Hunter’s Ed Unit 4 Quiz

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Animals can be identified by four basic characteristics. One of these characteristics is:

Group Behavior

You are using the still-hunting strategy. How much time should you spend walking versus standing still and observing?

Stand still ten times as much as you walk

You wait for game while sitting or standing in one spot. This hunting strategy is called:


To take game and minimize its suffering, you must know the ______ of the animal you are hunting.


What part of the game animal is the most effective place to shoot?

Vital Organs

Bowhunters should avoid _______ shots, because the vital areas are protected by bone from this angle.


Which shot angle rarely results in a clean kill, ruins a lot of meat, and provides an animal the best opportunity to detect the hunter?


You determine that a downed animal is dead. What is the very next thing you should do?

Follow the state regulations for reporting or recording a kill

Three factors contribute to spoiled meat after game is harvested. One of these factors is:


What should you do as soon as possible after tagging game?

Field-dress it

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