C++ Chapter 8

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A ________ algorithm is a method of locating a specific item of information in a larger collection of data.


________ algorithms are used to arrange random data into some order.


A binary search begins with the ________ element of an array.


A(n) ________ search is more efficient than a ________ search.

binary, linear

Array elements must be ________ before a binary search can be performed.


The advantage of a linear search is its ________.


Data that is sorted in ascending order is ordered ________.

from lowest to highest

When an array is sorted from highest to lowest, it is said to be in ________ order.


Using a linear search to find a value that is stored in the last element of an array of 20,000 elements, ________ element(s) must be compared.


A(n) ________ search uses a loop to sequentially step through an array.


Regardless of the algorithm being used, a search through an array is always performed ________.


The ________ is adequate for searching through small arrays.

linear search

The ________ sort usually performs fewer exchanges than the ________ sort.

selection, bubble

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