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Human factors is the study of:

All of the above

Which of the following is an example of unconscious processing by the brain?

A and C

When attempting to decrease the risk of error, it’s important to use human factors principles because:

If you understand the factors that affect human performance on critical tasks, you can design a safer system.

You visit the local convenience store looking for a refreshing drink on a pleasant day. You know that you want a new type of cola beverage you’ve heard advertised on the radio, and reach into the refrigerator for what you think is the caffeine-free version of that cola. After you pay, pop the can, and begin drinking, you find that you purchased the sugar-free version instead (whoops!). What most likely contributed to this error?

Look-alike cans/labels

At the end of a double shift, an experienced nurse with an excellent track record gives a medication to the wrong patient. Based on human factors principles, what would you guess was the biggest contributor to this error?

The nurse was prone to error because she was tired.

Which of the following is a basic strategy for minimizing the opportunity for error in a process?

Standardizing how the process is completed

Which of the following statements about redundancies within processes is always true?

None of the above

Which of the following likely needs to be improved about the new process to review vital signs?

It needs to be simplified.

At the end of your training session on the new EHR, you are handed a two-sided laminated card titled "Quick Start Guide." It provides step-by-step instructions for basic tasks such as entering orders and writing daily notes in the EHR. This is an example of:

Avoiding reliance on memory

The first time you admit a patient to the hospital using the new EHR, you see a screen pop up as you are attempting to enter orders. At the top it says, "You must enter orders for DVT (blood clot) prevention before completion of this admission order set. Click here to complete this order." This pop-up box is an example of the use of:

A forcing function

Which of the following concepts does this scenario demonstrate?

All of the above

Which of the following statements about computerized prescriber order entry systems (CPOEs) is true?

Several studies have disputed the claim that they reduce errors.

Which of the following is the best example of using technology to improve safety and prevent errors?

Giving nursing assistants electronic tablets to ensure there’s no delay in recording patients’ vital signs

Effective ways for addressing defects in the human-technology interface include:

Testing the technology in real-world situations

You’re caring for a patient with diabetes who was admitted to your hospital with an elevated blood glucose level. She is on an insulin pump that is programmed to deliver one unit of insulin per hour through her intravenous (IV) line. How does this technology help make her care safer?

The pump helps automate a complex care process.

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