Chapter 36 EMT

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A 13-year-old child is on a home ventilator. The parents called because the mechanical ventilator is malfunctioning and the child has increasing respiratory distress. You should:

D. disconnect the ventilator and apply a tracheostomy collar.

A 70-year-old male complains of shortness of breath. During your assessment, you note that he has bilateral hearing aids. When you ask him questions related to his chief complaint, he does not answer you. You can hear a whistling sound coming from his hearing aids. You should:

D. try repositioning the hearing aid or remove it and turn down the volume.

A person is said to be obese when he or she is ________ over his or her ideal weight.

C. 30% or more

A surgical procedure that creates an opening between the intestine and the surface of the body that allows for elimination of waste products is called a(n):

D. colostomy.

According to the "E" in the DOPE mnemonic, which of the following actions should you perform to troubleshoot inadequate ventilation in a patient with a tracheostomy tube?

A. Check the mechanical ventilator for malfunction.

According to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA):

D. all health care facilities must provide a medical assessment and required treatment, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

Because a tracheostomy tube bypasses the nose and mouth:

C. secretions can build up in and around the tube

Cerebral palsy is characterized by poorly controlled ________ movement.

D. body

Common complications associated with central venous catheters include all of the following, EXCEPT:

A. rupture of a central vein

Down syndrome is a genetic defect that occurs as the result of:

B. a triplication of chromosome 21.

Spina bifida is defined as:

D. a birth defect caused by incomplete closure of the spinal column.

The purpose of a ventricular peritoneum shunt is to:

C. prevent excess cerebrospinal fluid from accumulating in the brain.

Under what circumstances is a left ventricular assist device used?

D. As a bridge to heart transplantation while a donor heart is being located

When caring for a patient who is visually impaired, it is important to:

B. tell him or her what is happening, identify noises, and describe the situation and surroundings.

Which of the following conditions would MOST likely be encountered in a patient with cerebral palsy?

. Seizure disorder

Which of the following statements regarding autism is correct?

A. Most cases of autism are diagnosed by 3 years of age.

Which of the following statements regarding interaction with the caregiver of a child or adult with special health care needs is correct?

A. Communication with the patient’s caregiver or family members is important because they are the most familiar with the patient’s condition.

Which of the following statements regarding patients with intellectual disabilities is correct?

C. Patients with intellectual disabilities are susceptible to the same disease processes as other patients

Which of the following would be the MOST practical method of communicating with a hearing-impaired patient until his or her hearing aids can be located?

D. Using a piece of paper and writing utensil to ask questions

You are assessing a 440-lb man who complains of shortness of breath and lower back pain. The patient is conscious and alert, his blood pressure is 148/98 mm Hg, and his heart rate is 120 beats/min. Your MOST immediate action should be to:

D. avoid placing him in a supine position if possible and administer oxygen.

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