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Meghan needs to analyze the demographic makeup of her company’s employees. Before conducting a survey to get the necessary employee information, she should first check to see if it is already contained in the company’s


Catherine, an economist, wants to graphically represent the prices of small cars in the United States over a period of three years. This will best be illustrated through a(n)

line chart.

Which source of data typically tends to score high on the parameter of adaptability?

primary research

One advantage of open-ended questions is that they

help researchers understand an issue in more depth than closed questions.

Which of the following relates to how current and representative data is?


Which of the following is a helpful guideline for formatting bar charts?

Bars should be arranged in ascending or descending order in most cases.

In general, survey questions should

be short enough to answer in a few seconds.

"A survey should have response choices that are unambiguous." This means that

only one answer choice should be appropriate.

Business and management books are typically biased toward

the latest, greatest idea mentality.

Which of the following is a helpful guideline for formatting line charts?

The scale should be about two-thirds of the range included in the charts.

Octavio wants to compare the gross national product for six different countries for the year 2010. How should he display the data?

a bar chart

Which of the following research sources is most likely to be biased by the writers’ career objectives?

external blogs

Julie is feeling overwhelmed by the number of surveys and spreadsheets of data she has compiled. When she tries to analyze them, she keeps thinking of more questions and issues. Julie can best focus her efforts by

remembering her key research problem.

Which of the following is a helpful guideline for formatting tables?

Arrange entries in ascending or descending order.

"A survey should have response choices that are exhaustive." This means that

the choices should include all possible answers.

Which of the following statements about online surveys is true?

Data from online surveys can be automatically dumped into a spreadsheet.

Which of the following practices reduces the credibility of research?

entering into the process with preexisting assumptions

Experienced writers use word processing software, spreadsheets, or databases for recording information about their research sources during the research stage to increase the ______ of their research.


Which type of question is designed to gain the response that the survey designer prefers and produces unreliable and unusable information as a result?


Which of the following is a type of primary research?

conducting survey research

Peter wants to create a chart that shows how market share is divided among the top companies in his industry. Which should he use?

a pie chart

Which of the following statements about bar charts is true?

Bar charts are more versatile than pie charts and line charts.

Which of the following is a good practice in the context of collecting, analyzing, and presenting research data?

focusing on full disclosure of data

Shinobu has gathered a lot of data about how his company’s products sell in the various regions of the country. Which of the following should Shinobu use to analyze this data?

statistical software

The first step in developing research-based business reports is

identifying what decision makers want to accomplish

As with written reports, successful presentations rely on

well-developed takeaway messages.

Which of the following guidelines should be kept in mind while designing presentation slides?

Recall that the slides exist to complement your presentation.

Shawn likes to open his presentations with jokes in order to grab the attention of his audience. Which of the following should Shawn keep in mind while doing so?

He should tie his jokes to his key messages.

If you want your presentation to appeal to professionals with a red motivational value system, you should

discuss immediate goals.

Which of the following guidelines should be kept in mind while designing an electronic slide presentation?

Create a storyboard with your slide titles

Which of the following helps the audience grasp the content of your presentation within 10 to 15 seconds?

limiting the amount of information on any given slide

Which of the following makes presentation slides appear uncluttered?

plenty of white space

Most audience members expect your presentation to include

preview, view, and review.

When reviewing her presentation, Dahia realizes that she needs to add source lines to her charts and graphs. What aspect of the FAIR test does this decision relate to?


The story line approach is useful for various types of presentations because it

allows the listeners to engage on a deeper level intellectually.

Which of the following is true of visual learners?

They learn well from illustrations and simple diagrams.

Ladonna is giving a presentation on how summer hours programs—which allow employees to work an extra half-hour a day so they can take every third Friday off—affect morale. She begins her presentation with a funny story about how she lost her room key on her last vacation. Everyone in the audience laughs. How appropriate was this as an attention-getter?

It was inappropriate because it did not engage the audience in thinking about her ideas

In the AIM content planning process, how do you develop your ideas?

by identifying key facts and conclusions related to your topic

Which of the following is the last step of the PREP method for justifying your views in a presentation?

restating your position

What is an advantage of using charts and diagrams in presentations?

They help simplify complex data relationships

If you want your presentation to appeal to professionals with a hub motivational value system, you should

stress the benefits to different stakeholders

The positioning statement in a presentation should be

as concise as possible.

If you choose to include the background of your company in your presentation, you must make sure that the story of your company

connects to the needs of your audience.

Which of the following is true of kinesthetic learners?

They need group activities or hands-on activities

About how long should the review be compared to the whole presentation?

about 5 percent

Which component of a presentation is analogous to the conclusion in a written document?

the review

In the story line approach to business presentations, what is a resolution?

a solution to the challenges or tensions

Which of the following is the function of a review in a presentation?

gaining buy-in on specific actions

When you are giving a presentation, the audience will judge you as competent if you

clearly know what you are talking about.

Which of the following helps to make presentation slides more readable?

using high-contrast backgrounds and colors

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