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Which of the following statements about reports in today’s environment is most accurate?

All answer choices reflect accurate statements about reports in today’s business environment

Reports that present data without analysis or recommendations are

informational reports

Reports that provide data or findings, analyses, and conclusions are

analytical reports

the direct strategy of organization is appropriate for a business report when readers

are informed

When you organize an informational report directly, in what order should the ideas be presented?

Introduction/background facts/findings summary

When you organize an analytical report indirectly, in what order should the ideas be presented

Introduction/problem, facts/findings, discussion/analysis, and conclusions/recommendations

An informal writing style includes

contractions (for example, wouldn’t, don’t, they’re).

Which of the following sentences demonstrates active-voice verbs?

Research indicates a correlation between strong writing skills and promotions

The format of a report depends primarily on

its length, topic, audience, and purpose

You are writing a short informal report that you will send to one of your customers. Which format would be most appropriate?

letter format

You are writing a short informal report that will stay inside your organization. Which format would be most appropriate?

memo or email format

You work for a development firm and must explain to a customer the results of a year-long study of potential sites for new stores. In what format should you develop this report?

manuscript format

The purpose of most business reports is to

all answer choices provide purposes for business reports

when you receive an assignment to write a report, you should being the report-writing process by

analyzing or determining the purpose

To help clarify a report problem, you should write a

problem statement

Primary data

come from firsthand experience and observation

Many business writers begin their report research by

visiting company records and files

What type of research source provides the best firsthand information


Reports that describe periodic, recurring activities or situational, nonrecurring events are

informational reports

A report that gives status updates on a current project is called

a progress report

Progress reports should include

A progress report should include all these elements

What kind of report condenses the primary idea from a book, report, article, website, meeting, or convention


A summary should condense a report or article by what percentage?


The purpose of a justification/recommendation report is to

justify or recommend actions

Your department needs a new copier, and your job is to research the options. Based on your research, you have selected an all-in-one machine that you believe will be cost effective and will perform well. What kind of report would you write to present your findings?

Justification/recommendation report

You company current processes its payroll internally but its considering the use o an external firm. you are in charge of determining whether your company should proceed with this plan. What kind of report would you most likely write?

Feasibility report

Which of the following should be included in a feasibility report?

All answer choices should be included in a feasibility report

Yardstick reports

examine problems with two or more solutions against set criteria

Business reports are always presented in writing or orally, but they are not presented digitally


Based on their function, business reports typically fall into one of two categories: instructional or persuasive?


An informational report presents data without analysis and recommendations


reports should be organized using the direct strategy when the readers are informed or supportive of the topic


you should use the indirect organizational strategy for all analytical reports


ALl reports should be written using a formal writing style.


A formal writing style includes first-person pronouns, contractions, active-voice verbs, shorter sentences, and familiar words


The format for a report relies solely on the intended audience


the memo or email format is appropriate for shot informal reports that stay within organizations


The manuscript format is appropriate for longer, more formal reports


Headings assist the report reader in understanding the organization of a report


Discussion of Findings is an example of a functional heading


the first letter of each word in a heading should always be capitalized


When you write a purpose statement for a report, you should use action verbs


Informational reports often describe, recurring activities as well as situational, nonrecurring events


progress reports are written for only internal readers


minutes summarize the proceedings of meetings


The minutes of a meeting should identify the names of individuals present and absent


A summary should be as long as necessary to ensure that all illustrations, examples, and references used in the report or document are included within the summary


informational reports emphasize reasoning and conclusions, analytical reports emphasize facts


most analytical reports answer questions about specific problems and aid in decision making


feasibility reports analyze a problem, discuss options, and present a recommendation, solution, or action to be taken


feasibility reports answer such question as Will this plan or proposal work?


Feasibility reports are typically written for internal audiences


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