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When did military rulers take control in Japan?

during the Great Depression

Who was Francisco Franco?

the fascist dictator of Spain

What is the most likely reason that Emperor Hirohito remained head of state when military leaders took power in Japan?

Military leaders wanted to maintain the illusion of a single powerful leader.

What was Benito Mussolini’s attitude toward personal liberties?

The state should decide which personal liberties were needed.

How did the secret police in a totalitarian government most likely get their name?

The police investigated and punished people with no warning.

How does a totalitarian government differ from most authoritarian governments?

It is more extreme and rigid.

What is the most likely reason that Italy and Germany supported the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War?

Italy and Germany wanted to promote the spread of fascism.

Why did Japanese soldiers kill so many civilians in Nanking, China?

Commanders encouraged their soldiers to be as brutal as possible.

Who fought on the side of the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War?

international volunteers

How were the governments of Japan and Italy similar in the 1930s? Check all that apply.

Both used extreme nationalism to win support. Both began programs of aggressive expansion.

How many political parties participate in a totalitarian government?


What actions characterize authoritarian governments? Check all that apply.

Leaders often seize power by illegitimate means. A single leader or a very powerful group rules. Leaders refuse to tolerate dissenting views.

When Benito Mussolini came into power, he promised to

solve Italy’s economic problems.

How did Benito Mussolini attempt to increase Italy’s power?

by seizing control of new land

What happened when Spain’s government could not overcome social and economic problems during the Great Depression?

The army led a rebellion against the government.

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