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Which of the following taxonomic categories contains all the others listed here?


Animals that possess homologous structures probably _____.

evolved from the same ancestor

Systematists have used a wide variety of traits to reconstruct the phylogenies of particular groups of organisms. Which one of the following traits produces a good estimate of phylogeny?

Behavioral traits -gross morphological traits -molecular traits -biochemical traits –Most researchers today appreciate that both morphology and molecular biology are essential sources of data for phylogenetic study.

By definition a clade is _____.


Fossil evidence indicates that some dinosaurs had feathers. If birds are indeed descended from dinosaurs, feathers are what kind of character?

shared ancestral character

What process actually increases the number of genes in an organism’s genome?

gene duplication

Why do researchers use rRNA in investigations of relationships between taxa that diverged hundreds of millions of years ago?

DNA coding for rRNA changes relatively slowly

Molecular clocks are based on the idea that _____.

on average neutral mutations arise at a constant rate

Which process occurred frequently in the early history of the three domains on Earth, and makes determining phylogenetic relationships of that time difficult?

horizontal gene transfer

Which observation supports the position of eukaryotes at the convergence of the "ring of life"?

the nuclear genome of eukaryotes contains genes from archaeans and from bacteria

In a comparison of birds and mammals, having four limbs is

a shared ancestral character

To apply parsimony to constructing a phylogenetic tree,

choose the tree that represents the fewest evolutionary changes, in either DNA sequences or morphology

In Figure 26.4 in your textbook, which similarly inclusive taxon descended from the same common ancestor as Canidae?


Three living species X, Y, and Z share a common ancestor T, as do extinct species U and V. A grouping that consists of species T, X, Y, and Z (but not U or V) makes up

paraphyletic group

If you were using cladistics to build a phylogenetic tree of cats, which of the following would be the best outgroup?


The relative lengths of the frog and mouse branches in the phylogeny in Figure 26.13 in your textbook indicate that

the homolog was evolved more slowly in mice

Phylogeny is the evolutionary history of related groups of organisms. Organisms are grouped into taxa based on homologous characteristics, shared traits that result from common ancestry. Which statement is true?

the term "monophyletic" refers to a taxon that includes an ancestral species and all of its descendants

Which of these are homologous structures?

ivy leaf and pine needle

Select the correct statement about phylogenetic trees.

Phylogenetic trees may expand quickly to maximum width and then narrow over time

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