Chapter 2 – Post-Test

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Antifederalists’ concerns about the Constitution

included a concern that the Constitution did not specifically enumerate protected civil liberties.

As a political value, individual liberty

was preeminent for the Constitution’s authors.

Changing the structure or composition of the federal government

has been the motivating factor behind most of the post-Bill of Rights amendments.

Concerning limited government, the debates between the Federalists and the Antifederalists

more than any other issue continues to reverberate through contemporary American politics.

Congress’ ability to pass laws necessary to carry out its expressed powers is known as the

elastic clause.

Counting slaves as ____ for the purposes of census did not allow slaves to ____.

three-fifths of a person; vote

Income taxes

did not exist in the mid-eighteenth century.

One key demonstration of the weakness of the Articles of Confederation was

the size and duration of Shays’s Rebellion.

Proponents of the idea of the "living" Constitution would likely support the concept of

judicial review.

The Articles of Confederation

maintained state independence, freedom, and sovereignty.

The Bill of Rights mollified concerns about

an overly powerful central government.

The New England-based merchants and southern planters

organized together in opposition to taxes imposed by the Stamp and Sugar Acts.

The core component of the Virginia Plan was that

it provided for a system of representation in the national legislature based on the population of each state or the proportion of each state’s revenue contribution to the national government, or both.

The executive leader or presiding officer specified by the Articles of Confederation

did not exist; the Articles specified no executive leader.

The philosophical founder of the Constitution’s ideas of separation of powers was

Baron de Montesquieu

The preamble to the Constitution describes the purposes of government as including all EXCEPT which of the following?

secure the blessings of equality for all Americans

The process of amending the Constitution is ____, leading to a ____ proportion of proposed amendments succeeding.

difficult; very small

Under the Great Compromise, the Senate

was an arena wherein large and small states would compete on equal footing.

Which of the following did the Antifederalists MOST vigorously disapprove of?

the elastic clause

Which of the following statements about the Declaration of Independence is accurate?

It specifically identified and focused on grievances, aspirations, and principles that might unify the various colonial groups.

Which of the following stipulated that powers not specifically granted by the Constitution to the federal government were reserved to the states or to the people?

the Tenth Amendment

Which of the following structural aspects was established for the legislature by the Constitution?

The Senate was given the power to approve presidential appointments.

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