Art History- Early Medieval Art II Quiz

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What role did the monks and nuns play in the arts?

Monasteries were the centers of art and learning.

What is an illuminated manuscript?

text that is supplemented with decorated initials with miniature illustrations

Where did some of the paints and materials come from to create the Book of Kells?


Which of the following characteristics is unique to Ottonian manuscripts?

They conveyed a sense of spirituality and deep felt emotion Gesture and gaze conveyed the meaning. They had high intellectual and artistic qualities.

What is another name used for the Utrecht Psalter?

Old Testament Book of Psalms

Which of the following is the most famous of the Carolingian manuscripts?

the Utrecht Psalter

How were the Ottonian manuscripts more advanced than the Carolingian manuscripts?

They showed tremendous intellect

Who worked on the illuminated manuscripts?

four scribes and three major illuminators

How were the Gospels of Charlemagne different from the Ottonian manuscripts?

the figures are full-bodied and wear white robes

Kells was located on the mainland of ___________.


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