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You have been asked to install Windows 7 on 10 different computers for a new branch office your company is setting up. The computers have been purchased from different companies and have different hardware. Which method should you use to reduce the installation time and the effort you need to spend?


Your supervisor recently purchased 100 desktop computer systems and 100 new Windows 10 licenses for your organization’s Accounting department. She received a single Windows 10 installation disc with the licenses.

Which of the following would be the best installation methods to use?

Install one system and image it to the other systems Use a network installation

Which installation method is best for large numbers of computers that share the same hardware configuration?

Network installation Disk image

You want to install Windows on a mirrored disk array. You run the motherboard disk configuration utility and create the RAID 1 array, then configure the system to boot from the Windows installation disc.

The installation starts but does not detect the RAID array. What should you do?

During the install, browse to and select the appropriate driver for your RAID controller when prompted where you want to install Windows.

You need to install Windows 10 on a new computer system that uses a SATA SSD device to store data. What should you do to complete this installation?

Install Windows in the same way you would a system that uses a standard hard disk drive.

You recently purchased a copy of Windows 10 from a retail store. However, the system you want to install Windows on doesnt have optical drive. What is the best option to install Windows in the scenario?

Use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to copy the installation files to a USB flash drive

You’re formatting a newly installed hard disk with Disk Management and are at the point where you need to select the type of file system to be used. Which of the following scenarios would require selecting the FAT32 file system?

You need the disk to be backwards-compatible with older versions of Windows

You have a computer where a removable disk drive has been formatted with NTFS. You want the drive to use FAT32 to be compatible with more operating systems. The drive is currently configured using drive letter D:. What should you do?

Back up the data on the D: drive. Reformat the D: drive using FAT32. Restore the data

Under what conditions should you choose exFAT over FAT32 or NTFS?

When storing files larger than 4 GB in size When formatting removable flash drives

Which of the following is an advantage of exFAT file system over NTFS?

Lower memory and processor resource use

You have a computer running Windows 7 Home Premium and need to access the contents of a flash drive. The flash drive has been formatted with the exFAT file system. You want to read the flash drive on your computer as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort. What should you do?

Do nothing. Windows 7 can natively access exFAT file systems.

You have a computer running Windows 7. You need to format a 64GB flash drive as a single volume. You want the drive to support quick removal, and minimize memory and processor use when reading and writing to the drive. Which file system should you choose?


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