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Proper cooling of foods is very important to prevent an outbreak of food borne illness. The Food Code and science say that cooling foods must reach _____ in _____ as a first stage in cooling.

70°F; 2 hours or less

Where can you wash your hands?

In the hand washing sink

What is an advantage to using chlorine as a sanitizing agent?

It kills a wide range of microorganisms.

A patron chokes on a brush bristle that she finds in her hamburger. What kind of contamination is this?

Physical contamination

It is important to remember that cooking foods safely includes the right combination of _______ and _______ to kill harmful bacteria.

time and temperature

Which of the following foods is likely to harbor pathogenic bacteria?


Soil and dirt, with their contaminants are the least concern to someone buying and using fresh fruits or vegetables if they _______.

are prewashed and packaged before delivery

What is the proper way to sanitize a table that has been used for preparing food?

Clean it with a detergent, rinse it, then wipe it with a sanitizing solution.

Jamie works as a grill cook at the R&J Grill. The grill is visible to the public and is located in the dining area. During her shift, she sometimes needs to go into the main kitchen to obtain more meat to grill, going through the dining room in the process. Why is this not a sanitary practice?

Because her shoes may carry bacteria from one area to the next

What might be considered a physical hazard?

Light bulbs

Foods that are received in a delivery and come in damaged packaging, without labels, or at the wrong temperature must be __________.


A food business and its employees must have good food safety practices including all of the following except _______.

properly counting food inventories

At what temperature would stored raw chicken become unsafe to use?


How many hours of water interruption is considered an extended interruption?


George is cleaning chicken and will soon switch to chopping vegetables. He places the cut chicken in a hotel pan, covers it with plastic wrap and stores it on the bottom shelf of the walk-in refrigerator. What does George need to do before he begins to chop the vegetables?

Clean and sanitize his working surface

A HACCP Plan refers to _______.

a written plan of formal procedures for food safety

Cooks must be familiar with proper temperatures to cook a variety of foods. A very good practice to make sure the cooks know these temperatures would be to _______.

post charts with temperatures for different foods in the kitchen

To be certain that contamination from raw meats to other food or surfaces does not happen in a kitchen, a good practice would be to _______.

wash knives and cutting boards for raw meats immediately after use

Jennifer is working in a hot kitchen and doesn’t want to become dehydrated. She grabs a liquid measuring cup, fills it with water and ice, and brings it back to her work station to drink while she is working. What about this practice is incorrect?

The container she is drinking from is not covered.

In order to obtain a permit to run a new operation, food establishments must _______.

comply with set standards

If you open a sack of flour and find bodies of dead weevils, this is a sign of _______.

physical contamination

Anne has been asked to receive the food order at the loading dock from the restaurant’s food distributor. What is a good idea for Anne to have with her before she meets the delivery person?

An instant read thermometer to check temperatures

Why should you remove your apron when going to the bathroom?

You might get germs on it.

When pests get into a facility and their population grows to an unacceptable number, this situation is officially referred to as an _______.


What is the best way to prevent pest infestation?

Keep premises clean

What is an example of something food inspections focus on?

Are the employees clean and dressed appropriately?

An employee is not allowed to work if they have the following symptom.

Sore throat with fever

Rob goes into the refrigerator to get fresh blueberries to make a pie. He notices that there is some mold on some of the berries. What is this an indication of?

Food spoilage

When employees are asked to use chemicals for cleaning, they should always be sure to _______.

mix chemical solutions to the proper strength

Sidney has been given the task of cleaning pots and pans with badly baked-on food. What is the best thing for him to use in this situation?

An abrasive cleaner

High standards for food safety will improve the quality of food served. It will also improve tips, bring repeat customers, and _______.

reduce the chance for lawsuits

After food has been properly cooled, it may be reheated again. It must achieve a temperature of _______ within _______.

165°F; 2 hours

What is the best kind of cleaning agent to use for cleaning burned-on grease?

Solvent cleaner

Sanitizing a surface is defined as the process of _______.

reducing the number of microorganisms

When washing your hands, it is important to pay attention to _______.

washing under fingernails

June comes into the restaurant very early when it is still dark outside and when she turns on the light, she sees cockroaches scurrying into the cracks by the sink. What is a physical way of getting rid of this infestation?

b and c (Fill holes and openings around the sink with concrete. Set out roach traps.)

How many hours of water interruption is considered an extended interruption?


Potentially hazardous ready-to-eat food should be used within _______.


In an emergency, non-potable water can be used for _______.

cleaning floors

Improper hot holding and improper cooling are both examples of _______.

temperature abuse

Cross-contamination is prevented by _______.

All of the above

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