Drugs as Medicine

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Generic medications are __________.

Include the same active ingredients as the original medication

The Food and Drug Act was the first US law that regulated medicine.


Antivirals are medicines that can both suppress and kill viruses in the body.


Which of these FDA regulations required that manufacturers disclose possible dangers and side effects of their medicines?

Kefauver-Harris Amendment

FDA regulations require that all medication labels include __________.

Specific ingredients and possible side effects

Switching drugs to OTC status generally increases costs for insured patients.


Which of the following is NOT a major type of medicine?


The Anti-Tampering Act of 1982 requires that __________.

Packaging of OTC medicines are tamper-proof

Explain why it is a bad idea to take a friend’s prescription medication.

Taking someone else’s medications is against the law. In addition, prescription medicines were given to your friend by a doctor who clearly understood the health issues at hand. Those same medicines can cause harm to other individuals.

Compare and contrast vaccines and antitoxins.

Vaccines contain weakened or dead pathogens of the disease they are trying to prevent. These pathogens build up the body’s resistance to the regular disease. Antitoxins are composed of body fluid extracts that bolster the body’s ability to fight a specific disease. In general, antitoxins work more quickly than vaccines.

Describe four types of packaging that prevent tampering with medicine.

Antitampering packaging is designed to clearly indicate that a medication has been previously opened. Some of the packaging includes foil wrappers, plastic seals, sealed packages, and individually wrapped medication.

Which of these is a significant risk with prolonged use of OTC medications?

OTC medications can mask more serious health problems.

What does it mean when you develop a tolerance for a medication?

The effectiveness of the medicine decreases over time.

What are the major responsibilities of the FDA related to medicine?

In general, the FDA is responsible for the regulation of all aspects of medicine in the United States. This includes medicine approval, manufacturing regulation, packaging regulation, control of distribution, and regulation of the place of sale.

Explain the concept of withdrawal as it relates to medication.

Withdrawal is a set of symptoms that occur when a person stops taking a medication that they are used to taking. Symptoms can include headache, nausea, insomnia, and nervousness.

Generic OTC medicines have the same active ingredients as the brand-name OTC medications.


Which of the following is the legal method for obtaining prescription medicines?

From a pharmacy

What information is required to be displayed on the labels of OTC medication?

The labels of OTC medicines include important information about when to take the drug, possible side effects, dosage, and intended uses.

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