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Which of the following is a personal computer? a. supercomputer b. mainframe c. desktop d. All of the above


Which of the following is NOT a personal computer? a. laptop b. desktop c. mainframe d. All of the above


____ are thin computers that do not have an external keyboard or mouse. a. Laptops b. Desktops c. Tablets d. Mainframes


____ computers are used by large businesses, government agencies, and in science and education to provide centralized storage and processing and to manipulate tremendous amounts of data. a. Subnotebook b. Optical c. External d. Mainframe

Word size

____ refers to the number of bits that are processed at one time. a. Characters per second b. Quad core c. Clock speed d. Word size


Processing tasks occur on the ____. a. mouse b. keyboard c. motherboard d. operating system


The physical components of a computer are referred to as ____. a. operating systems b. specifications c. configurations d. hardware

peripheral devices

The computer needs additional components called ____ to accomplish its input, output, and storage functions. a. mice b. peripheral devices c. architecture d. ports

the speed of the microprocessor

Megahertz is a measurement of ____. a. the speed of the microprocessor b. the amount of RAM c. RAM speed d. cache memory


One of the most important components of personal computer hardware is ____, which stores instructions and data. a. the processor b. optical storage c. the cloud d. memory


____ memory is a chip on the motherboard that stores the date, time, and system parameters. a. ROM b. RAM c. CPU d. CMOS

cache memory

Special high-speed memory located on or near the microprocessor’s is called ____. a. ROM b. storage c. virtual memory d. cache memory

virtual memory

You are running two programs at once that each require 10 megabytes on a computer that only has 16 megabytes of RAM. What makes this possible? a. CMOS b. ROM c. cache d. virtual memory


What temporarily holds programs and data while the computer is on and allows the computer to access that information randomly? a. cache b. RAM c. ROM d. CMOS


RAM is often referred to as ____ memory. a. permanent b. semipermanent c. volatile d. None of the above

hard disk

Which of the following is NOT an example of optical storage? a. CD b. hard disk c. Blu-ray d. DVD


A file that tells a computer how to perform a specific task is called a(n) ____ file. a. executable b. instruction c. data d. configuration


A(n) ____ is based on flash memory, but is intended as a replacement for traditional hard disk drives. a. CMOS b. SSD c. GUI d. RAM cache


Most ____ devices, like keyboards, for example, connect to a computer either with cables or wirelessly. a. storage b. touch c. recording d. input


An example of an output device is a ____. a. printer b. keyboard c. mouse d. touch pad

a kilobyte

Which of the following is the smallest unit of measurement? a. a terabyte b. a gigabyte c. a megabyte d. a kilobyte


Expansion cards plug into electrical connectors on the motherboard called expansion ____. a. ports b. outlets c. slots d. buses


Antivirus software protects against which of the following types of malware? a. viruses b. firewalls c. phishing scams d. spoofed sites


The practice of sending e-mails to customers or potential customers of a legitimate website asking them to click a link in the e-mail is called ____. a.spoofing b. phishing c. pharming d. spamming

Operating systems

____ manage the system resources of a computer so programs can run properly. a. Database management software b. Utilities c. Firewalls d. Operating systems

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