Chapter 10 Quiz Questions

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What is a snapshot of the system settings and configuration called?
a. restore unit
b. restore point
c. rollback point
d. rollback unit

a. restore unit

What is the fourth partition on a hard drive called?
a. volume
b. extended partition
c. primary partition
d. master boot record

b. extended partition

What is a user profile, and what are the two general items it consists of?

A collection of files and settings about a user account that enables the user’s stuff to be retained, it consists of a A user folder together with its subfolders and NTUSER.DAT

If a storage pool is configured as if it has more virtual storage than the physical drives actually offer, what feature is being used?
a. thin provisioning
b. implicit zeroing
c. thick provisioning
d. explicit zeroing

thin provisioning

Restore points are created at regular intervals and just before you install software or hardware by what utility?
a. System Restoration
b. System Activation
c. System Protection
d. System Prevention

System Protection

True or Fasle: Windows Disk Cleanup is the utility to use whenever you want to defragment your hard drive.


What status indicators apply only to dynamic disks? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Healthy (At Risk)
b. Unallocated
c. Foreign drive
d. Active

A and C

In Windows, what two terms describe the active partition on an MBR drive, and the location where the Windows operating system is stored, respectively?
a. boot partition
b. logical partition
c. system partition
d. primary partition

A and C

Discuss what a cluster is and how files are stored in them.

In a file system, a cluster, also called a file allocation unit, is a group of whole sectors. The number of sectors in a cluster is fixed and is determined when the file system is first installed. A file is stored in whole clusters, and the unused space at the end of the last cluster, called slack, is wasted free space. As files are written and deleted from a drive, clusters are used, released, and used again. New files written on the drive can be put in available clusters spread over the drive.

Describe a mounted drive and why you would use one.

A mounted drive is a volume that can be accessed by way of a folder on another volume so that the folder has more available space. A mounted drive is useful when a folder is on a volume that is too small to hold all the data you want in the folder. The folder in which a volume is mounted is called the mount point.

What partition is the bootable partition that startup BIOS turns to when searching for an operating system to start up on an MBR partitioned drive?
a. active partition
b. extended partition
c. volume
d. startup partition


Text files that are called initialization files often utilize what two file name extensions?
a. .ini
b. .init
c. .start
d. .inf

A and D

Defragmenting is not recommended for solid-state hard drives.




On a magnetic drive, what is the most common sector size?
a. 512 bytes
b. 16 KB
c. 512 KB
d. 4 KB


What is the Globally Unique Identifier Partition Table (GUID)?

The Globally Unique Identifier Partition Table (GUID or GPT) system can support up to 128 partitions and is required for drives larger than 2 TB. Recall that GPT requires a 64-bit operating system and UEFI firmware enabled and is needed to use Secure Boot, a feature of UEFI and the OS. The GPT system does not use extended partitions or logical volumes, and the bootable partition is not called an active partition. Most new computers sold today use the GPT system.

What is another name for a file allocation unit?


Describe the purpose of Pagefile.sys.

In order to ensure drive health, what command should you use to search for and repair file system errors?


The chkdsk command will not fix anything on the drive unless the drive is unlocked.


Using Windows 7 Backup and Restore, you can back up the volume on which Windows is installed.

Correct True

Restore points are created at regular intervals and just before you install software or hardware by what utility?

System Protection

Text files that are called initialization files often utilize what two file name extensions?

.inf .ini

What command should you use to rearrange parts of files on the drive so they are contiguous?


What option, when passed to the shutdown command, will restart the local computer?


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