ASTR Chapter 12

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The asteroid belt lies between the orbits of?

Mars and Jupiter.

Jupiter nudges the asteroids through the influence of?

Orbital resonances.

Can an asteroid belt be pure metal?

Yes; it must have been the core of a shattered asteroid.

Did large terrestrial planet ever form in the region of the asteroid belt?

No, because Jupiter prevented one from accreting.

What does Pluto most resemble?

A comet.

How big an object causes a typical shooting star?

A grain of sand or small pebble.

Which have the most elliptical and tilted orbits?

Oort cloud comets.

Which are thought to have formed farthest from the Sun?

Kuiper belt comets.

About how often does a 1-kilometer object strike Earth?

Every million years.

What would happen if a 1-kilometer object struck Earth?

It would cause widespread devastation and climate change.

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