Hinduism and Buddhism Wrld Hist 1 answer keys

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The spread of Hinduism into China was most likely the result of

the concepts of Hinduism.

Buddhism was India’s dominant religion in 100 BCE, and then it

expanded to become the dominant religion in all of Asia.

Brahmanism, a direct predecessor to Hinduism, was based on texts called


Which is a central concept in Buddhism?


According to the concept of reincarnation, what would a man hope to return as in the next life?

a ghost

Which statement correctly connects Hinduism to the religious views of the Aryans?

Hinduism turned the polytheistic views of the Aryans into one supreme god with multiple forms.

A Hindu wanting to work on spiritual awareness might decide to

meditate or participate in yoga.

Many major religions spread through

people migrating from one place to another.

Why is the caste system a central part of the Hindu religion?

It is a carryover from Hinduism’s roots in the Aryan migration.

Why would the isolation of Buddhist monks contribute to the religion’s decline?

The monks’ isolation prohibited them from helping others and spreading Buddhism.

What was one result of the spread of Buddism?

The caste system became common practice in India.

Which is an example of karma?

Jane accidentally trips someone in the hallway but does not apologize. Later, someone helps her up when she trips.

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