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On most weekends you can find the Smiths, who have one son and two daughters, doing their assigned chores around the house. Typically, the son mows the lawn and helps his dad with automobile maintenance, while the girls help clean the house and prepare the meals. This distribution of chores reflects:

how gender roles are learned at home.

In 2007, intimate partner violence accounted for more than 2,300 deaths. What percentage of these deaths occurred among males?

Some people may have several spouses over their lifetimes, but in the United States they are legally allowed only one at a time. The legal institution is known as:


As discussed in Chapter 12, which group of women is least likely to get an abortion?

Latino women

According to research in Conley’s The Pecking Order, how does the average income of daughters raised by stay-at-home mothers compare to that of daughters of working moms?

They are less likely to earn as much as their brothers.

Approximately what percentage of U.S. marriages ends in divorce?

40 percent

When a society has rules that limit marital choices to people within their own social group, such as within their social class or religion, this is known as:


Why was the traditional family depicted in The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet never a reality for African American families?

African American women have always had to combine work and family.

Approximately what percentage of Americans marries at some point in their lives?

90 percent

It is commonly perceived that the divorce rate has skyrocketed since the 1950s, but actually divorce rates in the United States have been:

increasing steadily since 1900.

Which of the following is true regarding single-parent families in the United States and worldwide?

They are on the rise in the United States and worldwide.

Some societies allow a person to have several spouses at the same time in an arrangement known as:


Structural changes brought on by industrialization in the United States meant that families changed from "grapevine" forms to:


Recent trends indicate that weekly hours of housework done by men and women are converging. Which of the following statements indicates how household labor is divided by gender?

Women do the housework and men help out.

About how long do the majority of single mothers stay on the welfare rolls in the United States?

2 years

Who wrote The Feminine Mystique (1963)?


Sociologist Arlie Hochschild (1980) has found that many women who would traditionally be expected to take care of the home and children also try to have a career. She calls this the:

supermom strategy.

Which of the following characterized the preindustrial family?

Husbands and wives were partners, not only in making a home but also in making a living.

The Ozzie and Harriet Nelson type of family was in its prime during which time period?

the post-World War II economic boom

The largest minority group in the United States is:


Which of the following is true regarding motherhood in the Zambian culture?

Zambian mothers don’t nurture their daughters in the way that Western mothers do.

According to the text’s discussion, cohabitation:

decreases the rate of divorce because cohabitants know their partners better than those who do not cohabitate prior to marriage

According to Ruth Schwartz Cowan’s 1983 research, time-saving devices like the vacuum cleaner and washing machine have actually increased the amount of time women spend on housework. What explanation is given for her finding?

Standards of cleanliness have also risen, so even more cleaning is expected.

A powerful example of the devaluation of housework in the United States was the original September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. Ultimately, after feminist groups lobbied the U.S. government, what happened?

Both the deceased’s future earnings and his or her estimated contributions to the family’s unpaid household work were measured to determine the family’s amount of compensation.

Sociologist Barbara Risman calls families in which both men and women genuinely share the paid and unpaid labor equally ____________ families.


Most Latino families in the United States are shaped by which of the following?

a devout tradition of Catholicism

John and Monique are married. Both of their parents live with them, as does John’s sister and brother-in-law and some nieces and nephews. This is known as a ____________ network.


Who of the following has argued that African American female-headed families are the outcome, rather than the cause, of racial oppression and poverty?

Du Bois

Neoclassical economists typically look at a member’s power in the family as a direct expression of that member’s utility to the family unit. This measure of power tends to be based on gender and:


At any given point in the past few decades, about how many mothers raising children by themselves have had to go on welfare to get by in the United States?

about half

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who live together in a multigenerational household are considered a(n) ____________ family.


Which of the following nations practices a rigid adherence to endogamy?


In some rural areas of Asia, women can have several husbands at one time. This practice is known as:


In the 1960s many social scientists, including Daniel Patrick Moynihan, viewed the strong role held by women in many African American families as:

a detrimental characteristic that undermined men’s roles in the family and caused all sorts of social problems.

Which of the following trends is true in the Western world today?

The proportion of women who choose not to have children is on the rise.

According to your text, the most frequent form of domestic violence is:

sibling on sibling.

Which of the following statements most accurately describes the notion of traditional family (stay-at-home mom and working father) in U.S. history?

The traditional family was unique to a particular time in history (1950s) and can really be viewed as an aberration.

Marital rates among blacks in the United States have declined since:

the 1960s.

Formal or informal rules that require a person to marry outside of the group he or she belongs to are called:


When compared to the 1990s, views regarding gay and lesbian marriage are becoming increasingly

divided between positive and negative.

If Jerome is opposed to the idea of having a relationship with someone who lives in his dormitory, which he jokingly refers to as "dorm-cest," he is practicing the rule known as:


Aries wrote that children of preindustrial families were:

thought of as small adults who didn’t warrant any special treatment or nurturing.

Which of the following was a motivation of the welfare reforms of 1996?

to promote self-sufficiency and personal responsibility

Marriages that cross racial and ethnic lines have become more common in the United States, although most U.S. marriages are still racially and ethnically endogamous. What factors might discourage exogamy?

facing ostracism from within one’s tightly knit community

In the Na culture of China, children grow up with which of the following as male role models?


The domestic duties that still fall disproportionately on working women’s shoulders are labeled by Hochschild (1989) as the:

"second shift."

Working wives generally get less leisure time than their husbands. This is known as:

the leisure gap.

In families where both spouses work for wages, the second shift can best be described as:

the domestic tasks that fall disproportionately on women in addition to their paid work.

It is it difficult to make generalizations about Latino families in the United States because:

of their diverse origins and geography.

Marriages that cross racial and ethnic lines have become more common in the United States, although most U.S. marriages are still racially and

facing ostracism from within one’s tightly knit community

Talcott Parsons and other functionalists argued that the nuclear family was necessary in modern industrial society. Problems with the functionalist argument are highlighted in which of the research findings below?

Mundurucu mothers and fathers live in separate homes, eat separate meals, and sleep apart, yet this arrangement is functional for this culture.

The ____________ theory of the family argues that nuclear families are necessary for child rearing and fulfilling society’s need for productive workers.


Structural changes brought on by the Industrial Revolution had major consequences for families. What was one of the primary mechanisms that explains these consequences?

It separated work and home and created new roles for men and women.

Journalist Barbara Ehrenreich traveled around the country to study firsthand what it was like to "get by" working low-wage jobs. All of the following are true about her experiences EXCEPT:

she felt that if she had only worked harder, she would have been able to "get by."

In his book The Marriage-Go-Round: The State of Marriage and the Family in America Today (2009), sociologist Andrew Cherlin proposes that America’s "love-hate" relationship with marriage stems from the:

fact that Americans are individualistic and evaluate their marriages in personal terms.

Legally recognized unions of gay and lesbian couples that are explicitly intended to offer similar state-mandated legal rights and benefits of marriage as are given to heterosexual couples are known as:

civil unions.

Sarah Fenstermaker Berk has characterized the American family by examining how women and men learn to take on distinct roles paralleling the divide between public and private spheres. She calls the family a:

"gender factory."

Which 1996 legislation led to national welfare reform during the Clinton administration?

the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act

Amy and Raymond live together in an intimate relationship without formal legal or religious sanctioning. This arrangement is known by sociologists as:


According to research in Chapter 12, what percentage of today’s U.S. families consists of a male breadwinner, a female housewife, and their children?

23 percent

As discussed in Chapter 12, in which cultures would it be acceptable for a man to marry his 14-year-old cousin?

in Victorian England and in some modern-day Muslim tribes

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