FLVS Final Exam (Parenting Skills)

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Parents should start a constructive criticism conversation with what?

A positive note

How should parents communicate with children?

Get down to the child’s level to talk.

What is an example of negative communication?

"Stop doing that."

What may be an effect of divorce on a young child?

Temper tantrums, separation anxiety, Difficulty sleeping (all of the above)

What can parents do to improve their communication with their children?

Turn off the television, radio, phone, or other distractions.

What is true about the media’s effects on families and children?

The media can have both positive and negative effects.

What is the live birth rate for teens in the U.S. as of 2005?

42 out of 1,000 girls

What word should you avoid when correcting a child?


About how many children in the United States live in low-income families?


Which of the following is a cause of poverty for families?

Unemployment, low wages, illness (all of the above)

Effective communication is natural and requires little practice or training.


Parents should wait before criticizing out of anger or frustration.


The teenage pregnancy rate in the United States has been falling over the past decade.


Parents should take care to keep their verbal communication positive, but they don’t need to worry about their nonverbal language.


Parents should avoid sharing their own mistakes with children.


Stereotypes have very little effect on families.


Parents can play an important part in helping children adjust to a new culture or a new area.


Fictive kin are individuals included in the family group due to feelings of affection.


Immigrant families can often embrace new cultural traditions and practices while keeping some of the traditions and practices from their original culture.


The rise of single-parent homes is partially due to a rise in the divorce rate.


Polygamy is which of the following?

The practice of having two or more wives.

A family can be defined by those who are tied together by which of the following?

Blood, affection, co-residence (all of the above)

A nuclear family is which of the following?

Two parents and their children.

What factor(s) might influence family composition?

Religious beliefs, poverty, war (all of the above)

Which of the following is a benefit of extended families?

Shared expenses

What is true of extended families?

Extended families may include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and others.

Which of the following is a factor in the increase of single-parent families in North America?

An increasing divorce rate

What was an effect of the Black Plague on families?

Individuals were able to marry at a younger age.

What is a preconceived notion about a group?


What is true about an egalitarian family?

Power is distributed equally among the adult members of the family.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America often serve at-risk youth in their programs.


The idea of personal growth began in the 1970s.


Youth organizations typically focus on individuals between the ages of 15 and 24, although some may include younger individuals as well.


Striving to reach goals is an important part of personal growth.


Studies have indicated that teens who volunteer tend to do better in school than teens who do not volunteer.


Scouting organizations began where?

The British Empire

Which of the following might be an activity that a scouting organization would include?


Which of the following organizations is a part of the scouting movement?

Girl Guides

How can positive parenting encourage personal development?

It can create self-responsibility

Which youth organization is focused on teaching youths about business related topics?

Junior Achievement

The best volunteer activities for a teen are which of the following?

Those that are age-appropriate, those that include activities or topics that the teen is interested in, those that the teen enjoys (All of the above)

What might be an appropriate volunteer activity for young children?

Creating snack backpacks for homeless children

SADD was originally founded around what topic?

Drunk driving

About how many individuals were members of scouting organizations in 2011 worldwide?

41 million

Which of the following is a possible benefit of participating in youth organizations?

Higher grades, more self-confidence, helping the community (all of the above)

When we are born, we have about how many brain cells?


We develop connections between brain cells through what?

Our senses

The "prime time" for auditory and visual development is around what age?

4 to 5 years

The scientist Stephen Hawking is well-known for using what assistive technology?

Speech-generating devices

When does technology become assistive technology?

When someone with a disability or limitation uses it to help him or her do something

What is true about technology and parenting?

It can help parents and children stay in touch, It can help parents watch over their children, It can help parents keep track of their children’s grades (all of the above)

Genie’s story indicates what about brain development?

There are critical periods for a child’s brain development

By the time a child is around three years old, about how many brain connections will be present on average?

One trillion

At about what age does the brain begin "pruning"?


Assistive technology is used by whom?

Individuals with disabilities or other limitations

Playing music or singing to a child is one way to help encourage brain development.


Speech-generating devices help individuals communicate verbally.


Closed circuit televisions or webcams can help parents make sure that children are safe.


Infants are born with some connections between brain cells.


Assistive technology can help children remain in regular classrooms or communicate with parents and friends.


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