Art History- Introduction to the Masters

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Which artist created Pieta, the sculpture seen below?


Which of the following are characteristics of the High Renaissance?

Gravity and balance of individual parts to the whole.

What was the Counter-Reformation?

A rebuttal from the Catholics to seek internal reform and renewal.

Where did much of the Counter-Reformation take place?

Council of Trent.

What was the benefit of using oil versus tempera paint?

Oil paint is more flexible and allows artists to make changes easier.

How is tempera paint made?

By binding pigments with egg yolk.

Which of the following projects was commissioned by popes?

Sistine Chapel.

What is the artistic term for an image of Mary holding her dead son Jesus?


Who commissioned most of the work during this time period?

The papacy.

How did the papacy behave during the High Renaissance?

They lived like princes.

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