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why could someone argue that the North was complicit in the expansion of slavery?

Northern factory demand for cotton steadily increased

Which of the following would have been a reflection of the paternalist ethos in southern slavery?

the owner felt responsible for his slaves because the slaves could not take care of themselves.

what did paternalism reinforce?

slaves need to be watched carefully

When comparing colonial slavery to nineteeth century slavery, what was a major difference?

In the colonial period, slaves did not work in cotton fields

What was the key to developing an African-American slave community

Slaves needed to have family members near them

What was the biggest fear of a slave of any age?

a family member being sold

What role did Christianity play in slavery?

Teaching slaves about Christianity helped to reinforce the owners’ ideas on paternalism

Which of the following would be an example of "silent sabotage"?

A slave on a large plantation slowed down the work pace

In the New Testament, Jesus did not condemn slavery. What did his mean to southern slaveholders?

The new testament could be used to endorse slavery

Before his execution, how did nat Turner see himself?

He felt he was dying for the sin of slavery

How did slavery take away the rights of whites?

Written objections to slavery were banned in the South

by 1860 , the economic investment represented by the slave population exceeded the value of the nation’s factories, railroads, and banks combined (T/F)


George Fitzhugh, a Virginia writer, stated slavery was part of civilized society. (T/F)


Free Blacks in New Orleans Worked as craftsmen (T/F)


Overall, how did utopian societies and worldly communities perceive women?

Women needed to be treated as equals

How did utopian leaders differ from Henry David Thoreau?

Thoreau focused on the individual; utopian leaders emphasized the community

Why were most of the utopian communities in the North?

Most in the North were abolitionists

How did the Second Great Awakening influence American society?

It inspired some to combat the sins of society, such as slavery.

What would John Winthrop most likely criticize about antebellum America?

The temperance movement

If the American Tract Society existed today, which of the following would anger this group

Businesses opening on Sundays to run special advertised sales

Why did abolitionism’s focus move from a more gradual approach to calling for the immediate approach of ending slavery?

Ex-slaves started getting involved in abolitionism in 1830’s

What was the most significant about Theodore Weld’s argument concerning the sinfulness of slavery

ministers could preach that slavery was the devils work

Why could William Lloyd Garrison be seen as a more radical abolitionist than Fredrick Douglass

Garrison saw the Constitution as evil

In his speech about the Fourth of July, how did Frederick Douglass critique the founding of the United States

The Declaration of Independence was good starting point for principles of freedom

What was teh greatest accomplishment of teh abolitionists by 1840

making slavery a prominent topic of conversation

The antebellum utopian communities were largely located in the Upper South (T/F)


In general, Catholics supported the temperance movement (T/F)


For the South in the 1830s making the Texas territory part of the United States could potentially be most beneficial in what way?

Several slave states could be created out of Texas

When "Fifty-four or fight" did not result in gaining al of the Pacific Northwest, who most like would have been the angriest

Northern Democrats

In the nineteenth century, the United States gained the most territory through

Wars with mexico

How did the territory acquired from the Mexican War promote Thomas Jefferson’s earlier idea of an Empire of Liberty

only people classified as whites gained full rights

The opening of Japan to United States trade led to what

Japan became a modernized military power

Why was the extension of slavery significant politically

Both the North and South wanted to control the Senate

WHat was ironic about the fugitive Slave act

The South promoted states’ rights but with this law agreed to strong federal action

Why were the Know-Nothings unable to curb the political influences of Irish immigrants

Coting rights were being determined by race

In the 1850s, which action would be in the line with Abraham Lincoln’s views on race

An African American man trains as an artisan and then starts his own buisness

What distinguished John Brown from other abolitionists such as William Lloyed Garrison and Frederick Douglass

Brown emphasized violence in freeing slaves

In regard to Fort Sumter, analyze teh maneuvering of Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln. Wo was superior, Davis or Lincoln

Lincoln made the south look like the aggressor.

In California after the Mexican-American war, landowners of Spanish heritage had to adjust to a new identity as if they were immigrants (T/F)


What did fighting a defensive war mean for the confederates?

Since the weapon technology was basically equal, it was an advantage for the confederates.

The scale of civil war bloodshed was comparable to that of which other conflict

War of the Triple Alliance

What disagreements existed between McClellan, the commander of the Army of the Potomac, and President Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln thought the general was not using his manpower advantage

What would have been a practical outcomes of the Emancipation Proclamation

All Confederate slaves would be freed gradually

After comparing the presidencies of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, what conclusion can be made

Lincoln was pragmatic in his decision making

Besides preserving the Union, how else has Lincoln’s legacy lived on in today’s America

He overcame regional differences to build a new nation-state

What was a result of the expanding Union economy

The size and spending of the government increasing tremendously

by analyzing the New York City draft riots, what can be determined about the Civil War?

The Civil War was a rich war and a poor man’s fight

What separated Grant from teh other Union generals that commanded the Army of teh Potomac

Grant was willing to wage of attrition

What was one downside to Lincoln’s Ten-Percent plan of Reconstuction

all of the above

Abraham Lincoln realized that his armies had to capture the confederate capital, Richmond , in order to win the war (T/F)


It was clear to most people from the beginning of the war meant the end of slavery (T/F)


How did reconstruction leave an enduring legacy

The leadership to the civil rights movement came from African American churches

How did Frederick Douglass see the post-Civil War South

Douglass wanted to ensure the ideals of the Declaration of Independence became a reality for black men too.

What would have made the Freedmen’s Bureau more effective

The government should have employed more agents to help with the numerous duties of teh bureau

According to the petition from the freedmen to president Andrew Johnson, how was the planter class endangered freedom

they tried to limit economic opportunity

Through analyzing the "sharecropping Contract," what can be determined?

The contract was a type of economic slavery

What was ironic about the election of Andrew Johnson

a man from a state that had seceded was now president

How can Andrew Johnson be compared to Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln reached out to the south, while Johnson emphasized pushing it.

In what way was Reconstruction policy a success

It established an amendment promising equal protection for all

When assessing the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, what can be determined about this issue

Both congress and president accused the other of unconstitutional acts

The idea that change comes slowly can be evidenced by what event during reconstruction

Women were excluded from suffrage amendment

By examining Reconstruction from 1863-1877, what conclusion can be drawn

With three different government plans, it was one of the most complex time periods in American history

The civil rights act of 1866 became the first major law in American history to be passed over a presidential veto. (T/F)


The Senate, following the House’s impeachment vote, removed Andrew Johnson from office (T/F)


Why did new products like ivory soap and quaker oats symbolize the continuing integration of economy in America’s Gilded Age?

These products were national brands, sold everywhere across the United States thanks to the expanding network

Why did railroad companies and other business form "pools" during the American Gilded Age

They hoped to escape the chaos of market forces by fixing prices with their competitors

How were skilled workers able to secure new freedoms for themselves in rapidly expanded industries

Their knowledge allowed them to control the production process and teh training apprenticess

What did Native Americans have in common with the Zulu of South Africa and the aboriginal people in Australia

They found themselves pushed aside by centralizing government trying to control large interior regions

According to the authors of the Dawes Severalty Act, what constituted a civilized life for Native Americans in the later nineteenth century

Individual property ownership and farming on family plots

Why was William Tweed so popular with the city’s immigrant poor

he had provided food, fuel, and patronage to them in exchange for thier votes

Which of the following best characterized the Democrats’ position of the Republicans’ monetary policy during the American Gilded Age.

they resented the Republicans’ inflationary policies, arguing that they hurt their main constituency farmers

Which of the following properly assesses the significance of the passage of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act in 1890

The law established a precedent that the national government could regulate the economy in the interest of the public good.

Which of the following properly assesses the significance of wage labor in industrializing America during the Gilded Age

More and more Americans experienced wage labor as a permanent condition on the edge of poverty

The idea for the Statue of Liberty originated as a response to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (T/F)


By 1880, a majority of Americans worked in non-farm activities (T/F)


Railroad companies divided the United States into Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones (T/F)


The spread of electricity was essential to industrial and urban growth (T/F)


Which of the following prompted some urban observers to misjudge Populists as a backward-looking movement

Their conviction that farmers should adopt modern scientific methods

How do populists hope to guarantee farmers inexpensive access to markets for their crops

They called for public ownership of the railroads

Why did the south fail to attract significant economic development in the wake of reconstruction

investors came to the south for cheap labor and low taxes, so they made few capital investments in the region

How did segrigation in teh labor marked affect African-American women

A high percentage of black women worked for wages, typically in domestic service

how did black women challenge the racial ideology of the jim crow south

they insisted on the equal respectability of black women by working for "racial uplift"

apart from the racial identity of victims, what typically triggered the lynch violence of southern white mobs

the victim’s alleged sexual conduct

the ascendancy of the American Federation of labor during the 1890’s reflected

a shift from broad reform goals to more limited goals

Had the teller amendment been applied to the Philippines and Cuba, how would it have changed the Spanish-American war?

Cuba would have become an associated territory as well

Which of the following was the reason for US control over Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines

Control of strategic gateways from which to project American naval an commercial power

Why did Americans celebrate the Spanish American War

Americans experienced the war as an occasion for national reconciliation between North and South

William McKinley championed a government that would help ordinary Americans (T/F)


The campaign of 1896 in considered the first modern campaign because of McKinley’s campaign travels (T/F)


Blacks owned more land in 1900 than they had at the end of reconstruction (T/F)


why was "the city" the focus of progressive politics

the overwhelming majority of Americans lived in cities

What was the most significant difference between Angel island in the San Francisco Bay and Ellis Island in the New York harbor

Angel island had to administer the immigration of Asian and Mexican migrants

Which of the following least symbolized the growing autonomy of working women with regard to their consumerism

military service

the "living wage" and the "American standard of living" were an out growth of what

a mature consumer economy

Why did Samuel Gompers seek to forge closer ties with forward-looking corporate leaders

he wanted to stabilize employer-employee relations

What constitutional right did workers claim in defense of their public activism

the right to free speech

why did Montezuma call for the abolition of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1916

the Bureau had failed to secure Indian self-determinatioin

Why did progressive reformers think they had much to learn from the Old World

Germans had pioneered several measures of social legislation

Which of the following contradictions plagued Progressive reformers’ ideas on the political process

They worked both to expand the electorate and shrink its size through other measures

why did businesses support the pure food and rug act

they understood that greater public confidence in the quality of the products helped their sales

Why did the Wilson administration impose a graduated income tax in 1913

the substantial reduction of duties on imports required Wilson to make up for lost revenue

Upton Sinclair wrote a piercing two-volume history of the Standard Oil Company (T/F)


During the Progressive era, the working woman became a symbol of female emancipation (T/F)


Which of the following assessments of the Roosevelt Corollary in accurate

it represented a vow to defend the Western Hemisphere against European intervention

Which of the following elements of President Wilson’s Fourteen Points most resembled the commissions Progressives had instituted back home

the League of Nations

Why did the War Industries Board establish standardized specifications during the World War1

to increase efficiency and speed up production

assess the way in which the committee on public information presented in message to encourage Americans to retain loyal and support ehe war effort

the CPI packaged its appeals in the language of social cooperation and an expanded democracy

what did employers urban reformers, as well as women reformers hope prohibition would achieve during the war years

peace and order on the homefront

which of the following statements would have been prosecuted under the sedition act of 1918

"i call on you to boycott the draft"

how did eugenics sharp public policy during world war 1

it provided anti-immigrant sentiment with an air of professional expertise

in what ways was WEB Du Bois a typical progressive

He believed that investigation, exposure, and education could solve the nation’s problems

how did Garveyites define freedom at the time of world war 1

as black self reliance and naional self determination

what triggered the surge of conservative governments in central Europe at the end of World War 1

a worldwide revolutionary upsurge

Assess the impact of the bombing of the New York Stock exchange in Sept 1920

it caused the death of 40 people

Why did many people in eastern Europe consider Woodrow Wilson "popular saint"

his criticism of imperialism helped easternE peoples carve out new independent nations

patriotism during world war 1 meant support for the government, the war, and the American economic system (T/F)


During world war1 most progressives were outraged at the broad suppression of freedom of expression and spoke out against the sedition act. (T/F)


Which of the following assessments of the Roosevelt Corollary is accurate

it represented a vow to defend the western hemisphere against European intervention

which of the following elements of President Wilson’s Fourteen points most resembled the commission Progressives had instituted back home

the league of nations

why did the war industries board establish standardized specifications during World War 1

to increase efficiency and speed up production

assess the way in which the committee on public information presented its message to encourage Americans to remain loyal and support the war effort

the CPI packaged its appeals in the language of social cooperation and an expanded democracy

What did employers, urban reformers, as well as woman reformers hope prohibition would achieve during the war years

peace and order on the home front

which of the following statements would have been prosecuted under the sedition act of 1918

"i call on you to boycott the draft"

why did the war board establish standardized specifications during World War 1

to increase efficiency and speed up production

Assess the way in which the committee on Public Information presented its message to encourage Americans to remain loyal and support the war effort

the CPI packaged its appeals in the language of social cooperation and an expanded democracy

what did employers, urban reformers, as well as women reformers hope prohibition would achieve during the war years

peace and order on the home front

which of the following statements would have been prosecuted under the sedition act of 1918

"i call you to boycott the draft"

how did eugenics space public policy during world war 1

it provided anti-immigrant sentiment with an air of professional expertise

how was American life different in teh 1920s than int eh years prior

Although Americans worked hard in an increasingly industrial world, they also enjoyed more cavations

Assess the state of individual American financial savings by the end of the 1920’s

by the end of the 1920’s the majority of American families had no savings whatsoever.

The prevailing jurisprudence of the United States Supreme Court in the 1920s can best be described as


which of the following best describes teh significance of the Fordney-McCumber Tariff of 1922

it demonstrated a repudilation of Wilson’s Gree trade ideas

what united the authors Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald in the 1920’s

both had fled the discriminatory censorship of the hays code

which of the following legal bans no longer passed constitutional scrutiny by the end of the 1920s

criminalizing the advocacy of unlawful acts for the sake of political change

which of the following trends of the 1920s did fundamentalists support

the prohibition of liquor sales

how did fundamentalist christians define freedom in the 1920s

as the fundamental right to self-expression

what broad popular sentiments did the Ku Klux Klan express in the 1920s

control of the nation should be returned to native-born protestants

which of the following best describes teh economic dynamic of the Great Depression

Mass unemployment and the lack of investment triggered a devastating cycle of deflation

What did hoover’s observation during the depth of the depression that "many persons left their jobs for the more profitable one of selling apples" indicate?

president Hoover had grown increasingly out of touch with the economic reality of Americans

if one commodity drove the economy in the 1920s, it was the typewriter (T/F)


After world war 1 american corporations ceased to pursue overseas investments (T/F)


Farmers benefited the most from the prosperity of the decade (T/F)


During 1920s, labor lost over 2 million members (T/F)


According to supreme court justice louis prandeis, how could corporations have prevented the creat depression

by increasing their workers’ wages

what time period most influenced the New Deal

first world war

Why did President Franklin D. Roosevelt dissolve the civil Works Administration

Domplaints multiplied that this measure was contributing to a permanent class of government class of government dependents

why did workers during the 1930s make demands that went beyond better wages

they were hoping to establish a set of basic civil liberties for workers

in contrast to the American Federation of labor the congress of industrial organizations fought for

industrial democracy

by 1935, Huey long and Francis Townsend had made which of the following approaches to economic recovery less promising for new dealers

the regulation of the stock market

which of the following second new deal measures came closest to meeting the demands of congress of industrial organization for workplace democracy

The Wagner Act

How did president Franklin D. Roosevelt describe the notion of a "liberty of contract"

he denounced it as a service to the interest of "the privileged few"

after the court packing attempt, how did the change in the jurisprudence of the united states supreme court affect American life?

The new political climate int eh United States Supreme Court meant that a federal child labor ban could stand constitutional muster

which of the following had been a traditional belief prior to the economic theories of john Maynard Keynes

balanced budgets were sacred

which of the following statements best assesses the fate of feminism during the new deal

given the broad consensus that the job claims of male providers superseded women’s organized feminism essentially disappeared

how did the federal government institutionalize racism during the new deal

the federal housing administration refused to ensure mortgages in integrated neighborhoods

the supreme court ruled that the agriculture adjustment act was unconstitutional (T/F)


in the past, depressions had hurt the labor movement; however labor made great strides during the new deal (T/F)


Upton Sinclair campaigned for governor of California on the share our wealth movement (T/F)


Although well intended, the new deal for native Americans resulted in a series of forced assimilations (T/F)


In what aspect of American foreign policy did Franklin D. Roosevelt remove himself from Herbert Hoover’s precedent

he formally recognized the soviet union in an effort to stimulate trade

Why did so many American workers walk out of their jobs in 1943 and 1944

they charged their employers with the unseemly expansion of corporate profits

what taste of freedom did women enjoy in world war 2

the perks of doing men’s jobs

who did publisher Henry Luce credit with the provision of "the abundant life" in his blueprint postwar prosperity, the American century

free enterprise

on what grounds did the Austrain-born economist Friedrich A. Hayek reject the New Deal state

he was convinced that even the best intentioned government planning efforts would threaten individual liberties

Why did executive order 9066 not apply to persons of Japanese descent living in Hawaii

since nearly 40% of the population was of Japanese descent, the evacuation order would have been impractical

why did the US drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima

since the US had spent years and millions of dollars developing the weapon, it was going to use it in the war.

what made it so difficult for the US to reject the demands of Joseph Stalin for establishing a soviet sphere in eastern Europe

Roosevelt realized the sacrifices the Soviet had made in their victory in the eastern front

what did the members of the United Nations Security Council all have in Common

they were all part of the allies that won World War 2

when war broke out in Europe in 1939, the soviet union stood virtually alone in fighting Germany (T/F)


The America first committee campaigned for Americans to be the first to go to war against Nazi Germany (T/F)


The only people killed during the German Holocaust were the Jewish people (T/F)


After the war, the South remained very poor. Many rural people lived without indoor plumbing (T/F)


Why was it unlikely that the soviet union was going to embark on a new military campaign in the years following World War 2.

the communist nation had suffered more than 20 million casualties, along with immense devastation.

Why did American policymakers agree to spend billions of dollars on the economic recovery of Europe under the Marshall Plan

they were afraid that if they did not help with the recovery, western European nations might fall into the soviet sphere of influence

why did the United States allow West Germany to become part of a defensive alliance less than ten years the defeat of Nazi Germany

The United States made this concession in order to win access to lucrative German consumer markets

in the 1950s what did the term "totalitarianism" describe

fascism and national socialism

how did the Soviet focus on social and economic rights in the cold war human rights debate affect American attitudes

in the climate of anticommunist hysteria, it prompted many Americans to condemn these rights as a first step to socialism.

Why did nearly 5 million workers walk off their jobs over the course of 1946

the removal of price controls resulted in a drop in workers’ real income

why did southern Democrats fear loosing their position in the democratic party following ints national convention of 1948

president Truman used the convention to bolster the Position of his fellow democrats from the northeastern establishment

why did Harry Truman’s loyalty review system target homosexuals working for the government

homosexuals were considered susceptible to blackmail and thought to be lacking the manly qualities necessary to fight communism

the charges against which of the following organization led to the downfall of Joseph McCarthy in 1954

the Defense Department

How did white supremacist take advantage of anticommunist rhetoric

they changed African-American civil rights leaders with a communist agenda

George Kennan’s Long Telegram laid the foundation for the policy of containment (T/F)


The Truman doctrine was in support of giving billions of dollars for European economic recovery (T/F)


Overall, despite good intentions the Marshal Plan was not very successful (T/F)


what about the golden age of capitalism between 1946 and 1960 was most beneficial for americans

the American GNP more than doubled

the shopping mall was the inevitable result of what institution

the suburb

what made the Army-McCarthy hearings unusual for American television programming of the 1950s

it was deeply political and controversial

why were American suburbs of the 1950’s so heavily segregated

residents, brokers, and realtors dealt in contracts and mortgages that barred the sale to non-white residents

what gave conservatives of the 1950s their political unity

their shared religious fundamentals of Protestant Christianity

how did president Dwight D. Eisenhower surpass the New Deal in government involvement in the economy

he presided over the construction of f41,000 miles of interstate highways

why did the Eisenhower administrative embrace the doctrine of "massive retaliation"

teh constant threat of mutually assured destruction under teh doctrine made for more cautious diplomacy

why did the soviet union strongly support the national independence movements in the new third world

soviets feared the obvious appeal an alliance with former colonial rulers had for these new nations

why did the editors of life magazine fear that American freedom might be in danger from not being used enough

Americans seemed to have largely withdrawn from open dissent in the public sphere

which of he following assessments of the civil rights movement is most accurate

the movement came as a great surprise and was predicted only by a few

what inspiration did Martin Luther King Jr. gain from mahatma Gandhi

the idea of peaceful civil disobedience

which event did president John F. Kennedy blame on eh failures of the Eisenhower administration

the launch of the soviet satellite Sputnik

the percentage of families at our below the poverty rate fell during the 1950s (T/F)


The new conservatives understood freedom as first and foremost a moral condition (T/F)


In the 1960s presidential election, John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon by a landslide (T/F)


the freedom rides of 1961 traveled through which of the following states

Alabama an Mississippi

why did the African-American civil rights protesters that marched in June 1963 in more than 186 cities not try more deliberately to avoid arrest

the very protests was to illustrate the punitive nature of southern Jim Crow justice

how could birmingham police chief Eugene Connor have undermined Martin Luther King Jr. Strategy in Birmingham in May 1963

he could have allowed teh protesters to march unimpeded

what did president John F. Kenedy have in common with predecessor Dwight D. Eisenhower

both tended to view the entire world through the lens of the cold war

why did John F. Kennedy consider civil rights a moral crisis for the nation

he found racial discrimination incompatible with the United States’ claim for leadership of the free world

what set President Lyndon Baines Johnson apart from his predecessor John F. Kennedy

he knew the meaning of poverty and racial injustice from his own life experiences

what did the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Part emerge at the Democratic Party convention in Atlantic City in 1964

the MFDP challenged teh state’s Democratic Party’s claim that is represented Mississippi fairly

Which of the following organizations


what did the defeat of republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater show

the civil rights movement had redrawn the political map and open the south to the Republican Party

On what grounds could foreign nationals apply for immigrant status in the United States after 1965

Their family ties to US citizens or other immigrants

why are the riots in American cities during the 1960s best understood as battles

Urban blacks saw the predominantly white police force as an occupying army

What did students of the new left movement think was missing in American Liberalism in 1960s

the Practice of true participatory democracy

in what ways did the counterculture represent the fulfillment of the consumer marketplace

the counterculture extend the concept of individual choice into every realm of life.

The slogan of the March on Washington was "jobs and Freedom" (T/F)


John F. Kennedy’s Foreign policy of latin America called for a revolution in Cuba (T/F)


The Cuban Missile Crisis did nothing to change Kennedy’s attitudes toward the Cold War (T/F)


At the outset of his presidency, John F. Kennedy’s regarded civil rights as his top priority (T/F)


The immigration Reform Act did not alter the rate or national origin of immigration after 1965 (T/F)


Unlike the New Deal, the Great Society was a response to prosperity, not depression. (T/F)


Why did president Nixon embrace the Philadephia plan for affirmative action in the building trades

he was hoping to weaken the power of trade unions

why did the fight over busing become so violent in Boston in the mid-1970s

Boston fought integration violently

What triggered the rise of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia

The invasion of US troops in 1970

Which of the following statements correctly describes the outcome of the My Lai massacre

one person was found guilty in the killing of 350 civillians, but was released in 1974

what led to the congressional discovery that the FBI has spied on millions of Americans in the 1960s

the church committee investigations

why did conservatives have the last laugh in the watergate scandal

watergate proved the conservatives’ point that teh power of the federal government had to be restricted

which of the following comparisons of wage trend for 1953 to 1973 and 1973 to 1993 is accurate

nominal wages gradually sunk in the first half and rose the second, but real wages behaved in the opposite way

how did the experience of the 1960 shape America’s neoconservatives

Neoconservatives came to believe that even the best-intentioned social programs did more harm than good.

how did trickle-down economics claim to increase government tax revenues

by lowering tax rates

richard nixon appointed earl Warren to cheif justice of teh supreme court in 1969 (T/F)


Even during the energy crisis of the 1970s, the national economy grew. (T/F)


Which of teh following was teh reason for US control over PUerto Rico, Guam, and teh Philippines

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