CNT 4406 Chapter 3

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All device interpret attack signature uniformly


All atomic attack is a barrage of hundreds of packets directed at a host


The signature of a normal FTP connection includes a three-way handshake


Newer Trojans listen at a predetermined port on the target computer so that detection is more difficult


Packet fragment is not normal, and can only occur if an attack has been initiated


How does CVE standard make network security devices and tools more effective

They share information about attack signature

Which of the following is NOT among the items of information that a CVE reference reports

Attack signature

Which of the following is an accurate set of characteristic you would find in an attack signature

IP address,TCP flags,port numbers

What is the tern used when an IDPS doesn’t recognize that an attack is underway

False negative

Which of the following is NOT a category of suspicious TCP/IP packet

Suspicious CRC value

What can an IDPS check to try to determine weather a packet has been has been tampered with or damaged in transit


What type of attack does a remote access Trojan attempt to perpetrate

Composite attack

Under which attack category does a UNIX sendmail exploitation fall

Suspicious data payload

Of what category of attack is a DoS attack an example

Multiple-packet attack

Which element of an ICMP header would indicate that the packet is an ICMP echo request message


Which of the following is an element of the TCP header that can indicate that a connection has been established

SEQ/ACK analysis

Which TCP flag can be default response to a probe on a closed port


What is the typical packet sequence of packets for a successful three-way handshake


Which of the following correctly represents the port used by FTP control traffic and FTP file transfer traffic respectively


What is the packet called where a Web browser sends a request to the Web server for Web page data


Under which suspicious traffic signature category would a port scan fall

denial of service

In which type of scan does an attacker scan only ports that are commonly used by specific programs

strobe scan

Which type of scan has FIN,PSH,and URG flag set

Xmas scan

Which of the following is the description of a land attack

source and destination IP address/port are the same

Crafted packets that are inserted into network traffic

Packet injection

Let the other computer know it is finished sending data

FIN packet

An undocumented hidden opening through which an attacker can access a computer

Back door

A set of characteristic that define a type of network security


Used by attackers to delay the progression of a scan

Scan throttling

A standard set of communications rules that allows one computer to request a service from another computer


Sent when one computer wants to stop and restart the connection

RST packet

The maximum packet size that can be transmitted


All ports from 0 to 65.535 are probed one after another

Vanilla scan

A series of ICMP echo request packets in a range of IP address

Pin sweep

A packet monkey is a unskilled programmer who spreads viruses and other malicious scripts to exploit computer weakness


A worm creates files that copy themselves repeatedly and consume disk space


Physical security protects a system fro theft,fire,or environmental disater


Reviewing log files is a time consuming task and therefore should only be done when an attack on the network has occured


With discretionary access control, network users can share information with other users, making it more risky than MAC


Security devices on a network process digital information, such as text files and web pages, in the same way.However,which of the following pieces of information might they handle differently

Attack signature

In which of the following situations can CVE improve the coordination of intrusion information on a network

Installing application patches can thwart a report attack

In which OSI model layer will you find the OSPF protocol


Which protocol is responsible for automatic assignment of IP address


Which of the following is NOT a critical goal of information security


Which of the following is true about cryptographic primitive

Primitives are usually not the source of security failures

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