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Using______ as a mixer with alcohol speeds up the absorption of alcohol

Soft drinks

The same amount of alcohol will be more diluted in a larger individual because

A larger person has more blood and other fluids

____ transfers substances the brain faster than when I drug is injected or swallow


_____ can speed up alcohol absorption

Strong emotions

Alcohol is absorbed by the blood much faster than food because

Alcohol doesn’t have to be digested

The more alcohol concentrated a beverage is the

Faster it will be absorbed

Alcohol is access of ___ Proof will absorb slowly because it irritates the stomach


What percentage of alcohol is absorbed by the small intestine


Whenever. A individual stops drinking The BAL will

Continue to rise for sometime

Alcohol strengths refers to the ___ in a beverage

Concentration of blood

The higher the percentage of the active ingredient in a drug ____

The more quickly it will reach the blood stream

Vision can be affected by drugs and alcohol making ___ especially difficult to distinguish


___ is what gives meaning to our senses


Cirrhosis is a disease that affects which organ


The rods in the eye translate light and __


Visual acuity is reduced more then ____ at nighttime


Many illegal driving behaviors are considered aggressive by law-enforcement because they demonstrate a ___

Disregard for the law

Alcohol ___ occurs when the desire to feel good and have the pleasurable feelings associated with alcohol or other drugs drive the desire to continue using the substance


In Florida refusal to submit to testing results in a ____ suspension

18 month

Alcohol has been found to adversely affect information process at BAL is as low as .02 but certainly at ___ or greater


Interpreting the meaning of different roadsigns road markings warning signs and directional signs are examples of ___

Information processing

The ____. Process occurring in the liver rides the bloodstream of 90% of the alcohol present and is a constant process


____. Other drivers age 16 to 20 who admitted to driving after taking drugs and felt that they were not high enough to cause a crash


at____ BAL reaction time begins to slow down


True or false alcohol tends to produce passive behavior in most. People

False, aggressive

Most people drove after using drugs were using


Barbiturates are among the most widely used ___drugs

Depressant drugs

Cocaine users are often stopped for


A majority of license teen drivers who use drugs report that they also

Drug and drive

_____. Is the second most Widely used illegal drug in the United States


What is the correct minimum coverage that you have for Bodily injury liability for two or more people


Sure false you are not required to carry a Florida insurance ID card when driving if you don’t have a prior traffic citation or collision


In the state of Florida if you’re convicted for unlawful speeding that results in a collision you will be assessed ___ points


The first time refusing to submit to a breed urine or blood test your license will be suspended for

12 months

Leaving the scene of a crash resulting in property damage of more than five $50 result in the accumulation of ____ points


In Florida any driver. Less than 21 years of age who is stop by law-enforcement and has a breath or blood alcohol level of .02 or higher will automatically have his or her. Driving privilege suspended for

6 months

If you are stopped for a DUI and you refuse to submit the breathalyzer test and it is a second time that you have been stopped you are guilty of ___ degree misdemeanor


The first time you’re caught in violation of the minimum drinking age law you will be convicted of a second degree misdemeanor which can include up to ____

60 days

You will be administratively suspended if you have a breath or blood alcohol level of ____Or above or refused to submit to a chemical test


If you are a driver under 21 with a breath or blood alcohol level of .5 or higher you will be required to

Attend a substance abuse course

Your license can be suspended for 30 days if you accumulate____points within a 12 month

12 points

Sure false the state of Florida can suspend your license if you make a fraudulent driver license application


Your license can be suspended for up to. ____If you accumulate 24 points within a 36 month period

One year

All vehicles must have two red lights visible from a distance of not less than ___Feet to the rear


Keeping in mind the average reaction time a motorcycle travel 11 feet for each___of speed before hitting the brakes

10 mph

Motor vehicle crashes cause one of every three injuries best for my children ages___and under


All vehicles must have to read at stop lights they must be seen from___in the daytime and must come on when the foot break is

300 feet

I’m driving the average reaction time is____

3/4 seconds

The distance you travel from seeing a danger to putting her foot on the brake pedal is known as___

Reaction distance

Currently children under____in about one year of age should ride in a safety seat secured to the backseat facing the rear of the vehicle

20 pounds

If you have ABS on your car the best way to use the brake system is to

Apply steady pressure to the panel

A___painted curb designates an area where there is no stopping parking Loading or standing


Leaking purple fluid indicates that you should check your

Power Steering fluid

True or false Clear fluid leaking out of your car is usually coolant and means you should check the water pump

False you should check your air conditioner

____ provide information about routes exits locations distance points of interest and services

Guide signs

If you see a diamond shaped sign it will be what type of sign?

Warning sign

What is the speed limit for a business or residential area

30 MPH

Florida speed limit for interstate highways unless noted otherwise is generally

70 mph

As a Frenerel procession enters an intersection all of the cars in the procession should

Have their lights on

In the state of Florida passing a stopped school bus with flashing lights will result in a _____ violation

4 points

If you’re approaching any type of authorized emergency vehicle parked on a 2 Lane Road Way what they’re flashing lights on you Muslo to speed that is___less than the posted speed limit when it is over 25 mph

20 mph

Unless otherwise posted in Florida the speed limit in school zones is

20 Mph

You are not allowed to park within___feet of an intersection

20 feet

Law states that you must be able to return to your proper lane of travel before any approaching vehicle comes within___feet

200 feet

The pattern of yellow lanes on the roadway determines whether___is permitted


As a Frenerel procession enters an intersection all of the cars in the procession should

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