environmental policy

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The EPA regulates the dumping of _______ in oceans as outlined by the Ocean Dumping Act.

d.all of the above (industrial waste, sewage sludge, medical waste)

Conserving water can save money while protecting the environment.


The Working for Water program helps conserve water by employing individuals to remove invasive plants.


How can failing to conserve water contribute to greater water contamination?

d. all the above (Overirrigating fields causes an increase in pollution that results from runoff., Natural water filters are depleted by the overuse of water., Sewage systems are more likely to fail due to greater demand, causing higher chances of water contamination.)

Why is water conservation important?

Water conservation is important because people are currently consuming freshwater resources faster than they can be replenished.

Which of the following regulations is the primary law regarding water pollution?

The Clean Water Act

The _______ is most likely to be concerned with the overuse of water.

WaterSense program

Which of the following is a program rather than a law regulating water quality?


The water reclamation process is used to remove solids and impurities, but does not return water to a potable state.


Which of the following best describes the areas studied as a part of environmental sociology?

the interactions between social organization and the physical environment

Modern environmentalism works with businesses to promote sustainable development.


Which of the following are smart growth tools?

d. all the above (zoning laws, restrictions on development, environmental impact assessments)

Which of the following disciplines is(are) encompassed by land use planning?

all of the above (urban planning, architecture, transportation planning)

Earth houses are predominantly illuminated with natural light.


Sustainable development and land use planning are most concerned with _______.

b.improving long-term city health

The ultimate goal of sustainable development is to _______.

b.meet current and future resource needs

Which of the following is not an activity promoted through environmental activism?

b. corrective justice

The environmental movement does not have tools to intervene with environmentally damaging practices on private property.


Which of the following is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) most concerned with regarding the enforcement of environmental justice?

c. the long term environmental equity between different races, cultures and income levels

Why is it important for all countries to participate in reducing resource depletion?

d. all the above (Resource depletion that occurs in one country may be due to demand in another., The depletion of resources in one area can have a dramatic effect on other regions., Resources are limited globally.)

In recent years, the controversy surrounding environmental issues has decreased.


Which of the following statements about the cap and dividend policy is not true?

The number of issued permits under the cap and dividend policy increases year to year.

All international conservation programs were started in the 1990’s


The Environmental Policy Act of 1969 was instituted as a follow up regulation to major environmental issues that occurred in the 1960’s.


What was an effect of major environmental issues that occurred in the 1960’s?

a. The national government instituted regulations to handle environmental issues.

The National Environmental Policy Act was established in 1965


The Kyoto protocol works by _______.

b. voluntary involvement

What do the international efforts at reducing resource and ecological depletion have in common?

a. they rely on voluntary participation.

What was the greatest impact of the National Environmental Policy Act?

d. requiring governmental agencies to prepare environmental assessments and impact statements

Environmental impact assessments are required by law in order for _______.

b. companies to receive building permits

Which of the following is not a contributing factor to environmental policy decisions?

d. none of the above

Which of the following is an area targeted by countries to reduce environmental impact?

d. all of the above

Which of the following environmental protection issues is a direct result of human involvement?

d. all of the above

Which of the following is a way in which water resources are consumed?

d. all of the above

Which of the following processes requires separate plumbing/

c. greywater use

Surface water standards for recreation are determined by the Clean Water Act.


Which of the following is a negative consequence of the application of scientific knowledge?

a. industrial pollution

New milestones in environmental policy will most likely deal with long-term issues.


How does the WaterSense program work?

It encourages water efficiency by placing a special label on products that meet the EPA’s standard for water efficiency.

Explain why it is important to monitor environmental parameters when making policies involving resource use.

Human activity has an impact on the environment. In order to minimize the impact of human activity it is important to understand factors that affect the environment. It is also important to know how different human activities affect those environmental factors. This knowledge can be obtained by monitoring specific environmental parameters. For resource use, specifically, it is important to monitor changes in the environment to decide the level and frequency of resource use in certain areas.

The most basic level of land use planning is likely to include _______.

d. zoning and transport infrastructure

Explain how smart growth promotes long-term sustainable development.

Smart growth planning concentrates development in the center of a city, preventing urban sprawl. This strategy reduces the need for automobile use, reducing pollution and the other environmental consequences arising from building roads and such. Smart growth also advocates more mixed-use development, which distributes the costs, benefits, and burdens of city development more broadly and equitably.

Explain the goals of sustainable development.

The goals of sustainable development center around making use of available resources to meet human needs while preserving the environment. Either goal can easily be met independently; not gathering the resource preserves the environments, while gathering it makes it available for human use. Sustainable development is the attempt to achieve both goals by meeting human needs for a resource without permanently depleting it.

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