Choosing a Drug-Free Life

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Giving an excuse to someone offering drugs is the only way to refuse them.


The first step of drug addiction treatment is to __________.

gather patient information

Life skills and relapse prevention training are both included in treatment programs.


According to statistics, half of all American teens will experiment with illegal drugs before they graduate high school.


All of the following are drug-resistant strategies EXCEPT:

screaming for help

For an individual with a serious drug addiction AND a stable home environment, __________ would be the BEST treatment option.

partial hospitalization/day treatment

Residential treatment facilities often offer GED preparation and career training.


Drug use prevention often involves partnerships between schools, communities, and law enforcement because __________.

preventing illegal drug use requires a mixture of strategies, including education, public outreach, and legal consequences

Stating the consequences of drug use is a resistance strategy that can involve __________.

all of the above

Patients in outpatient treatment centers and day treatment programs __________.

live at home

Patients needing social detox __________.

IT IS NOT all of the above. IT MAY BE demonstrate mild detox symptoms

One of the most effective strategies for resisting drugs is simply to __________.

IT IS NOT research the consequences of using drugs IT MAY BE avoid situations where drugs are present

The Boys and Girls Club is a __________.

drug education and prevention program established within most communities

According to statistics, currently there are approximately __________ drug users living in the United States.

22 million

Which of the following strategies is helpful in avoiding drug use?

avoiding situations where drugs will be present

Most people who become addicted to drugs are able to stop on their own and do not need outside help.


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