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Several factors can cause tire failure including under inflation, hard braking, and __________.

poor wheel alignment

If your brakes fail, one of the first things to do is ___________.

pump the brake pedal

________skids occur when the brakes are applied so hard that the front or rear wheels lose traction.


The proper use of safety equipment in your vehicle has the potential to ________.

reduce injury

Even if your vehicle has minimal damage from a collision, have the vehicle’s safety features__________.

checked by a qualified technician

Locked doors are less likely to open in a crash, ________.

decreasing the chance of the occupants being ejected

Traveling at high speeds requires__________.

greater stopping distances

Place or secure large items and loose objects in the __________ for safety and to deter theft.


To regain control of a vehicle in a skid, __________.

make smooth steering corrections

The best way to deal with a tailgater is to_____________.

get them in front of you

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