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Which responsibility of the nurse manager differs from the responsibilities of a nurse leader?

Planning the budget

What would the nurse state is a characteristic of an effective leader?

Problem-solving skills

Which model of ethics considers broad social issues and involves accountability to the overall institution?

Social justice model

Which theory related to leadership is a nontraditional theory that has emerged from the physical and social sciences?

Complexity theory

Which behavior would the nurse consider suitable for an executive position according to Gardner’s tasks of leading/managing?

To assist corporate leaders with planning and priority setting

A nurse is a preceptor for an orientee (newly hired nurse). The orientee is providing postoperative care to a client who recently returned from a laryngoscopy. The orientee reminds the client not to eat or drink anything until instructed to do so. How does the preceptor evaluate the suitability of the instructions given to the client by the orientee?

Appropriate; oral intake after the procedure may result in aspiration

The registered nurse is teaching a group of nursing students about leadership principles. Which statement made by a nursing student indicates the need for further teaching?

"A leader has a formal position."

Which skills would be essential for an effective nurse manager to develop and improve collaboration with others? Select all that apply.

flexibility ability to listen to others ability to share info and ideas

As a part of informed consent, a surgeon explains to the client who is scheduled for surgery the details of the surgery and the related care. The nurse as a leader witnesses the complete procedure. What information does the nurse leader ensure was provided to the client? Select all that apply.

Surgery procedures Name of the surgeon Description of the risks

Which actions can the mentor take to develop effective leadership qualities in the aspiring leader? Select all that apply.

modeling behavior giving timely feedback providing appropriate advice

Under a leader, a team of followers has failed to achieve success in conducting research. What does an effective leader do in this situation?

Accepts failure and gains experience from it

Who is responsible for establishing systems to monitor and verify the competency requirements related to delegation in an organization?


The nurse is scheduled to be the co-leader of a therapy group being formed in the mental health clinic. When planning for the first meeting, it is of primary importance that the nurse consider what?

needs of the client being included

Which statement is true regarding the satisficing decision model?

It allows for a quick decision, which is important when lack of time is an issue.

What is the role of the nurse executive as a leader?


Which actions make the nurse a transformational leader?

Introducing a vision for the future nurses A transformational leader creates and shares a vision or goal for future nurses. Gaining higher education does not indicate leadership. Effective implementation of client-centered care indicates professionalism but not leadership. A transformational leader corrects the errors of followers by coaching and mentoring, not by using a reactive manner.

Which internal factors affect the decision-making process of a leader? Select all that apply.

values interest knowledge

The nurse leader is teaching the staff that the health care provider continuously strives to work effectively within the cultural context of a client. Which cultural principle is the nurse leader explaining?

cultural competence

Which theory states that leaders should expand and respond to a dynamic change rather than prescribing and approaching change as a lock-step, pre-prescribed method?

Complexity theory

A preschool-aged child is about to be admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit after surgery for removal of a brain tumor. The nurse manager should intervene immediately when the child’s nurse does what?

Adjusts the bed to the Trendelenburg position

The nurse leader is teaching the nursing staff about conflicts in an organization. Which statement is inaccurate regarding conflict in an organization?

Conflict can be constructive if the conflict is excessive.

The nurse leader noticed that the staff nurse recently promoted to the surgical unit is lacking confidence at work and is worried about a pending review by the nursing director. Which source of power is applicable in this situation?

Coercive power

The nurse leader teaches about attributes that all change agents possess. Which attribute of a change agent is the key to self-support through challenges?

sense of humor

Which statement does the nurse recognize as true according to chaos theory?

Health-care organizations must be self-organizing.

A nurse working in a medical unit finds that diabetic clients have a knowledge deficit regarding use of glucose-monitoring devices. The nurse requests that a colleague who works in the outpatient diabetic counseling department provide health teaching to the clients. Which type of power does the nurse’s colleague hold?

information power

The nurse manager is planning to develop leadership skills in direct care nurses. What activities should the nurse encourage the direct care nurses to participate in to develop these skills? Select all that apply.

Serve on practice councils Join local professional associations Participate in American Heart Association activities

During the second group meeting of regressed long-term clients, one of the members asks the nurse, "What do you want us to do today?" What is best response by the nurse?

"It is the group’s responsibility, which includes me, to make that decision together."

Which Institute of Medicine Report attempted to help interprofessional teams work more effectively together?

Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality

A nurse manager agrees to mentor a newly recruited nurse who wishes to develop leadership qualities. Which statements hold true about this mentor relationship? Select all that apply.

The mentor should serve as a role model. The mentor should provide advice whenever necessary. The mentor should give appropriate feedback to promote improvement.

After orthopedic surgery a 15-year-old adolescent reports pain and rates it a 5 on a scale of 0 to 10. A nurse administers the prescribed 5 mg of oxycodone every 3 hours as needed. Two hours after having been given this medication, the adolescent reports pain and rates it a 10 of 10. What action should the nurse take next?

Request that the primary healthcare provider evaluate the need for additional medication.

While interviewing a nurse for the position of leader, the chief executive officer of a healthcare facility asks "How will you develop political skills in your team?" Which answers provided by the nurse most likely will result in an offer for the position? Select all that apply.

i will encourage their participation in Nurse Lobby day I will encourage their active membership in the state nurses’ association

A client with rheumatoid arthritis calls the outpatient clinic to report that pain with exercising has increased. What should the nurse suggest to the client to decrease pain?

"Decrease the number of repetitions of the exercises."

The hospital management is planning a study that compares the benefits and harms of a particular method to the benefits and harms of alternative methods when treating clients with chronic disorders. Which approach does the nurse manager follow to improve client care?

Comparative effectiveness research (CER)

A nurse is helping a client determine and articulate personal values about health problems. The nurse also explains the effect of these problems on lifestyle adjustments. Which Gardner’s task of leadership is the nurse leader applying?

affirming values

The postpartum nurse is delegating tasks to an unlicensed health care worker. Which task should the nurse delegate?

Vital signs on a client 4 hours after delivery

The registered nurse (RN) is caring for a client who underwent a hysterectomy. Which tasks can be delegated to the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) to provide quality care to the client? Select all that apply.

recording VS assisting the client with bathing

A client with a severe allergy has been administered a high dose of antihistamine. The nurse finds that the client is drowsy and dizzy. Which type of need would the nurse prioritize in the client according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

safety needs

Which action of the registered nurse (RN) represents his or her leadership ability?

Supervising the tasks assigned to unlicensed nursing personnel

What is the role of a nurse administrator in a healthcare setting?

Preparing the budget, staffing, strategic planning of programs and services, employee evaluations, and employee development

Which action by the nurse leader is indicative of transactional leadership?

Motivating the self-interest of the employees by offering external rewards

Which decision-making strategy involves systematic collection and summarization of opinions and judgments on a particular issue from the respondents?

delphi technique

A nurse leader changes the work schedule after a team member asks for more flexibility in the schedule. Which theory outlines this nurse leader’s approach?

Herzberg’s theory

A nurse preceptor is evaluating a nurse who is preparing to administer digoxin intravenously (IV) to a client. The preceptor should stop the nurse from continuing with the procedure when the preceptor observes the nurse doing what?

Piggybacking the digoxin in an existing infusion

After oral surgery the dentist writes a prescription for pain medication for an 18-month-old child. Which medication does the nurse question?


According to Kouzes and Posner, which key practices are involved when a leader takes an active role in the work of change and creative thinking about new solutions? Select all that apply.

modeling challenging

A nurse in charge in the surgical intensive care unit notes that a number of clients do not seem to be responding to morphine that was administered for pain. Later in the evening the nurse finds a staff nurse dozing in the nurses’ lounge. When awakened, the staff nurse appears uncoordinated and drugged, with slurred speech. What should the nurse in charge do?

Ask the nurse manager to be present before confronting the staff nurse.

A nurse is educating a patient about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs by citing examples. Which examples mentioned by the nurse belong to the third level of needs? Select all that apply.

"A client is depressed because his/her spouse has passed away." "A client wants to reconnect with old friends after being diagnosed with cancer." "A client never goes to family gatherings because he/she is not accepted by family members."

A nurse is teaching a group of recently hired staff members about defense mechanisms. An example given is Scarlett O’Hara, in the movie Gone with the Wind, who said, "I’ll think about that tomorrow." What defense mechanism does this statement reflect?


A registered nurse is educating a nursing student about the relationship between nursing theory and nursing research. What information should the nurse provide? Select all that apply.

"Theory-generating research helps to discover and describe relationships of phenomena." "Theory-testing research helps to determine the accuracy with which a theory describes a phenomenon." "The relationship between nursing theory and nursing research builds the scientific knowledge base of nursing."

A manager is planning to implement Gardner’s Managing task of leadership. Which leadership and management behaviors would the leader display? Select all that apply.

Ensuring that organizational systems work on the client’s behalf Assisting the client and client’s family with planning, priority setting, and decision making

Which statements indicate that the nurse leader is adapting to changes in leadership practices to adjust to complex changes in healthcare systems? Select all that apply.

"I will be clear about purpose and process." "I will involve stakeholders and listen to them." "I will align systems and processes to support the change."

The nurse is instructing the student nurse how to administer percutaneous enterostomal gastrostomy (PEG) tube feeding to a client. What should the nurse tell the student? Select all that apply.

Connect tube feeding bag to client and feeding pump. Flush with warm water before beginning feeding. Check prescription for correct client formula. Set correct rate and initiate pump. Check for diarrhea

The registered nurse finds that two nursing students are arguing with each other. Which action by the registered nurse best represents a leadership quality?

Assessing the condition and strategizing to resolve the matter by reducing the difference

The nurse is learning about the rules of leaders. Which actions of the nurse indicate effective implementation of these rules in the profession? Select all that apply.

Communicating in a simple language with followers Giving a chance to the followers to express their views Ensuring proper eye contact while communicating with followers

What is the application of Roger’s diffusion theory?

Engages key leaders in a change to infuse the energy from early adopters

The leader has planned to assist staff in order to achieve workplace unity. Which of Gardner’s tasks would the leader apply in practice?

Assisting clients to accomplish optimal functioning

The nurse leader asks, "Do I avoid taking a stand so that I can escape risk?" Which behavior is the nurse most likely practicing?

rarely using competing

After communicating with the follower of a nurse leader, the senior nurse assumes that the nurse leader is following the transactional leadership approach. Which statements of the follower support the senior nurse’s assumption? Select all that apply.

"I have to face penalties for poor performance." "I have to meet the deadlines of my work at any cost." "I am getting my errors corrected in a reactive manner.

The nurse leader is calculating the productive hours of the staff nurse for that year. The nurse took a vacation for 19 days. What are the productive hours of the staff nurse? Round your answer using a whole number. _____ hours


Which action of the leader signifies the implementation phase of the nursing process to teaching?

Sequencing different tasks

A nurse manager determines that one of the nurses in the intensive care unit may be experiencing burnout. What can the nurse manager do to help this nurse begin to confront the problem?

Help the nurse identify personal responses to daily stresses on the job.

The senior leader instructs the direct care nurses about asking the right question in PICOT (patient population, intervention, comparison, outcome, and time frame) format. During the discussion, the leader discussed factors such as complication rate, satisfaction, nursing diagnosis, and nursing quality indicator. What do these factors indicate in the PICOT format?


"In today`s workplace, female-male collaboration should provide efficacious models for the future." Which statements support this saying? Select all that apply.

men and women must learn to work together women and men bring separate perspectives to resolving problems

The nurse leader is executing quality improvement (QI) processes in a team. Why are QI processes important?

they review the nursing activities

The nursing team is providing care for a client. The team leader develops client care plans and coordinates care among the team members. Which member of the team acts as a team leader?


The nurse leader is focused on recognizing the dynamic, complex, and interdependent nature of systems in an organization. Which nursing action indicates an effective implementation of this principle of systems thinking theory?

Identifying and understanding the relationships between clients, families, communities, and local economies

A nurse leader wants to implement the principle of non-maleficence while evaluating the staff. What is an effective way to perform this action?

Emphasizing the good qualities of the staff and giving positive direction for growth

Which objective is associated with creating urgency in Kotter’s eight-step model?

To generate open dialogue about external and internal realities

Which activity performed by the registered nurse (RN) indicates following the "participating" leadership style in Hersey’s model?

Establishing mutual expectations with the delegatee

Which type of leadership theory explains the effectiveness of leadership and depends on the match between a leader’s style and the demands of a situation?

Contingency Model

Which leadership theory focuses on the role of leaders in relational and contextual terms?

Style theory

The registered nurse (RN) is delegating tasks to licensed practical nurses (LPNs) regarding client care. Which factors should be considered when delegating a task to the LPN? Select all that apply.

clients condition complexity of the task predictability of outcomes

A team member has asked the nurse leader about changes in the work schedule. What is the accurate action to be taken by the nurse leader in this situation?

Explaining the reason for the change to the team member clearly

The nurse organizes a meeting of health care team members after finding no improvement in the condition of a client recovering from major surgery. Which statement made by the nurse during the discussion signifies transformational leadership?

"My active participation will also be required moving forward."

The nurse manager noticed that one of the staff nurses is giving excuses for performing one task on time but ignoring another assigned task. What does the nurse manager do in this situation?

Identify the reason for procrastination.

Which initiatives for leaders and managers are set forth in the Institute of Medicine’s core relevance report "The Future of Nursing?" Select all that apply.

create state coalitions focused on nursing provide a framework for considering how nurses could determine staffing requirements

The registered nurse is evaluating a group of student nurses after teaching how leaders should maintain balance. Which statement by a student nurse indicates effective learning?

"A good strategy for retaining control is to get control over communication."

The registered nurse, as a transformational leader, is assigning a task to a practitioner nurse. Which effects on the follower does the nurse expect from transformational leadership? Select all that apply.

increasing self worth coaching and mentoring performing challenging and meaningful work

Which statement made by a nurse indicates being an effective community opinion leader?

"I will try to build a society that treats males and females equally."

A nurse is evaluating different situations related to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Which situations come under the second level of needs? Select all that apply.

A client tells the nurse that he or she is taunted by his or her boss every day. A client tells the nurse that his or her spouse belongs to a criminal gang. A client tells the nurse that he or she lives beside a factory that manufactures harmful chemicals.

Which behavior of the nurse as a leader indicates Gardner’s task of renewing at an executive level?

Providing self-care to enhance the ability to care for clients, families, staff, and the organization

The nurse manager is teaching the nursing team about funds allocated to health departments for personal health services by local, state, and federal governments. Which statement made by a member of the team would indicate effective learning? Select all that apply.

The funds provide care for newborns." "The funds provide care for clients with tuberculosis." "The funds provide care for children with birth defects

A nurse leader is teaching about the functional model of nursing to a student nurse. Which statements made by the student nurse indicate effective learning? Select all that apply.

"I will focus on tasks and activities allotted to me." "I will coordinate the unlicensed personnel to provide care to a large group of clients."

A nurse is explaining the nursing process to a nursing assistant. Which step of the nursing process should include interpretation of data collected about the client?


A direct care nurse performs exceedingly well on a cancer project. As a result, the managerial team decides to promote the nurse to a managerial position. Which actions by the nurse would justify the decision of the panel? Select all that apply.

Inspiring new ideas Establishing short-term goals Demonstrating positive feelings Maximizing results from existing resources

The chief operating officer (COO) discusses the performance of a newly appointed leader with the nursing staff. The team communicates that the practical approach of the leader fulfills the quantum theory. What type of work environment does the COO understand that the leader creates at the workplace?

An environment that is rapidly changing and dynamic

Which statement made by the nurse leader would satisfy the basic expectations of the client?

"I will return at 5 o’clock pm."

The senior nurse advises a newly promoted nurse concerning various aspects of the leadership role. Which advice by the senior nurse would the newly promoted nurse most likely consider as leading by example?

"Try to be a participant in political activity in the local community."

The nurse, as a leader, takes care of himself or herself to promote the nurse’s ability to care for the staff. Which of Gardner’s tasks of leadership is the nurse applying in practice?


The mental health nurse is facilitating a therapy group. How can the nurse further develop trust among the members of the group?

By reminding group members about the need for confidentiality within the group

A patient care associate (PCA) is delegated a task that can be completed in 2 hours. The PCA has limited knowledge and willingness regarding that particular task. Which leadership style should be implemented by the delegator in this situation?


The nurse leader as a manager makes a decision regarding the method of documentation that benefits the nursing team. Which type of decision-making style does the nurse leader utilize?


What motivation factors would the nurse describe as forming a part of two-factor theory of leadership? Select all that apply.

recognition achievement

The nurse manager is explaining how intramuscular (IM) injection techniques are an example of the theory of diversion of innovation. Which statement made by the nurse manger is accurate?

The use of IM injections for pain management has decreased with the use of intravenous and epidural routes.

A nurse leader is educating student nurses in helping clients to perform their difficult self-care activities. Which key idea from a Source of Power is this statement referring to?

information power

Which behavior on the part of the nurse helps develop trust among subordinates?

Behaving with consistency

Which of Gardner’s tasks involves anticipating client outcomes for single clients or families and helping them formulate their vision of future well-being?

envisioning goals

A nurse leader wants to communicate and explain changes to hospital rules to team members. Which approaches should the nurse leader follow for effective communication? Select all that apply.

Explaining the reason behind the change Providing the opportunity for dialogue and feedback Giving information that addresses the listener’s self-interest

Which type of performance appraisal method is depicted when a nurse manager keeps a written record of positive and negative performance of employees in a designated time period?

critical incident model

Which characteristics should the nurse possess as a leader, according to theories of transformational leadership? Select all that apply.

empowering staff creating enthusiasm for practice promoting scholarship of practice at the client side

A nurse is conducting a health campaign in a school. During the health campaign, the nurse finds that the school management has replaced the registered nurse (RN) with a trained clerk. What should the nurse, as a community opinion leader, do?

Write a letter to a local newspaper editor opposing the decision of the school board

The nurse as a leader provides feedback to a recently recruited student nurse after checking performance reports that show a disregard for the Organizational Behavior Modification (OB Mod) theory. Which activity of a student nurse would the nurse leader mention during the feedback session?

Discussing the past mistakes of a subordinate

The registered nurse is interviewing for a management position and wants to present a powerful image. What can the nurse focus on when preparing for the interview? Select all that apply.

Conveying positive body language Appearing well groomed and well dressed Showing confidence in work and abilities

A staff nurse is requesting that the nurse leader be her preceptor in the emergency department. Which source of power is effective in this situation?

referent power

The nurse leader taught the student nurse the principles of quality management and quality improvement. Which statement made by the student nurse indicates ineffective learning?

"Managers define the quality."

A nurse group leader in a mental health center uses a variety of techniques in an effort to promote group cohesion. The nurse identifies group cohesion when the group members do what?

Use the phrase "our group" during discussions

Which theory emphasizes that leadership effectiveness depends on the executive nurse’s interpersonal skills?

Situational-contingency theories

Which statement is true regarding leadership theories?

Expectancy theory states that leaders should provide specific feedback about positive performance.

Which behavior of the nurse indicates management skills according to Gardner’s task of achieving workable unity?

Assisting staff to achieve optimal functioning to benefit the transition to enhanced organizational functions

During an interview for a nurse manager position, the panel asks the nurse about the primary role of a leader. Which answer provided by the nurse would be most appropriate?

to inspire followers

A group member states "Administration won’t go for it" while making a decision for a critical issue. Which strategy should a nurse leader implement to deal effectively with this situation?


Which internal factors should be considered while implementing any change in an organization? Select all that apply.

number of staff leader competency nurse education level

The nurse is making rounds and stops to check a client who has had a total hip arthroplasty. Which action by the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) ([continuing care assistant (CCA]) will cause the nurse to intervene?

The UAP (CCA) elevates the client’s affected leg on a pillow.

What is the key element of success for a nurse manager as a leader?

Including the direct care nurses in decision making

Which model of nursing care would include working "within the walls" as well as "beyond the walls" of the hospital?

Nursing case-management model

The registered nurse is delegating tasks for nursing assistants caring for a client who requires more attention. Which element should be considered when selecting the suitable nursing assistant for delegation of a task?

critical thinking

A healthcare team is caring for a client who is hospitalized with severe diarrhea. According to the principle of right of supervision of delegation, what does the RN do in this situation?

Monitor the hemodynamic status.

The registered nurse assigned a task to a licensed practical nurse. The task was not successfully completed by the deadline. Which action by the registered nurse would be characteristic of a transactional leader?

Punishes the nurse

A client reported being administered the wrong dose of medication by the wrong route, which may lead to serious complications. The nurse leader is gathering information to determine what happened. Which phase of client care management is the nurse leader following?


A healthcare provider writes prescriptions for a young child with a tentative diagnosis of Wilms tumor. Which prescription should the nurse question?

renal biposy

A nurse manager proposes to change a protocol regarding the care of postoperative clients. However, the nursing staff openly expresses their resistance to the change and wants to continue with the original protocol. Which behavioral pattern in response to change best describes the nursing staff?


The nurse leader is representing the nursing unit and the values and beliefs of the organization to staff members. Which leadership task does the nurse’s behavior indicate according to Gardner’s tasks of leadership?

Serving as a symbol in a management position

While serving as a leader, the nurse assists the client with planning, priority setting, and decision making. Which of Gardner’s leadership tasks is the nurse putting into practice?


Which performance appraisal method is used by nurse managers to measure the performance of the nurse both qualitatively and quantitatively?

Behaviorally anchored rating scales

The nurse as a leader explains ethical principles to the student nurse. Which example does the leader give for autonomy?

Accepting the client’s wish to donate his/her organs after death

A nurse leader is given an additional duty of nurse navigator. Which extra responsibilities does the nurse leader need to provide as a nurse navigator? Select all that apply.

address barriers to care provide psychosocial support provide health education about the disease

During a therapy group session, a female client begins to cry and tells the other group members that her husband has told her that he wants a divorce. What is the most appropriate initial response by the nurse?

Observing how the group responds to her statement

Which behavior of the nurse as a leader would be considered a smart trust action according to Covey?

Focusing first on developing character

What tasks should the nurse perform as a leader to increase productivity? Select all that apply.

Provide coaching and mentoring to the staff. Provide information and direction related to meeting unit productivity goals. Prepare a staffing plan that balances the organizational directives with unit needs.

The leader is teaching a nursing student about systems theory. Which statement by the student nurse indicates the need for further teaching? Select all that apply.

"Systems theory accounts for unpredictability." "Systems theory focuses on the effect of random events."

Which skill would most likely be associated with an effective nurse leader?

Delegating work appropriately

The nurse manager finds that there is an increased infection rate in the unit due to an increased number of client visitors. The nurse believes that a change in the visitor policy could help reduce the infection rates. The leader is initiating an open dialogue about external and internal realities among the team members. Which attribute of Kotter’s eight-step model is involved in this action by the nurse manager?

Creating urgency

As a manager, the nurse leader is planning to implement a change in the client care delivery system. Which initial step taken by the nurse leader as a manager would be most appropriate for this change?

To identify the inefficiency that requires improvement

A client requires emergency cardiac surgery. The leader nurse wants to make the client aware of the situation and wants the client to decide what should be done. Which ethical model does the leader nurse follow here?

Patient-benefit model

The leader teaches the student nurse about STAMP (staring, tone and volume of voice, anxiety, mumbling, pacing) assessment. During the session, the leader mentions rapid speech and dilated pupils. What component is responsible for these two conditions?


The hospital administration has recently introduced bar coding and radio frequency identification (RFID) scanning for reducing medication errors. After a few days, the scanner is giving false reports and the hospital management gathered all the staff members to discuss ways to solve this issue and find alternatives. What type of decision-making strategy does the nurse manger most likely think to be useful in this situation?

focus groups

The nursing staff of a unit is frustrated and uncomfortable with the newly appointed nurse leader. Which role transition process is involved?

Role discrepancy

A staff nurse states "I am sorry, I am responsible for the situation" while communicating to the nurse leader. Which communication pattern is the staff nurse using?


What are the desirable actions of the nurse as a transformational leader? Select all that apply.

fostering a shared vision providing coaching and mentoring

The nurse is attending a city commission meeting being held to discuss using a community park to build a museum. How should the nurse advocate as a community opinion leader to help maintain a health conscious society?

Oppose building the museum

During a feedback session, the nursing staff communicates that a recently appointed nurse is using "empowerment theory." Which statement of the nursing team members most supports this position? Select all that apply.

"He/she can share power with others." "He/she encourages others to provide input into decisions." "He/she provides considerable information about the decision-making process."

The nurse leader is giving a speech on leadership skills to followers. Which questions enable the nurse leader to evaluate the understanding level of the followers? Select all that apply.

How can you solve a conflict at the workplace?" "What did you ‘hear’ in the process of this communication?

The leader is devising a strategy to connect individuals, groups, and organizations to attune them toward a common goal. Which political strategy is the leader pursuing?

Building coalitions

While auditing unit documents, a nurse finds some omissions. Which term best describes when the nurse meets with the staff to discuss the findings and communicates ways to achieve the desired goals?


The nursing manager issued orders to take the utmost care of a client with myocardial infarction and expects the staff to obey and follow the rules immediately. Which type of decision making is the manager using?


What is the most appropriate time for a nurse manager to schedule a 30-minute nursing education class?

At the overlap of each shift

The nurse manager is in charge of a relatively inexperienced nursing staff. The manager inspires followers through displayed optimism, by providing intellectual stimulation, and by encouraging follower creativity. Which leadership theory is most closely aligned with the manager’s approach?

Transformational theory

The nurse manager threatens a staff nurse about being penalized for poor performance in the unit. Which type of leader behavior did the staff nurse experience?


The registered nurse, while teaching a group of nursing students about the characteristics of a good team player, states, "A good team player should work with determination and refuse to stop until the goal has been accomplished." Which characteristic is the registered nurse describing?


A nurse leader implements the nominal group technique while making decisions about a critical issue but is unable to find a proper solution. What could be the reason for the failure of technique?

The members are talking and discussing with one another while writing down their ideas.

The nurse notes a conflict between staff members during a meeting. Which principle should the nurse follow, as a leader, to put the focus on mutual interest?

Responding expediently to the issues

The nurse leader suffers from headaches, hypertension, and gastrointestinal problems. Which affirmative statement by the leader reflects an appropriate way to manage the stress?

"I will get enough sleep."

The nurse leader has implemented a change in documentation of nursing care. The nurse leader finds that the licensed practitioner nurse (LPN) is resistant to change and is not participating in the change process. Which approach made by the nurse leader would be appropriate in dealing with the LPN?

To confront the LPN and encourage verbalization of feelings regarding the change

What are the desired attributes of the nurse as a leader? Select all that apply.

identify the needs of followers Motivating others assertively towards the objective Using a critical thinking approach while making a decision

Which type of behavior by the registered nurse results in a low-to-stable level of commitment?


According to style theory of leadership, which is an action of a nurse leader?

Using feedback from superiors to measure own performance

Which organizational outcomes are expected in followers under transformational leadership? Select all that apply.

increased morale increased performance

The nurse leader is teaching the staff nurses about whistleblowing in the hospital organization. Which statement of the staff nurse indicates effective learning? Select all that apply.

"It is an act that protects federal workers." "I understand the consequences of action and inaction." "This is a warning issued by a current employee of an organization."

The nurse manager enlists 10 direct care nurses for a project addressing the needs of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The project successfully completes within the timeline. What would be the most essential factor for the success of the nursing manager?

Allowing the direct care nurse to share ideas

A direct care nurse has great skill in teaching clients different self-care activities and is sought out by colleagues to teach their clients. Which power does the nurse possess?

Information power

The nurse manager shares experiences faced during the journey to leadership with other staff members. Which statement made by the nurse appropriately describes the barriers faced during the leadership journey? Select all that apply.

"It requires time commitment." "The title doesn’t guarantee good leadership

The nurse, as a leader, is planning to provide information about personal hygiene to a group of clients. Which communication methods should the nurse use to talk to the clients? Select all that apply.

Being sensitive to nonverbal communication Providing the opportunity for dialogue and feedback Presenting information that addresses the listener’s self-interest

Which action makes a nurse manager also a nurse leader?

Helping employees reach the highest level of their potential excellence

A nurse leader is promoting dialogue within the team successfully. Which actions of the nurse leader are responsible for this success? Select all that apply.

serving as a facilitator Encouraging the sharing of ideas Reacting to changed proposals honestly

Which actions of a nurse as a leader demonstrate a hands-off approach in practice? Select all that apply.

The nurse leader avoids making conscious decisions. The nurse leader chooses to do nothing when an intervention is indicated.

The nurse manager reviews the performance report of a direct care nurse and asks the nurse to focus on "emotional intelligence" in order to be promoted as the nurse leader. Which statement would the nurse leader most likely use while advising the nurse on areas for improvement?

"Try to be more sensitive to the experiences of others."

Which characteristics should a nurse focus on to become an effective transformational leader? Select all that apply.

Inspiring a shared vision Improving interpersonal skills Being able to motivate the nursing staff

The nurse leader is promoted to nurse manager and has a plan of implementing an effective client counseling center in the outpatient department. The nurse gathers data from different healthcare providers and compares methods. Which type of quality improvement does the nurse implement?


The nurse leader is teaching a student nurse about the modifications in the patient-focused care model. Which statement made by student nurse indicates ineffective learning?

"It requires a technician to provide client care."

Which topics being taught by the nurse belong to Covey’s characteristics of leadership? Select all that apply.

Believing in other people Radiating positive energy Engaging in lifelong learning

Which behavior from the nurse leader exhibits charismatic leadership qualities?

Possesses an inspirational quality that makes team members attracted to him or her

A nurse manager asks for extra help from other nurses in the unit. In exchange, the nurse manager ensures special care for the parent of a staff nurse who is currently a client in the hospital. Which behavior does the nurse manager exhibit?

Quid pro quo

The registered nurse instructs a student nurse to perform an action as a community volunteer. Which action should the student nurse perform as a community volunteer?

Organizing individuals in the community to develop healthcare delivery

A registered nurse (RN) in charge of a mental health unit has two additional staff members: a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and a nursing assistant (NA). The unit has 20 clients, with one client on constant observation for acute suicidality. What should the nurse in charge do when making the daily assignments?

Provide client care and administrative duties and assign the LPN to administer medications and the NA to maintain constant observation of the suicidal client.

The nurse manager is assisting the nursing staff with planning, priority setting, and decision making. Which Gardner’s task of leading is being applied in this practice?


After assessing the behavior of team members, the nurse leader concludes that the team is ineffective. Which activities by the team members might have led to this conclusion? Select all that apply.

They are unclear about their assignments. They are uncomfortable with disagreement. They frequently use formal voting to make decisions

What statements are related to a mentorship program organized by the nurse manager in a health organization? Select all that apply.

It expands the knowledge about cultural diversity. It involves selection of mentors who ascribe to transcultural values and beliefs. It should not make people of different cultures pattern their behavior after the prevailing culture.

Which nursing actions indicate effective implementation of systems thinking theory principle with respect to "thinking of the Big Picture"? Select all that apply.

Focusing on the needs of all the residents in a long-term care facility Knowing about the complications of emergency department overcrowding in an urban setting

A nurse leader is planning to improve the quality of the team members. What should the nursing leader refrain from suggesting when building an effective team?

"You should establish a formal and regimented work environment."

The registered nurse (RN) is evaluating the student nurse in the aspect of leadership qualities. Which behaviors of the student nurse express emotional intelligence in leadership? Select all that apply.

Supporting the team Motivating the other nurse Using skills to expand social network

At a staff meeting, the question of a staff nurse’s returning to work after completing a drug rehabilitation program is discussed. What is the most therapeutic way for the staff to handle the nurse’s return?

Offering the nurse support in a straightforward manner

Which activity performed by the registered nurse (RN) indicates effective supervision of the delegatee?

Guiding the delegatee while he or she is performing the task

The nurse as a leader provides feedback to a newly recruited nursing student after checking the student’s progress report. Which action of the registered nurse is most closely aligned with the application of two-factor theory during the feedback session?

Promoting job enrichment by creating job satisfaction

The nurse leader states, "The people in rural America dress and act differently from those in urban centers." What concept describes this statement?


Which statement of the nurse leader reflects the actions suggested by the Joint Commission for disruptive behavior by a direct care nurse?

"You are terminated, effective now."

Which actions of the nurse exhibit transactional leadership? Select all that apply.

Meeting the targets within the deadline Working according to organizational rules Correcting the errors in a reactive manner

During an interview for the position of manager in the healthcare industry, the candidate is asked about the important qualities of a successful manager. Which responses would be appropriate? Select all that apply.

"A successful manager should take risks." "A successful manager should tolerate uncertainty." "A successful manager should experiment with ideas for a unique situation."

Which statement reflects the concept of "referent power" to the nurse?

The nurse manager hires the student nurse she advised to work in the agency after graduation.

The registered nurse, as a leader, asks student nurses to think "outside the box." Which complexity principle is the nurse applying in this condition?

Focusing on emergence

Which behavior of the registered nurse would be appropriate for a management position according to Gardner’s tasks of leading/managing?

Assisting the staff to interpret organizational values

The nurse leader is teaching about the role of followers to the nursing staff. Which statement made by the nursing staff is true regarding the followers’ traits? Select all that apply.

A follower demonstrates collaborative behavior in daily practice. A follower cooperates with the leader and peers to reach the team goal.

What skills are essential for an effective nurse leader to develop collaboration with others? Select all that apply.

Flexibility ability to share ideas ability to listen to others possession of a string self-concept

Which system thinking theory principle is involved when the nurse considers the decision of a client to terminate clinical treatment?

Balancing short-term and long-term objectives

While supervising the LPN’s technique with medication administration, the nurse manager sees the LPN beginning to dispense an incorrect dose. How should the nurse manager respond initially?

By questioning the dosage in the hope that the LPN will identify the error

The nurse as a leader obtains feedback from superiors, followers, and peers. Which leadership theory is the nurse putting into practice?

Style theories

Which action of the clinical nurse is consistent with Gardner’s task of "achieving work unity"?

Helping clients accomplish optimal functioning

During a peer review, the manager finds that a newly appointed nurse leader encourages "bottom up" interaction among the workers. To which statement of the staff does the manager relate this?

"He/she involves us in shaping policies for client care."

A nurse with burnout asks the nurse manager, "What can I do to prevent burnout in the future?" What is the best response by the nurse manager?

"Develop a wide variety of coping strategies."

A nurse leader honors the team members who use new equipment effectively and ensure clients’ safety. Which step of Kotter’s eight-step change model does a nurse implement in this situation?

"Anchor the changes in the culture"

Which characteristics of a licensed practical nurse should be considered before delegation of tasks? Select all that apply.

critical thinking diagnostic reasoning synthesizing info

Which principle of systems thinking theory involves the nurse focusing on the needs of all residents in a long-term care facility?

Thinking of the big picture

Which theory of nursing leadership involves the traditional organizational hierarchy playing a less significant role as the "keeper of high-level knowledge?"

Complexity theory

The registered nurse tells a nursing student, "In the nursing model, the registered nurse is responsible for all aspects of care for one or more clients during a shift of care and the care can be delegated." Which disadvantage would be most likely related to this nursing model?

The continuity of care is a problem.

Which point should the nurse exclude when developing strategies to project a powerful image?

Using authoritative language

A client arrives in the emergency department in cardiac arrest. Which priority action indicates that the nurse is acting as a leader?

Resuscitating the client using clinical protocols

While trying to define a problem, the nurse leader finds out the external and internal constraints on implementing a solution. Which problem-defining process is the leader nurse performing?

Contextualizing the problem

Which question asked by a nurse leader establishes and maintains a human rapport with staff?

"How are your children?"

The nurse manager assigned 5 visits per day to a home health nurse, but the weekly average of the home health nurse is 4.8 visits per day. What reason does the nurse manager expect is the cause for this discrepancy?

The time for one visit took twice the amount of time normally.

A registered nurse as a leader is teaching novice leadership skills to a newly appointed leader. Which statements made by the new leader indicate effective learning? Select all that apply.

"I should resolve conflict." "I should deal with difficult people." "I should learn how to work in groups

Which constructive aspects of conflict does the nurse leader identify? Select all that apply.

Releases pent-up emotions Helps individuals grow personally Builds cohesiveness among people

The nurse leader wants to avoid a conflict and postpone its resolution. What could be the reason for this avoidance?

The leader wants to gather more information.

A client is concerned about not receiving treatment due to a Medicare policy change. What is the accurate response of a nurse as a leader?

"The change will not affect your treatment."

A nurse manager regularly analyzes herself and her performance, focusing on developing leadership qualities such as assertiveness, confidence, and task knowledge. Which leadership theory does the manager most likely subscribe to?

trait theory

Which theory would the nurse describe as addressing the follower’s needs so that the interaction raises the follower to higher levels of motivation?

Transformational theories

While reviewing the work of a team, the nurse observes a conflict among the members. How should the nurse build in consultation before and feedback after the negotiations in a conflict resolution?

Providing a forum for open discussion

The registered nurse (RN) is caring for a client who was admitted to the hospital due to severe diarrhea. The RN assigns the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) to check on the client hourly and perform hygiene care as needed. Which concept best explains this situation?


Which group discussion technique involves a large number of respondents who may be participating in the discussion remotely?

delphi techniques

A nurse is precepting an orientee (newly hired nurse). The nurse observes the orientee caring for an unconscious client with increasing intracranial pressure. The nurse should question which intervention that the orientee performs?

Suctioning the oropharynx routinely

The nurse manager evaluates the performance of a group of nurse leaders on a project. One nurse leader performs exceedingly well by assuring that change happens and is promoted as the leader. Which quality attributes would have been shown by the nurse? Select all that apply.

Taking initiative Going beyond the role Thinking outside the box

A nurse manager is assessing the qualities of a team that is led by the nurse leader. Which qualities indicate an effective team? Select all that apply.

Informal in the work environment Ability to handle conflicts by open discussions

The nurse manager uses operant conditioning when managing the staff by providing positive reinforcement to motivate them to repeat constructive behavior. Which leadership theory is reflected in this practice?

Organizational behavior (OB) modification

Which action of the nurse as a leader is supported by the Style theories of leadership?

Pursuing effective relationships with subordinates

A 9-year-old child has a fractured tibia, and a full leg cast is applied. Which assessment findings should the nurse immediately report to the healthcare provider? Select all that apply.

Inability to move the toes Tingling sensation in the foot Fiberglass cast that is damp after 4 hours

After observing a client waiting for food, the nurse leader instructs the nurse to make arrangements for food. Which statement used by the nurse to the client appropriately makes his or her positive intent explicit?

"I want to make you comfortable, here’s your food."

The nursing manager said, "Nurse leaders must also be excellent change managers." Which statement supports this?

Nurse leaders will ensure that the disruption and chaos of change does not affect client care.

The nurse manager asks the staff nurse to participate in creating new guidelines for providing services to the client. Which management strategy is utilized by the nurse manager?

Empowerment of staff

During a status meeting for a research project, the project leader asks the team members for feedback. What leadership theory is represented by the action of the leader?

style theory

What is the most important skill of the nurse leader?

Clinical care coordination

A nurse leader, along with the team, is caring for a client who is scheduled for colonoscopy. Which delegated task requires the leader’s supervision?

Assisting the client with an enema

The nurse manager is observing the performance of a nursing assistant. Which behavior by the nursing assistant toward a client reflects a boundary violation?

Accepting a gift from the client

Why does the leader ask the direct care nurse, "Do you block cooperative efforts to resolve issues?"

The direct care nurse uses avoidance often.

The nurse executive is seeking to improve client care by helping multidisciplinary leaders achieve optimal functioning. Which behavior related to Gardner’s tasks of leading is the executive exhibiting?

Achieving workable unity

An infant with a congenital heart defect is returned to the unit after cardiac catheterization. The nurse manager is observing a nurse newly assigned to the unit. Which nursing intervention should the nurse manager interrupt?

Performing range-of-motion exercises

The nursing leader stated, "The reimbursed cost is less than the full charge for a service in the hospital." Which type of health reimbursement does the nurse leader describe?

Contractual allowance

Which application would the registered nurse state is related to the trait theory in practice?

To develop assertiveness

A nurse manager receives a complaint from a client that a particular staff member had been rude when providing care. The nurse, rather than punishing the staff member, listens to his or her side of the story and then talks to the client to clarify the misunderstanding. Which leadership theory is reflected in this scenario?

Situational-contingency theory

The nurse leader, while teaching a group of nurse leaders, references an approach of evidence-driven consciousness to be applied in the nursing practice. What is the main concern of the nurse leader?

About the safety of the clients

Which characteristic of a manager should the nurse leader exclude while addressing the complex issues of the hospital?

Developing a vision

Which action on the part of the nurse constitutes transactional leadership?

Rewarding the licensed practitioner nurse for high performance

The nurse leader performs his or her own honest appraisals on a regular basis and feels good about the job. Which rule is the nurse leader implementing by this action?

Building self-confidence

A nurse leader has resolved a conflict within the team. Which further action of the nurse leader prevents the same conflict in the future?

Working with the team members after the conflict

The Case Management Society of America has identified the standards of practice for nursing case managers. What are the standards that provide effective care? Select all that apply.

Focusing on transitions of care Improving medication reconciliation Expanding the interdisciplinary team

A nurse manager is informed that a community disaster drill will take place. The disaster scenario will include a bombing in a shopping mall with hundreds of casualties. What location should the nurse consider for triage of casualties when planning for this exercise?

At the scene of the disaster

The nurse leader is monitoring a student nurse who is accessing various databases. Which search platform should the nurse leader suggest to access a variety of databases including Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) and MEDLINE? Select all that apply.


Which qualities of a leader indicate a transformational approach to leadership? Select all that apply.

Possessing charismatic behavior Possessing intellectually stimulating behavior Having inspirational and motivational behavior

During a vaccination drive at a well-child clinic, a nurse notes that a recently hired nurse is not wearing gloves while vaccinating an infant. What should the nurse advise the newly hired nurse to do?

Put on gloves, because standard precautions are required.

The nurse leader asks the team members not to talk to each other while writing their ideas for solving a predefined problem. Which type of group decision-making style does the nurse leader follow?

Nominal group technique

Which qualities of a nurse leader can move the organization in a forward direction to continue delivering the best possible care? Select all that apply.

Supporting the followers effectively Nurturing the followers with right knowledge and direction

A nurse manager is helping staff reach optimal functioning to enhance organizational functions. Which Gardner’s task is reflected in this leadership behavior?

Achieving workable unity

The registered nurse, as a leader, is teaching about leadership roles to a group of nurse practitioners. Which statement made by a nurse practitioner indicates effective learning?

"I should use experience and knowledge to judge reasonable risks."

According to chaos theory, what is the most important factor contributing to a successful organization?

Readiness to accept change

The nurse as a leader is using a transactional leadership style. Which effect on followers often results from this style of leadership?

The followers will correct errors in a reactive manner.

The nurse manager is implementing a change in evening care for clients to include back rubs to promote sleep. The nurse manager convinces the managers of various nursing units and also supports nursing staff who are willing to implement the change. Which component of Kotter’s eight step model is involved in this scenario?

Forming a powerful coalition

The chief operating officer conducts an interview for the position of nurse leader and asks about Kotter’s eight-step model. Which attribute cited by the nurse relating to helping build the momentum is correct?

Forming a powerful coalition

What should a nurse manager as a leader do to provide a non-threatening and positive environment to the group members? Select all that apply.

Encourage group members to actively participate Create an environment conducive to solving problems Protect the members and their suggestions from attack

A nurse educator is presenting information about the nursing process to a class of nursing students. What definition of the nursing process should be included in the presentation?

Sequence of steps used to meet the client’s needs

The nurse as a leader assists multidisciplinary leaders to achieve optimal functioning to benefit client care delivery. Which Gardner’s task is the nurse applying?

Achieving workable unity

The nurse leader teaches the student nurse about the quality assurance (QA) process. Which statement made by the student nurse indicates ineffective learning?

"The major task is staff development."

The nurse as a leader teaches staff about organizational disciplines to support change and evolution. Which statement of the nurse is relevant in the context of maintaining self-awareness and using reflection?

"Personal mastery fosters openness in the face of change."

The nurse leader working in a 50-bed surgical unit accrued 765 client days in November and 189 of the clients were discharged during the month. What is the average length of stay for November? Record your answer using a whole number. _____ days


A nurse manager in a surgical unit finds that many clients are developing urinary tract infections post-operatively and wants to discuss the measures to prevent it with the team. Which action of the nurse manager reflects good communication practice?

Calling the team for a brief meeting

=A client underwent angioplasty and is hospitalized for several days for observation. Which task can be delegated by the registered nurse (RN) to a licensed practical nurse (LPN)?


The nurse observes a dispute between staff members due to differences in perspective concerning nursing practices. Which approaches of the nurse as a leader would be appropriate in building up negotiation "loop-backs" to resolve the conflict? Select all that apply.

Allowing a cooling-off period if the resolution fails Informing of the full consequences of failing to resolve the issues

What are the attributes of a nurse leader? Select all that apply.

Identifying the needs of others Using critical-thinking skills in making decisions Using focused energy and stamina to accomplish a vision

The transformational leader demonstrates charismatic behavior and the careful consideration of the value of every individual in the organization. What might be the expected organizational outcomes with this type of leadership? Select all that apply.

Increased loyalty Increased performance

A nurse manager in a cancer care facility finds that the nursing care team is demotivated due to consecutive deaths of two terminally ill cancer clients. Which action of the nurse manager would help renew the team’s energy?

Arranging a notice board in the unit and posting photos or messages reflecting achievements of the team

The nurse manager is teaching the licensed practical nurse (LPN), the evidenced-based practice regarding the use of saline and the low-dose heparin flush solution for capped angiocatheters. Which statement by the LPN indicates they understood the teaching? Select all that apply.

"The use of heparin flushes disappeared in the late 1990s." "The use of high doses of heparin solutions is not recommended in adults."

It is determined that a staff nurse has a drug abuse problem. What approach to the staff nurse’s addiction should be taken as an initial intervention?

Referred to the employee assistance program

The nurse leader and the team received recognition because of a follower on the team. What could be the most important action of the nurse leader?

Sharing the appreciation with the team

Which behavior is an example of the nurse’s role as an executive in the Gardner task of leadership?

Representing the organization and client care services on councils

A nurse leader is promoted as nurse manager of a critical care unit. Which action would demonstrate the effectiveness of the nurse leader role as a manager?

Establishing the goals considering the staff expertise

Which factors are associated with transformational leadership? Select all that apply.

A shared vision Increased self worth of followers Coaching and mentoring by the leader

Which organization advocates nurses taking a prominent role in the healthcare arena?

Institute of Medicine

The nursing manager wants to implement transformational leadership qualities. Which actions best describe this style of leadership? Select all that apply.

Providing intellectual stimulation Performing experiments with system redesign Using motivator factors to inspire work performance

A nurse leader of a state nurse’s association (SNA) is advising legislators regarding health policy improvements. Which key idea is involved in this type of leadership power?

Expert power

The intensive care unit at a hospital has recently experienced a turnover of several long-tenured nurses who assumed important leadership roles. As a result the unit has become less effective and productive despite the consistent performance of the remaining nurse leaders. What should the management team do to ensure that effectiveness and productivity remains consistent in the event of future leadership turnover?

Establish a leadership succession plan

When a client with cancer reaches an incurable last stage, the nurse explains the situation to the client and calls the client’s family members to provide support. Which need of the client does the nurse prioritize here?

Belonging need

The nurse is explaining behavior to a nursing assistant. Which characteristic of a behavior usually results in that behavior being viewed and accepted as normal?

Fitting within standards accepted by one’s society

Which are the organizational outcomes of transformational leadership? Select all that apply.

Increased loyalty Increased commitment Increased performance

The nurse manager is promoting a nurse who has the qualities to become a team leader. What responsibilities are allotted to a team leader? Select all that apply.

To be prepared for daily changes in team membership To evaluate the quality of care for the clients assigned to his or her team

The registered nurse is teaching a group of student nurses about the role of the nurse as a leader. Which statement by a student nurse indicates effective learning?

"The goal of the nurse manager is to develop a shared vision of the future with direct care nurses."

Which question related to quality of decisions would the nurse leader consider while assessing the degree of conflict resolution?

How creative are the resulting plans?

A client is hospitalized with a brain injury and a skull fracture. The registered nurse is delegating tasks to the healthcare team. Which member of the healthcare team is suitable to provide client care? Select all that apply.

Charge nurse newly hired RN

What are the responsibilities of the nurse as a leader? Select all that apply.

Encouraging the direct care nurses to provide input into decisions Ensuring that day-to-day activities of the staff are correctly planned and executed

A nurse who lacks confidence in her performance in a new position is worried about an upcoming review with the nursing director. What type of power does the nursing director hold in this scenario?

Coercive power

In an organization, the leader is providing specific feedback regarding positive performance to his or her subordinate. Which leadership theory behavior is being displayed by the leader?

Expectancy theory

A nurse leader is teaching the nursing staff about preparing objectives. Which statements by a member of the nursing staff indicate effective learning? Select all that apply.

"I will specify the target to be achieved." "I will not include unrealistic and unattainable goals." "I will provide the level of accomplishment for the end result."

Which initiative demonstrated by the registered nurse is an effective art of communication of a leader?

Reinforcing the values behind the change

Which transformational leadership practices are involved when a leader empowers people and offers praise for the work done by one of the team members? Select all that apply.

enabling encouraging

When a bedridden client complains that he or she is thirsty, the nurse leader says, "I want to make you comfortable. Here is a glass of water, please take it." Which communication skill is the nurse leader using to make caring visible?

Making explicit her or his positive intent

Which example would the nurse consider to be a part of systems thinking theory?

To focus on the needs of all residents in a long-term care facility

Several individuals who sustained urgent but nonemergent injuries are seated in the emergency department when an ambulance arrives with a client suspected of having a myocardial infarction. The nurse must explain to the waiting clients that they will have to wait longer for care. Which is the best explanation for the nurse to give?

"I know you have been waiting, but a client’s life depends on immediate treatment. You will receive the same attention when you are seen."

The nurse resolves a conflict with another nurse by using accommodation. In what situations is accommodation appropriate for resolving conflict? Select all that apply.

When facing trivial issues When the other person’s solutions appear better When harmonious relationships have to be preserved

Which of the following characteristics exemplified by a registered nurse is a leader trait?

Endorsing and thriving on taking risks that bring about change

The nurse is relating to and inspiring the client who has a psychiatric disorder to achieve the client outcomes. Which of Gardner’s leadership tasks is reflected in the nurse’s actions?


During a group meeting a client tells everyone, "I’m about to be discharged from the hospital, and I’m afraid." What is the most appropriate response by the nurse facilitator?

"Maybe others in the group have similar feelings that they would share."

An organization having poor work flow was suffering financial losses. A team member introduced creative solutions that were publicly recognized by leadership. Which leadership theory is at work in this scenario?

Transformational theory

An obese client leads a sedentary lifestyle and complains of leg pain when walking long distances. A nurse leader is teaching the client different exercises that can relieve the pain and can be performed while working in an office or doing daily activities. Which of Gardner’s leadership tasks is the leader nurse following?


What is the key idea of role theory in nurse leadership? Select all that apply.

To understand behavior in certain circumstances To collect concepts that predict the actors’ performance in a given role

The healthcare unit reviews the evaluation report of a newly promoted nurse leader and rates the performance as excellent. At which qualities did the nurse excel? Select all that apply.

Charting new paths that lead to progress Demonstrating positive feelings in the workplace

Which aspect relates to the quality of relationships while assessing the degree of conflict resolution in nursing leadership? Select all that apply.

Generation of empathy Understanding being created

The nurse manager implements a change in the back care routine provided to bedridden clients to help prevent pressure ulcers. The nurse manager observes a decrease in the incidences of pressure ulcers in the unit and appreciates the efforts of the team members who implemented the change. Which step of Kotter’s eight-step change model is reflected in this scenario?

Anchoring the changes in the culture

Which critical factors would the nurse say are associated with situational-contingency theory? Select all that apply.

A hospital wants to implement the primary nursing model on the premises. Which challenges are likely to be faced by the management? Select all that apply.

Lack of nurse availability Lack of experienced nurse

Which behavioral manifestations in the nursing staff should alert the nurse manager of moral distress? Select all that apply.

Failing to act as a client advocate Withdrawing from client care situations

The nurse as a leader is sharing organizational information openly and honestly. Which of Gardner’s tasks of leadership is the nurse manager applying in practice?

developing trust

Which healthcare team member is responsible for the coordination and assignments of client care?

charge nurse

Which theory states that leaders act as change catalysts and innovators?

quantum theory

Which aspects are considered when determining the willingness of a nursing assistant before delegating a task? Select all that apply.

attitude confidence commitment

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