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The preservation technique that attempts to remove moisture is:


Before you prepare a new raw animal food on a cutting board, you must

clean, rinse and sanitize

High standards for food safety will improve the quality of food served. It will also improve tips, bring repeat customers, and

reduce the chance for lawsuits

It is a good idea to learn about a food supplier’s warehouse practices. The best way to gather the information is to

visit and inspect the warehouse

Why is jewelry inappropriate to wear in the kitchen?

Both b and c. It can harbor bacteria. It can catch on equipment.

How long must you immerse equipment and utensils in a non-chlorine sanitizing solution?

30 seconds

An organism that lives in or on another organism, often with harmful side effects, but without benefits is a:


When kitchen workers are preparing food it is very important to mark any food that will be held for more than 24 hours. Health inspectors want to see that no potentially hazardous (TCS) foods are kept more than

7 days

It is important that food servers are trained to know food ingredients because:

They will need to help customers who have food allergies

Anne has been asked to receive the food order at the loading dock from the restaurant’s food distributor. What is a good idea for Anne to have with her before she meets the delivery person?

An apron to keep her clothes clean

In order for pests to feel comfortable and survive well in a food facility they need access to

warmth and shelter

When cleaning and sanitizing dishes, employees should _______ before sanitizing them.

rinse the dishes

The most important and most effective way to control pests in a food establishment is to

keep the facility clean

Which one of the following food contaminations is usually associated with undercooked chicken?


If a health inspector comes for a health inspection and there is no manager present, the employee on duty should

allow the inspector to come in and do the inspection

Improper hot holding and improper cooling are both examples of

temperature abuse

When employees are asked to use chemicals for cleaning, they should always be sure to

? mix chemical solutions to the proper strength

The ideal temperature for dry goods storage is:

50-70 degrees F

What should you do to prevent cross-contamination when using cutting boards?

Use separate cutting boards for raw and cooked food

If an employee comes to work with a bandaged cut, he/she should do which of the following?

All of the above (below here). Report the cut. Wash the cut. Put the company bandage on the cut.

If you are preparing a tuna salad using canned tuna, what temperature does it need to be cooled to within 4 hours?

41 degrees F

Soil and dirt, with their contaminants are the least concern to someone buying and using fresh fruits or vegetables if

they are prewashed and packaged before delivery

Which agency publishes the food code?


What is the best kind of cleaning agent to use for cleaning burned-on grease?

? Abrasive cleaner

Checking the dining areas of an eating establishment for evidence of flaking paint, broken light bulbs, and wood damage will reduce the chances of:

Physical contamination

When an employee is taking action to kill microorganisms on cleaned surfaces, this is referred to


Which one of the following conditions in an outside waste disposal area needs to be corrected IMMEDIATELY?

? Containers without covers

It is possible for anyone to get sick with a foodborne illness, but of the following, who is the most likely to become ill?

A 4-year old

If a customer comes into a restaurant and has a food allergy, there is a 90% chance in the United States that the allergy would be to one of eight different foods, including


During an inspection, health inspectors will sometimes ask employees questions. They do this because they want to know

if the employee is properly trained

When storing raw meat and poultry in a cooler, they should be stored _______ other foods.


Why is it important to change the sanitizing water when it gets dirty or has organic matter like food debris in it?

Both a and b are correct. The effectiveness of the sanitizer can be lessened. Food debris in the water can cross-contaminate.

Pests can cause what kind of contamination?

All of the above. Physical Bio Cross

Proper lighting is very important for all parts of a food operation. Which of the following is approved to keep light bulbs from shattering and contaminating a kitchen?

All of the above. Shatter proof glass Tubes Diffusers

In order to make sure it is possible to clean the floors under shelving units in food establishments, the shelves must be at least _______ above the floor.

six inches

All of the following bacteria can cause foodborne illness EXCEPT:

Aciohpilus milk

Jennifer is working in a hot kitchen and doesn’t want to become dehydrated. She grabs a liquid measuring cup, fills it with water and ice, and brings it back to her work station to drink while she is working. What about this practice is incorrect?

The container she is drinking from is not covered.

All of the following are Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) EXCEPT:

Processed garlic oil mixtures

A food business such as a restaurant must be certain to purchase their food products from a _______ source.


John is preparing lentils for the meal service. He pours the lentils from the package into the pot and adds water and the spices from the recipe. He cooks them for 30 minutes, but later that night there is a complaint from a patron. What physical contaminant might be in the lentils?

A piece of ROCK

Which of the following statements is not true about thermometers and temperature taking?

Every kitchen employee should have a thermometer with them.

The viral infection Hepatitis A can be most effectively controlled if:

All food personnel practice personal hygiene, such as thorough handwashing.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has identified five contributors to foodborne illness. Which of the following is one of the top five contributors?

Meats not cooked to their proper temperature

Whenever a trap has sprung and caught a pest, you will want to:

Check for biological contamination from blood and dispose of any possibly contaminated foods.

If all proper hand washing steps are followed, how long should the entire process take?

At least 20 seconds

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