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the word baroque means

bizarre, flamboyat, elaborately ornamented

modern historians use the term baroque to indicate

a particular style in the arts

name some baroque painters

rembrandt vermeer bernini

baroque painters exploited their materials to expand the potential of…….to create totally structured worlds.

color depth detail contrast

the broque, as a stylisti period in western art muisic, emcompassed the years

1600 to 1750

the two giants of baroque composition were handel and


one of the most revolutionary periods in music history was the

early baroque

the early broque was characterized by

homophonic texture

the early baroque period spanned the years

1600 to 1640

monteverdi, an early baroque composer, strove to create music that was

passionate and had dramatic contrast

the early and late baroque periods differed in that composers in the early baroque

favored homophony

the middle baroque was characterized by

a diffusion of the style into every corner of Europe

the middle baroque period spanned the years

1640 to 1690

composers in the middle baroque phase favored writing compositions for instruments of the…


by about…..,major or minor scales were the tonal basis of most compositions


instrumental music became as important as vocal music for te first time in the…….period

late baroque

the late baroque period spanned the years

1690 to 1750

affections inn baroque usage refers to the

mood/emotional states of the piece

a baroque musical composition usually expresses…….within the same movement

unity of mood

the baroque principle of…..may be temporarily suspended in vocal music when drastic changes of emotion in a text inspires corresponding changes in the music

unity of mood

the compelling drive and energy in baroque muic are usually provided by

continuity of rhythm

baroque melodie often are

repeated and elaborately ornamental

baroque melodies give the impression of

dynamic expansion rather than balance and symmetry

melodic sequence refers to

successive repetition of a musical idea at higher or lower pitches

a characteristic often found in baroque melodies is

short opening phrase followed by a longer phrase with an unbroken flow of rapid notes

terraced dynamics refers to

sudden shifts between dynamics

the main keyboard instruments of the baroque period were the organ and the


a popular keyboard instrument in which sound was produced by means of brass blades striking the strings was the


the most characteristic feature of baroque music is its use of

basso continuo

the orchestra evolved during the baroque period into a performing group based on instruments of the….family


the word movement in music normally refers to

a piece that sounds fairly complete and independant but is part of a larger composition

a large court during the baroque period might employ about …..performers


the music director of a baroque court was usually responsible for

performances, composing (operas, church, dinner, and court music), discipline, instruments, and the music library

frederick the great, king of prussia was a

flutist, general, and composer

the position of the composer during the baroque period was that of

a high class servant

in the baroque period, the ordinary citizen’s opportunities for hearing music usually came from the

church service

in italy, music schools were often connected with


to get a job, a musician had to

pass a difficult examination, perform and submit compositionns

a concerto grosso most often has …movements


the large group of players in a concerto grosso is known as the


the concerto grosso most often has three movements whose tempo marking are

fast, slow, fast

the first and last movements of a concerto grosso are often in….form


the solo instruments in bach’s brandenburg concerto no. 5 are the ……, violin, and harpsichord


bach’s brandenburg concerto no. 5 iis unusual in that

a harpsichord has a solo role in a concerto grosso

a musical ornament consisting of the rapid alternation of two tones that are a whole of half step apart is a


a polyphonic composition based on one main theme is the


the main theme of a fugue is called the


when the subject of a fugue is presented in the dominant scale, it is called the


in many fugues, the subject in one voice is constantly accompanied in another voice by a different melodic idea called a


transitional sections of a fugue that offer either new material or fragments of the subject or countersubject are called


……….is a musical prodecure in which a fugue subject is imitated before it is completed


a…………… a single tone, usually in the bass, that is held while the other voices produce a series of changing harmonies against it

pedal point

turning the subject of a fugue upside down, or reversing the direction of each interval, is called


presentinng the subject of a fugue from right to left, or beginning with the last and proceeding bckward too the first note, is called


presenting the subject of a fugue in lengthened time values is called


presenting the subject of a fugue in shortened time values is called


very often an independent fugue is introduced by a short piece called a


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