CH 14- Gene Expression from Gene to Protein

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Which of the following is transcribed and then translated to form a protein product?

A gene for a transcription factor

There are how many types of bacterial RNA polymerase?


Transfer RNA _______.

binds to its specific amino acid in the active site of an aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase

Which of the following is a stop codon?


Which of the following is not a post-transitional modification that might be required of a protein before it becomes functional in a cell?

All of listed responses are post-transitional modifications required of some proteins.

Which of the following is not transcribed from DNA?


How is the template strand for a particular gene determined?

It is established by the presence of the promoter.

Which of the following individuals was the first to suggest that genes dictate phenotypes through enzymes?

Archibald Garrod

Which of the following would not be found in a bacterial cell?

Small RNAs in splicecosome

Which of the following is not part of the translation initiation complex?

TATA box

Which binding site on a ribosome holds a tRNA attached to a growing polypeptide chain?

P site

RNA polymerase _______.

moves along the template strand of DNA, elongating an RNA molecule in a 5′ –> 3′ direction

A single peptide _______.

is the first 20 or so amino acids of a protein destined for a membrane location or for secretion from the cell.

Which of the following is true of transcription factors?

All listed responses are correct

Which of the following is not involved in the formation of a eukaryotic transcription initiation complex?

Small RNA molecules

Transcription involves the transfer of information from _____.


The type of mutation responsible for sickle-cell anemia is _____.

both a point in mutation and a nucleotide-pair substitution

A stretch of bacterial DNA 600 nucleotides long can code at most for a polypeptide of how many amino acids?


Which of the following is true of RNA processing?

Assemblies of protein and small RNAs, called spliceosomes, may catalyze splicing.

Which enzyme synthesizes tRNA?

RNA polymerase

The energy required for assembly of a polypeptide by a ribosome comes directly from ______.


A nucleotide deletion early in the coding sequence of a gene would most likely result in _____.

All of the listed choices are correct

If the 5′ –> 3′ nucleotide sequence on the nontemplate DNA strand is CAT, what is the corresponding codon on mRNA?


A series of studies on mutants of Neurospora identified 3 classes of mutants that needed arginine added to minimal media in order to grow. The production of arginine includes the following steps precursor -> ornithine -> citrulline -> arginine. What nutrient(s) have to be supplied to the mutant(s) have to be supplied to the mutants that had a defective enzyme for the ornithine -> citrulline step in order to grow?


A ribozyme is _____.

an RNA molecule that functions as an enzyme

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