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Telephone connections follow what registered jack standard?

registered jack 11 (RJ-100)

Bidirectional transceivers utilize what technology to separate the data in each direction?

wavelength division multiplexing

Noise that can degrade or distort a signal on a network is measured with what unit?


What kind of tool can you use to measure voltage on a cable length?


In a coaxial cabling, what does the RG rating measure?

The materials used for shielding and conducting cores

RG-59 is more expensive than RG-6, but has better resistance to attenuation.


What is the industry standard angle for an Angle Polished Connector (APC)?

8 degrees

What statement regarding the Power Over Ethernet standards is inaccurate?

Power over Ethernet requires CAT6 or better copper cable

A serial cable with an RJ-45 connector is capable of being used through an RJ-45 Ethernet port.


A time domain reflectometer sends a signal and analyzes the return signal’s change in amplitude to determine where cable imperfections may exist.


What is the minimum category of UTP cable required in order to support Gigabit speeds?

Cat 5e

What statement correctly describes "jitter"?

Jitter is what happens when packets experience varying amounts of delay and arrive out of order

You’ve been handed a fiber with a 1.25-mm ferrule that requires a connector. What is the most commonly used connector for this ferrule size?

local connector (LC)

PoE+ devices are defined by what IEEE standard?


Broadband cable Internet service and cable TV are most commonly delivered over long distances via what type of cable?


Which of the following statements correctly describes the SFP+ transceiver?

SFP+ is the same size as SFP, and supports a theoretical maximum transmission speed of 16 Gbps.

Latency on data networks is based on a calculation of a packet’s round trip time (RTT).


What is the maximum supported throughput of a CAT6 cable?

10 Gbps

A typical fiber termination kit should include what tool for cutting a clean slice through fiber strands?

fiber cleaver

A short circuit is one where needed connections are missing, such as when a wire breaks.


Signals that can travel in only one direction on a medium are referred to as what type of signal?


In order to achieve 1000Base-T over CAT5e cable, 2 pairs of copper are needed.


You have been awarded a contract for wiring a new federal building. What twisted-pair wiring standard must you use?


Utilizing time slots that are adjusted according to priority and need is an example of what type of multiplexing on copper lines?

statistical time division multiplexing

Which statement accurately describes what near end crosstalk (NEXT) is?

NEXT is crosstalk that occurs between wire pairs near the source of a signal

A continuity tester should not be used on a live network segment.


Multimode fiber contains a core that is larger than a single mode fiber core.


A wavelength mismatch occurs when transmissions are optimized for one type of cable but sent over a different type of cable.


When terminating an Ethernet cable, about how far should the cable sheath extend into the plug?

3/8 inch

What is the fastest Ethernet standard that can possibly be used on twisted-pair cabling?

10GBase- T

The ST and SC fiber connectors are the most commonly found connectors due to their smaller sizes.


A Fast Ethernet connection utilizes what pins on an RJ-45 plug?


Which of the following statements about fiber-optic cabling is accurate?

Light experiences virtually no resistance when traveling through glass

A junior administrator is having issues connecting to a router’s console port using a TIA/EIA 568B standard cable and a USB serial to RJ-45 adapter, despite verifying terminal settings. What is the issue?

The cable must be a rollover cable

When viewing the pinout for T568B, what is the correct order of wire colors, starting at pin 1?

white/orange, orange, white/green, blue, white/blue, green, white/brown, brown

Why should you terminate coaxial cable with connectors that are rated for the exact cable type?

A mismatched connector will work fine, but breaks cabling standards

Both 10GBase-ER and 10GBase-EW have what maximum distance limitation on a segment of single mode fiber?


The 1000Base-LX utilizes light with what wavelength?

1300 nanometers

What multiplexing technology lowers cost by spacing frequency bands wider apart to allow for cheaper transceiver equipment?

coarse wavelength division multiplexing

What statement describes a transmission flaw that is occurring due to attenuation?

A customer modem is continuously losing signal due to large distance from the transmitting device

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