the supply chain

A company’s organizations and processes for distributing and delivering products to the final customers is the:

Downstream portion of the supply chain

Uncertainties arise in any supply chain because of:

Unforeseeable events

Why is overstocking warehouses not an effective solution for a problem of low availability?

It increases inventory costs

Which of the following traditional solutions enables manufacturers to deal with uncertainties in the supply chain?

Safety stock

A scheduling system for minimizing inventory by having components arrive exactly at the moment they are needed and finished goods shipped as soon as they leave the assembly line best describes a ________ strategy.


A distortion of information about the demand for a product as it passes from one entity to the next across the supply chain is called the ________ effect.


Supply chain software can be classified as either supply chain ________ systems or supply chain ________ systems.


Systems that enable a firm to generate demand forecasts for a product, and to develop sourcing and manufacturing plans for that product, best describes supply chain ________ systems.


Supply chain planning systems:

Identifying the transportation mode to use for product delivery

Which supply chain planning function determines how much product is needed to satisfy all customer demands?

Demand planning

Supply chain ________ systems manage the flow of products through distribution centers and warehouses to ensure that products are delivered to the right locations in the most efficient manner.


Capabilities of supply chain execution systems would not include:

Identifying the optimal transportation mode

From your reading of the Land O’ Lakes case study, the company implemented which type of system to improve supply chain efficiency?

Supply-chain planning system

A supply chain driven by actual customer orders or purchases follows a ________ model.

Pull-based model

A build-to-order supply-chain model is also called a ________ model.


Concurrent supply chains are made possible by which technology?

The Internet

The business value of an effective supply-chain management system includes all of the following except:

Increased inventory levels

A ________ is a method of interaction with a customer, such as telephone or customer service desk.

Touch point

Which of the following would not be considered a contact point?


________ modules use many of the same data, tools, and systems as CRM to enhance collaboration between a company and its selling partners.


________ modules deal with issues such as setting objectives, employee performance management, and performance-based compensation.


Customer relationship management systems typically provide software and online tools for sales, customer service, and:


SFA modules in CRM systems would provide tools for:

Managing sales prospect and contact information

CRM systems help businesses obtain which business objective?

Customer and Supplier intimacy

Customer service modules in CRM systems provide tools for:

Assigning and managing customer service request

Marketing modules in CRM systems would provide tools for:

Identifying profitable and unprofitable customers

Selling a customer with a checking account a home improvement loan is an example of:


________ management is an important capability for customer service processes that is found in most major CRM software products.


Which of the following is an important capability for sales processes that is found in most major CRM software products?

Lead management

Customer relationship management applications dealing with the analysis of customer data to provide information for improving business performance best describes ________ applications.

Analytical CRM

Operational CRM applications include tools for:

Salesforce automation

Which of the following is not one of the four types of customers described in the case study on Graybar?

Niche customers

Analyzing customer buying patterns is an example of:

Analytical CRM

Which metric is based on the relationship between the revenue produced by a specific customer, the expenses incurred in acquiring and servicing that customer, and the expected life of the relationship between the customer and the company?


The measurement of the number of customers who stop using or purchasing products or services from a company is called:

Churn rate

Which of the following statements about enterprise applications is not true?

Enterprise applications are best implemented when few changes in business processes are required.

Which of the following is not an example of next-generation enterprise applications?

Stand-alone suites

Enterprise application vendors have created ________ to make their own customer relationship management, supply chain management, and enterprise systems work closely together with each other.

E-business suites

The bullwhip effect is countered by:

Reducing information uncertainty

Which of the following business objectives would be most helped by implementing an enterprise application?

Customer and supplier intimacy

Which of the following features is the main reason an enterprise system helps a business improve decision-making?

Up-to-the-minute data sharing

________ modules in CRM systems help sales staff increase their productivity by focusing sales efforts on the most profitable customers, those who are good candidates for sales and services.


________ CRM includes customer-facing applications such as tools for sales force automation, call center and customer service support, and marketing automation.


Enterprise application vendors are now including ________ features, such as tools for data visualization, flexible reporting, and ad hoc analysis, as part of the application.

Business intelligence

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