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The term Middle Ages

describes a period that past historians considered to be barbaric.

How far west did the Vikings make a permanent settlement?


What part of western Europe did the Muslims conquer in the ninth century?


Who was the victor at the Battle of Hastings?

William of Normandy

What was the Domesday Book?

A survey of William;s new England lands

What led to the creation of the Magna Carta, known as the cornerstone of modern English law?

King John’s missteps and the revolt of the barons against him

What role did Christianity play in the lives of ordinary people in Europe during the Middle Ages?

a church was the center of community life

In 1095, which pope called for a Christian holy war against the infidels?

Urban II

What was an important consequence of the Crusades?

Relations between Jews and Christians worsened considerably.

Peasants probably made up what percentage of medieval society?


What city dominated Europe’s trade with Asia?


The Black Death was initially spread out of Asia by merchants and what else?

Mongol armies

Who did medieval people blame for causing the Black Death?


Which nation won the Hundred Years’ War, thanks in part to the efforts of Joan of Arc?


What did the church promise people to convince them to fight in the Crusades?

Forgiveness of sins without penance

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