Chapter 9 Linux

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Which command displays the PPID?

Ps -f

A user calls with a concern about the display he is seeing after running the command: ps -e. There are a number of processes that display getty and he is afraid that an unauthorized user is attached to the system. How should you respond?

Assure the user that this is normal

Which command displays in the most detail all the processes that are running?

Ps -ef

You want to view all currently-running processes that include getty in the process name. Which command would you use?

Bps -A | grep getty

You answer a call from a number of users who cannot access the mall server. which utility would you use to quickly see if the sendmail service is running?


Which command would you use to look for a potential resource hog on a workstation?


You need to see a listing of running processes and system status such as memory and cpu usage. Which command will produce the listing?


Which is the default signal sent to processes by the kill utility?
A developer calls with a problem. They were trying to debug a new daemon and mistakenly placed it on the production machine instead of on a lab machine. It has now entered runaway mode. The PID number is 2345 and attempts have been made to remove it with the standard kill command but it will not stop.


Which command would you use to be assured that the process will terminate?

Kill -9 2345

After a severe lightning strike nearby, a number of processes seem to be running on the server in runaway mode. Which utility terminates these processes by name, and not just by process ID number?


You have several processes running in the background as shown from the jobs command below: [1] + running gedit & [2]+ stopped crontab e
What command will bring the gedit program to the foreground.

Fg 1

You have a gedit process with a job ID of 6. Which command would you enter at the command prompt to send the process to the background?

bg 6

You need to send a process to the foreground. Which command should you enter to identify the job for the process?


Which kill option stops and restarts the process with the same Process ID (PID)?


What is the result of the nohup gedit & command?

Gedit will start in the background and persist in the background after logging out of the shell.

Which option would you use with the the kill utility at the command prompt to see the valid signals available with this Linux system you’re not familiar with ?

Kill -l

You need to manage a process in the foreground by pressing ctrl+C on this keyboard.what signal code is sent to the process?


Which command would you use to decrease the daemon’s priority?

Renice -n 10 2345

You need to determine the priority of several processes. Which command should you enter to identify the process ID and nice value for each process?


What would you enter at the command prompt to start the gedit process with a highest priority possible?

Nice -n -20 gedit

What is the default nice value for a process not executed with the nice command?


Which of the following commands starts the gedit program with a priority 1 above the default nice priority?

Nice -n -1 gedit

Which command could you use to verify if a crontab file exists for user thobbs.

Crontab -l -u thobbs

You are editing the crontab file and want an entry to run every hour at five minutes past the hour. Which of the following entries will accomplish this?

5**** /home/emmett/

You want to keep the gshant user from editing his respective file in /var/spool/cron, but still allow all other users on the system to edit their respective crontab file. What is the full path and filename of the file you should edit?


Which file should you edit if you want to permit specific users to edit their respective crontab file, but deny all other users on the system from editing their crontab file?


After logging in as root, you need to manage the crontab files for your Linux system. Which command should you use to edit the crontab file for the gshant user account?

Crontab -ue gshant

Which command should you enter at the command prompt to list the tasks in the at queue for the current user?

At -l

Which daemon must be running if you want to use the at command?


You want to keep the gshant user from running the at command, but still allow all other user to use it. What is the full path and filename of the file you should edit?


Which of the following statements best describes the effects of having only the gshant user account listed on the /etc/at.allow file?

Only gshant and root can use the at command

What should be entered at the command prompt to remove tasks 2 and 3 in the at queue?

Atrm 2,3

If a system is down at the time of a recurring regularly scheduled task is supposed to run, which task scheduling service will run the task when the system is back up again?


What is the full path and filename of the file that is used to schedule tasks for the anacron daemon?


You have anacrontab file with the following settings:
#period in days delay in minutes job-identifier command
1 5 cron.daily nice run-parts /etc/cron.weekly
7 20 cron.weekly nice run-parts /etc/cron.weekly
@monthly 50 cron.monthly nice run-parts /etc/cron.monthly

Between which hours of the day will tasks schedule with anacron start to run?

If the system was down during the time period a weekly task was scheduled to run, what is the minimum amount of time anacron will wait, after the system is back up, before running the task?

If the "delay in minutes" for daily tasks is 5 minutes, how much time will anacron add to the delay of 5 minutes before the scheduled daily task?

Between 5 pm and 11 pm 20 minutes A randomly chosen number of minutes between 0 and 35

What service does cron rely on to run the scripts in the /etc/cron.daily, /etc/cron.weekly, and /etc/cron.monthly directories?


Anacron creates a timestamp file that tells you the last time a regularly scheduled job was run. What is the full path and name of the directory that contains these timestamp files?


You need to install an email server. Which of the following applications are valid Linux email applications?

Sendmail and Postfix

What do you enter at the command prompt to display the contents of an MTA mail queue?


Which of the following MTAs use the QMQP and QMTP protocols?


Which of the following MTAs are modular?

Postfix and qmial

By default, which protocol is used by an MTA to send messages to other MTAs?


Which of the following are common protocols used by MTAs to send messages to MUAs?


Recently, you updated the /etc/aliases file with several email aliases. What command do you use at the command prompt to update /etc/aliases.db file?


Which of the following files stores the aliasing information for MTAs?


You are logged in as gshant, and you want to forward your mail to the dwant user on the local network. Which file should you edit to redirect the mail for a gshant user?


What is the full path and filename of the file that contains mail for the gshant user?


Which of the following directories contains email for each user account on the system?


Which database object in an SQL table represents attributes?


Enter the SQL command that will list all tables in the grades database.


Which of the following SQL commands will group information in a list?


Which SQL database object represents a single entity or item?


Which clause should you add to the SELECT command to filter results from an SQL database?


You need to show the contents of the location and price fields in the shirt table in an SQL database. Which SQL command should you use?

SELECT location, price FROM shirt

Which clause should you add to the SELECT command to sort results from an SQL database?


You use the following command to retrieve specific entry information from the shirt table: SELECT location, price FROM shirt. However, the command is not returning any information. What should you do?

Add a semicolon to the end of the statement.

Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of the following SQL command? DELETE FROM shirts WHERE color=’pink’ AND type =’polo’ AND gender=’male’;

Records for men’s pink polo shirts will be removed from the shirts table

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