Dealing with Consumer Issues

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One responsibility of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research is to work with product marketers.


How much money is wasted on fraudulent health products each year in the US?

C. billions of dollars

Which of the following is the BEST way to ensure you are receiving the best possible nutrition?

C. eating a wide variety of foods

It is ultimately up to the buyer to avoid fraud.


Using evidence to dispel myths or false beliefs is one way to move closer to evidence-based practice.


You should be worried about the safety of a healthcare product if you see which of the following claims made?

B. Miracle cure!

Product testimonials are very reliable.


The way a chef prepares a food dish affects __________.

D. all of the above

Which organization is responsible for regulating tobacco?


A fallacy is a __________.

B. false or mistaken idea often based on illogical or invalid reasoning and facts

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