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Experiences that engage us in the critical components of an activity and that are most likely to improve our capacity to perform that activity reflect what type of experience?

principle of quality

What do the terms emotions, cognition, dispositions, knowledge, and meanings reflect?

our subjective physical activity experiences

Humans differ from animals because humans

can match their movements to much more complex internal plans

Which of the following most accurately describes the activity patterns of Americans?

Approximately 25 percent of Americans do not engage in any leisure-time physical activity five or more times per week

The influence that parents’ activity level has on a child’s involvement in physical activity is an example of

their social environment

Which of the following would be considered a closed rather than an open skill?

hitting a baseball off a tee

Which of the following is a characteristic of training?

improvement fitness

Personal attributes that influence physical activity experiences include things such as how much money a person has and where that person lives.


In general, what happens to the amount of physical activity engaged in as one ages?

With age, physical activity participation decreases.

Activity experience is defined in the text as

our actual physical performances or observations of physical activity

Physical training results in __________ that improves __________.

genetic adaptation;abilities

The principle of quality refers to

the importance of selecting the correct type of practice

a generalist is one who

has acquired low to moderate proficiency in a relatively large number of physical activities

Abilities represent our skill level for performing a physical activity as a result of learning that occurs with practice.


The type of experience necessary to produce changes in a skill is called _______ and the relatively permanent changes are called ___________. An example would be shooting soccer penalty kicks for an hour each day and then, during game time, never missing a penalty shot

practice; learning

Participating in high school and college sports is likely to cause people to be physically active as adults.


The principle of quantity stipulates that, all other things being equal, increasing the frequency of our engagement with the critical components of an activity

leads to increases in our capacity to perform that activity

Practicing a skill is most likely to bring about which of the following?


The components of health-related fitness include all of the following EXCEPT


What is the key to improving our physical activity performances?

accumulating physical activity experiences

Which of the following correctly describes an underachiever?

an individual who has much ability but fails to practice or train

Two broad areas influence one’s physical activity experiences. Which of the following is NOT an influence?

knowledge about the benefits of physical activity

Open skills are those that require performers to coordinate their movements to a changing environment during the execution of the task.


Choose the statement that best describes open skills.

The movements used to perform the skill vary depending on the environmental factors.

Which of these could be a characteristic of training?

It is intended to overcome limitations in strength, endurance, or flexibility.

Our individual reactions to the events and feelings associated with physical activity are part of our subjective experiences.


Our physical activity preferences reflect something unique about us as individuals.


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