Chapter 15 Music

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Composers in the Ars nova style wrote both sacred and secular songs. True False


During the Middle Ages which Arab import allowed for pattern-related disciplines to flourish in the West? Silk culture Numerals Pasta making Literature


n the Western tradition, music historically has not been linked to mathematics and geometry. True False


Music, mathematics, geometry, and astronomy were the four topics considered essential to medieval _____. education entertainment bureaucracy military


Musical ideas from Middle Eastern cultures were not a part of medieval cultural exchange. True False


Religious wars and medieval explorations enhanced cultural exchange. True False


The last part of the Middle Ages is referred to as the Ars nova. True False

Ars antiqua

What was the period that immediately preceded the Ars nova called? Ars antiqua Renaissance Baroque Classical


Which Arab instrument was the forerunner of the modern violin? Zither Tabla Sitar Rebab


Which secular medieval musicians entertained audiences at the higher social levels? Monks Jugglers Troubadours Soldiers

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