Chivalry in the Middle Ages- Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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Which descriptions portray a chivalric hero? Check all that apply.

one who risks his life to protect his lord one who fulfills a promise to the queen one who upholds strict moral values

Which of the following is the best definition of chivalry?

the behavior and conduct expected of medieval knights

Read the excerpt from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
Gawain, sitting next to the Queen,
Bowed to the King then:
"I will keep my words plain.
I ask for this battle to be mine."

"If you please, glorious lord," Gawain said to the King,
"I will turn from this table and stand by you there,
If I may do that without discourtesy,
And without displeasing my liege lady,
I would come to your counsel before your great court…"
What chivalric value does Gawain display in the excerpt?

loyalty to his king

Read the excerpt from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
"No, I tell you in good faith, it is not a fight I have come for.
These are nothing but beardless boys around this bench.
If I were buckled in armor on a big horse,
There is no man here strong enough to be worth riding against.
And so in this court I call for a Christmas game . . ."
What chivalric value does the Green Knight display in the excerpt?

the morality of fair play

Read the excerpt from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
"By God," the Green Knight said, "I am glad
That I shall have from your hand what I asked for here,
And that you have repeated fully, in your own words,
The whole of the covenant I asked of the King:
Only now you must swear to me, upon your word,
That you will expect, for yourself, wherever you manage
To find me on earth, to be repaid in kind
For what you accord me today before this high company."
Which statement best describes the chivalric value addressed in the excerpt?

The Green Knight insists on Gawain’s moral obligation in their agreement.

Read the excerpt from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
Pick up your grim tool now
And let us see how you handle it."
"Gladly, sir, I promise you,"
Gawain said, stroking it.

The Green Knight takes his stand without lingering
And bends his head a little to show the skin.
He laid his long graceful locks across his crown,
Leaving the naked neck bare and ready.
Which statement best describes the Green Knight’s chivalric values?

He displays bravery in the face of danger

Read the passage.
Though the community center buzzed with excitement, Jose moved his queen forward on the chess board with a steady hand. He eyed the row of his opponent’s captured pieces, and recognized his advantage. He said, "Check."
Across the table, his opponent wiped his brow, his eyes darting around the board. When he spotted an escape route, he exhaled in relief as he moved his king. Seconds ticked by as Jose assessed the board. His eyebrows raised almost imperceptibly, and a sly smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Then Jose selected his move.
What conclusion can readers draw about Jose?

He expects to win his chess match.

Which statement best describes knights in the Middle Ages?

Knights were professional warriors who helped nobles protect their land.

Read the passage.
The instructor handed each student a set of keys. "Thank you," Owen mumbled, looking at the ground. He gripped the key ring and scanned the parking lot for his assigned vehicle. Soon he was inserting the key in the lock, opening the door, and folding his lanky frame into the driver’s seat. His breath escaped him in a frosty cloud, and he surveyed his surroundings. The mysterious gauges and knobs were confounding, and Owen wished that he had listened to one of his mom’s many driving lectures. His sweaty palms gripped the cold steering wheel. Around the parking lot, his classmates were beginning to navigate the cone-marked course.
What conclusion can readers draw about Owen?

He is uncomfortable driving.

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