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every 2 years

How often are representatives to be elected


How old must a representative be to be elected

6 years

how long is the term for senator

by state legistrators 17th amen

how were senators originally chosen which amendment changed that


how old does someone have to be to be senator

vice president

who is the president of the senate

house of representatives and senate

which legistrative body has the power to impeach and which body has the power to try an impeached official

the chief justice

who shall officiate when a president is tried for impeachment


what is the required vote that is necessary to convict someone who has been impeached

removal from office and not allowed hold another federal position

what is the only penalty that can be imposed on someone who has been impeached

legistraters for that state

who decides the times, places and manner for holding elections in congress

house of representitives

in what federal body do all bills concerning taxes originate

2/3 of each house (represanitives and senate)

what fraction of both houses must vote to over ride a veto

it becomes a law unless congress has adjourned

what happens when a president doesn’t return a bill in 10 days and what is the exception to that rule

revenue, borrowing money, currency, counterfeiting, post office,courts, piracy, declare war, army, navy, national guard

in section 8 the constitution lists or enumerates the powers of congress list six of them

elastic clause

in section 8 which clause gives congress the most non specific powers Necessary and Proper

slave trade, habeas cobras, bills of attainer

in section 9 there are 3 limitations on the power of congress to deny peapls rights define those three limitations

during war time

when may the writ of habeas corpus be suspended

limitations of power, export and importtaxes, duties armed forces war

name three limits on the powers of states


how old does someone have to be to be elected president

total number of senators plus representatives equals electors

how is it determined how many electors each state has

commander in chief of military, treaties appt and foreign policys, and appoint to fill vacancies

name three powers of the president

2/3 of senators

name the body of congress that must approve a treaty that the president has negotiated and the fraction it must be approved by

senate confirms

which body of congress approves nominations

when senate not in session

when can the president appoint people without approval from anyone else

treason, bribery, highcrimes, and misdeaminers

what can a president or other officers be impeached for

forever or until retirement if good behavior

what is the term of the supreme court


who gets to decide how many federal courts we have

cases affecting ambassadors and public ministers

in which cases does the supreme court have original jurisdiction

at least 2 witnesess to testify in court

what must be necessary to convict someone of treason

Relations among the states

what is the topic of article IV

must recognize other states laws

what does the constitution say about how one state must regard the laws of another state

may not be formed from the other states

what limitation is put on admitting states into the union


what fraction of the houses of congress is necessary to approve a proposed amendment

3/4 this (38)

what fraction of the states must approve a proposed amendment for it to be ratified

2/3 of states

what fraction of the states can ask for a convention to propose a new amendment

each state will be equal in the senate

what is the only limitation in the constition as to what can be the basis of an amendment

federal law prevails over state law

what does the constitution say about which laws shall prevail if there is any conflict between laws


what qualification for holding any public office is forbidden


how many states had to ratify the constitution

religon, speech,press, assembly, petitiongovt fot grievness

name the five basic civil liberties guaranteed in the first amendment


which amendment extended the vote to 18 years old


which amendment outlaws cruel and unusual punishment


which amendment ended slavery


which amendment prevents a citizen of carolina suing the state of georgia


which amendment said that states couldn’t prevent people on voting because of there race


which amendment said that a person couldn’t be tried for the same crime

5 give value of property

when can the govt take private property and what must the gov’t give the owners which amendment establishes this


which amendment defined citizen ship

there is enough evidence to bring to trial, may not be tried more than once for same crime, may refuse to answer questions that can incriminate of them, speedy fair trial, lawed will be assigned if cant afford.

list the rights that the accused has when suspected of crime


which amendment prohibited alcohol which amendment repealed the prohibition on alcohol

1920 amendment 19

which amendment gave women the right to vote in which year was it passes


which amendment decided that a person can be president for 2 terms only

president- house of representative
vicepresident- senate

which amendment prevents the president and vice president from being inhabitants of the same state in that same amendment who should choose the president if no one gets a majority in the electoral college and the vice president


which amendment requires a warrant to search someones property


which amendment gave the govt the power to to impose a income tax


which amendment establishes what to do if the president incapacitated and cant perform his duties

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