Chapter 12 Government

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The Texas Supreme Court’s decision in Edgewood v. Kirby was that?

Undue reliance upon property taxes to fund public education violated the Texas Constitution

Which of the following statements regarding public policy in Texas is true?

The policies of the national government influence Texas, but for the most part, large segments of public policy, such as education, infrastructure, and legal matters, are state and local matters

Which ideology reflected the public policy agenda in Texas during the first decade of the twenty-first century?

Conservative ideology

The Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act of 2007

Required Texas schools to adopt a number of policies that would protect religious speech on campus

The debate over public education in Texas goes back to the

Break with Mexico

Which statement is true regarding public education throughout much of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century?

Public education was handled privately and by local government

Under the Gilmer-Aiken Law

Various bureaucratic institutions were established to be responsible for public education in the state of Texas

Under the Gilmer-Aiken Laws

The State Board of Education was established and became the policymaking body for public education in Texas

The three main issues that have shaped education policy in Texas during the last fifty years are?

Funding, desegregation, and educational excellence

Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)

Validated the Texas state-imposed racial segregation in public schools

Under the separate but equal doctrine in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the amount of money that the state of Texas spend on black students was ______ the amount spent on white students in public schools.

Lower than

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Plessy v Ferguson in

Brown v. Board of Education

In the Brown v. Board of Education case, segregated school districts were ordered to

Desegregate their schools "with all due speed"

By the late 1960’s, de facto segregation

Was still a problem in urban public schools with a large minority population

San Antonio v. Rodriguez dealt with

Constitutionality of using property taxes to fund public schools

By the late 1960’s, de facto segregation

Was still a problem in urban public schools with a large minority population

In Edgewood v. Kirby, the key constitutional issue was

Whether the phrase "an efficient system of free public schools" included school financing

A 1983 report by the National Commission on Excellence in Education was called?

A Nation at Risk

Among the most important findings of the 1983 report were

Test scores were declining and functional illiteracy was increasing

Ross Perot was appointed by Governor Mark White to chair a committee on education. As committee chair, he was particularly scornful of

Athletic programs

The high school graduation rates in Texas are

Among the lowest of all fifty states

Dropout rates in Texas are

Highest among minorities

The most persistent social problem facing Texas is


The percentage of Texans living in poverty is approximately

15 percent

The generally accepted standard by which poverty is measure in the United States is the

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services poverty index

Which statement is true regarding poverty in Texas?

In Texas, the poverty rate among children is much higher than the rest of the United States

The origins of modern welfare policy lie in

President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal

The _________ transformed the way in which the United States handled poverty and implemented welfare policy

1935 Social Security Act

In the 1960’s, welfare policy in Texas reflected

A policy of minimizing the cost to Texas while maximizing the use of federal dollars

In 1935, Congress created the Medicaid program, a state-federal program, to

Provide health care for the poor

Which statement is true concerning welfare in the 1980’s

Conservatives tried to require that welfare recipients must participate in job training as a condition of receiving benefits

During the 1980’s a growing number of critics alleged that welfare fell dramatically throughout the decade

Were helping to create a dysfunctional underclass of people who depended upon it for survival

The most important welfare reform legislation since the New Deal was

The personal Responsibility and Work opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, which created bloc-grant funding for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

The primary purpose of TANF was to

Make families self-sufficient by ending the cycle of dependency on government benefits

Welfare reforms are measured along which two dimensions?

The number of people on welfare and the success of getting people in the workforce

Since its creation, Medicaid has

Grown large and complex, serving a variety of special interest groups

Federal money for Medicaid programs

Is accompanied by federal rules and regulations, which states must comply with to maintain federal funding of the program

The single most important issue confronting Texas policy makers with regard to Medicaid is

The cost

One of the controversies arising out of the Medicaid Women’s Health Program in Texas involved

The funding of abortions in state clinics paid for by Texas taxpayers who were opposed to the procedure

Which statement is true?

Texas leads the nation in the percentage of the residents who lack health insurance coverage

In March 2010, Congress _________, substantially altering the nation’s healthcare system

The Affordable Care Act

Which statement regarding the Affordable Care Act us true?

Congress was sharply split along party lines

In legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court ruled that

The tax penalizing people who failed to purchase medical insurance was constitutional

Responding to the Supreme Court decision on national health care legislation of 2010, Governor Perry announced that

Texas might not participate in the expanded Medicaid program

According to a report released in July 2012 by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, relative to other states, Texas is ranked _______ in health care services and delivery.


Most of the water used in Texas comes from


Most of the water in Texas is for


Underlying water policy in Texas is

A complicated system of private property rights

Which statement regarding water policy in Texas is true?

Water rights are a complicated matter balancing private property considerations and the public good

The "law of capture" as it pertains to water policy in Texas essentially means that

The fist person to "capture" the water by pumping it out of the ground owns it

One important consequence of the "law of capture" concept is that it

Encourages landowners to take as much water as possible from ground-water sources

Two of the strategies that have been developed by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) to meet the long-term needs of Texas include

The focus on conservation and expanding and developing available surface water

In the case of Edwards Aquifer Authority v. Burrell Day and Joel McDaniel (2012), farmers argued that

They had the rights to the water based upon their ownership of the land above it

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