Hamlet, Part 2- Word Choice and Tone

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From the context, the reader can determine that the word i’ means


After analyzing the context, what is the next step the reader should take to determine the meaning of an unknown word?

Predict the definition.

What is nuance?

A small or subtle difference in meaning

Based on context, what is the meaning of harrow up?

Greatly disturb

The attitude of a text toward the subject being discussed is called _________.


Which is the best definition of poor, as it is used in the passage?


Which word from the passage is most similar in meaning to wary?


Which phrase from the passage most helps create a tone of desperation?

Unhand me, gentlemen

Which word in the passage is the key to understanding Ophelia’s tone?


To determine the precise meaning of a word, what should the reader consider? Check all that apply.

1. Context clues 2. Tone 3. Word choice

The word shot, as used in the passage, makes Laertes’ argument more effective because it has a _________.

Negative connotation of peril.

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