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Who was the Roman governor that ordered Jesus’s trial and execution?

Pontius Pilate

Early Christianity is described as being a sect of Judaism. What is a sect?

a branch of a larger religious group

Jesus selected twelve men to be his disciples. What was their main role?

to spread Jesus’s teachings

Why was the spread of Christianity to non-Jews significant?

It helped Christianity emerge as a separate faith.

Jesus’s disciples and followers spread the message of Christianity

by traveling to speak to people across the Roman Empire.

What was the lasting effect of the Roman Catholic Church becoming the official church of the Roman Empire?

The Roman Catholic Church dominated European society for one thousand years.

According to the Bible, what made the circumstances of Jesus’s death unique?

He was resurrected three days later.

Early Christians were persecuted for their beliefs. Which belief in particular made others suspicious of Christians?

their refusal to worship Roman gods

It is believed that Paul was a martyr. Which answer best describes what this means?

He died rather than deny his beliefs.

Which aspect of the Roman Catholic Church established in the 300s remains today?

The Roman Catholic Church’s leader is still the bishop of Rome, or the pope.

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