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A user has called to complain that he can’t connect to your organization’s wireless network from his laptop. You know that the wireless signal is strong in his location. What should you do?

Check to see if the wireless adapter is turned off

What type of interface is most commonly used for internal hard disks in notebook systems?


Your laptop has an Express card /54 slot.( What shape can cards? What kind of cards fit?)

Includes cards which are rectangular-shaped. // You can use an ExpressCard/34 card of ExpressCard/54 card in the laptop

What are 2 characteristics of the ExpressCard/54 form factor?

L shape // 34mm wide at the connector

What input device uses a stylus?


What type of interface is typically used for internal wireless networking cards in laptops?


You would like to add additional hard disk storage to your notebook computer. Which of the following connection types are you most likely to use?


What battery type offers the greatest storage capacity in the smallest amount of space?

Lithium Ion

What 3 cards can be placed in a Type III PC Card slot? (3)

Type I, II, and III

The power cord for the laptop has a block on it. What does this block do?

Converts Ac power to DC power

What is an extra button or knob on a laptop keyboard that moves the mouse cursor?

point stick

A user needs to use her laptop to give a presentation using a video card projector. She called asking you how to switch the display to the external monitor port on her laptop. What should you tell her?

Press the Fn key along w/ the function key on the keyboard w/ a monitor on it

What battery type has the greatest need to be completely drained before being recharged?


You have just purchased a new laptop with built in wireless., BT and infrared capabilities provided by a mini-PCIe card. When you boot into Windows, you do not see a Bluetooth adapter listed in Device Manager. What should you do first?

Enable Bluetooth in the BIOS

You’re TS a malfunctioning notebook computer system. The user has indicated that the screen suddenly became dark and difficult to read while he was downloading a lard file through his wireless network card while the system was plugged in at this desk. You’ve checked the system and determined that the backlight has stopped working. Which of the following could be the cause? (2)

The Inverter in the LCD assembly has malfunctioned. // The cold cathode fluorescent lamp has burned out and needs to be replaced.

You’re TS a malfunctioning notebook computer. Nothing appears on the LCD display when the system is powered on. When you connect an external monitor to the system, the Windows desktop is displayed properly on the monitor. What could be causing this problem? (2)

The display output has been redirected to the external monitor port using the Fn key.// The LCD assembly is malfunctioning

While using the touchpad, you notice that the mouse is not responding very well, making it difficult to correctly move the mouse around the screen. How can you fix this problem

Recalibrate the touchpad

You want to upgrade the memory modules in a notebook computer. What are the most common ways to access the memory module slots? (2)

Remove the keyboard // Open a panel on the bottom of the notebook

You need to replace the hard disk in your laptop computer. What hard drive size would you likely choose for the laptop?


You have a notebook computer with a built-in wireless network card. One day it stops working. Because the network card is integrated onto the motherboard, you do not want to replace the entire motherboard. What can you use to connect to the wireless network? (2)

Insert a wireless USB network card // Insert an ExpressCard wireless network card

An internal laptop keyboard is generally connected to the laptop’s system board using a:

Ribbon cable

What type of interface is typically used for internal wireless networking cards in laptops?


You’re troubleshooting a malfunctioning LED display on a notebook computer system. an external monitor correctly displays the output from the notebook. Which of the following could be the cause?

Failed backlight

You recently upgraded the process in your laptop computer to a faster processor. The computer runs, but after using it for several minutes, it shuts down unexpectedly. Which of the following should you do first?

Make sure the case fans are plugged in.

After arriving to a new city today, a traveling sales team member calls you stating that his wireless connection no longer works. He has checked the wireless configuration and he knows it to be correct because it was working yesterday. What should you do first?

Have him verify the wireless card’s hardware switch is On

One of your users has called to complain about her notebook computer. She reports that it displayed a message indicating that the battery was low, then it shut down by itself even though it was plugged into a wall outlet. What should you check first?

Verify that the AC adapter light is lit when plugged into the wall outlet.

You need to replace the video card in a laptop. What is the first step?

Find a service manual with correct disassembly procedures.

You have been told to replace the hard drive on a laptop computer that has a drive bay accessible from the outside of the computer. Which of the following should you do after powering down the system? (2)

Remove the battery // Unplug the AC Power

You recently replaced a malfunctioning video card on your laptop. After reassembling the laptop, everything works well except for the wireless network connection. The wireless adapter functioned correctly before you replaced the video card. What would most likely resolve this problem?

Reconnect the antenna connections in the bezel

You want to configure Power Plans on your Windows 7 laptop computer. Which of the following can do this? (2)

Control Panel> system security > power options // Notification area, double-click the battery icon. Click more power options.

You have just purchased a used laptop and you want to configure it to hibernate when you press the power button. You edit the Power Options settings and enable hibernation, then you configure the power button to trigger hibernation. Everything works fine for several weeks. However, one day when you press the power button, the laptop does not hibernate. What should you do?

Free up disk space

Which ACPI power states retains the contents in RAM, but turn all components off?


You want to use Hibernation on your Windows notebook. What does it need to have?

Enough free hard drive space

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