Chapter 33 Quiz- Invertebrates

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Ectoprocta; Brachiopoda

The two phyla that have characteristic U-shaped alimentary canals and a crown of ciliated tentacles are the ________ and the ________.

phylm Plattyhelminthes

Tapeworms are highly specialized worms that make their living as endoparasites. To which of the following phyla do the tapeworms belong? – phylm Plattyhelminthes – phylum Arthropoda – phylum Nematoda – phylum Mollusca – phylum Annelida

Invertebrates, animals without a backbone; 95%

_________, account for ________ of all known animal species.


Some digestion in sponges takes place in the __________.


The proglottids of a tapeworm contain an elaborate __________ system.

hermaphroditic individuals exchange sperm

During typical earthworm reproduction __________.


Animal species that are threatened by extinction are primarily in the phylum ________.

a chitinous exoskeleton

A major characteristic of arthropods is __________.

They typically live in a marine environment

Which of the following is/are true about polychaete worms? – They typically live in a marine environment. – They have a water vascular system. – They are unsegmented bilaterians. – They are ecdysozoans. – They feed by using nematocysts.


_________ are characteristic of jellies.

with a closed circulatory system

Cephalopods are the only molluscs __________.


Evolutionary adaptations used by plants and animals for maximizing surface area include all of the following except _________. – ballooning – producing projections – branching – folding – flattening

Catenulida; Rhabditophora

The two lineages of the phylum Platyhelminthes are the ________ and the ________.

mesohyl; gelatinous matrix

The ________ is the middle matter of a sponge and is composed of a ________.

have a mouth that is separate from the anus

Annelids __________.

obtaining food

The choanocyte of a sponge and the nematocyst of a cnidarian both function in __________.

filtering small particles from water

Sponges feed by __________.

a tracheal system

In most insects, gas exchange is accomplished by __________.

crown of ciliated tentacles for feeding; larval stage

Characteristic of the clade Lophotrochozoa are features such as a lophophore, which is a(n) _________, and a trochophore, which is a(n) _________.

Tentacles that trap food particles

Through what means do coral animals capture their food?


The phylum __________ has both invertebrate and vertebrate groups.


Invertebrate deuterstomes that are bilaterally symmetrical as juveniles but have radial symmetry as adults are called _________.

the species consists of only females that produce more females from unfertilized eggs

Some species of rotifers undergo parthenogenesis, which means that __________.

muscular foot, a visceral mass, and a mantle

The three main body parts of the phylum Mollusca are a ___________.

totipotent; amoebocyte

The sponge cell type that is ________ and can become other sponge cell types is the _________.

the chitinous exoskeleton cannot grow

In arthropods, molting is necessary because __________.

scyphozoan; anthozoan

In the phylum Cnidaria, jellies are members of the ________ clade and corals are members of the ________ clade.

Cribrostatin; cancer cells and drug-resistant strains of Streptococcus

________ is a compound produced by sponges that can kill ________.


Stages in the complete metamorphosis of arthropods include all of the following except the ________ stage. – nymph – egg – adult – pupa – larva

The bodies of its members are organized around a gastrovascular cavity.

Which of the following is true about the phylum Cnidaria? – The bodies of its members are organized around a gastrovascular cavity. – All of the listed responses are correct. – The bodies of cnidarians are bilaterally symmetrical and show cephalization. – All cnidarians except corals are in the medusa stage. – This phylum has more species than any other phylum.

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