AP World History-Chapter 23

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The Portuguese mariner who sailed to Calicut in 1498 was

Vasco da Gama

Which of the following was not one of the main inspirations for European exploration?

The desire to conquer China and India

The first European nation to dominate trade with Asia was


The Portuguese viewed the Atlantic Ocean islands as the perfect location for the cultivation of


Which of the following was not a reason for the European interest in finding a maritime trade route?

Mongol domination had caused trade along the silk roads to stop

The reconquista came to an end in 1492 when

The Muslim kingdom of Granada fell to Spanish Catholic forces

Lateen sails had the advantage of

Working better in crosswinds

The astrolabe was designed to measure


Which of the following were both Chinese inventions?

Sternpost rudder and magnetic compass

Which of the following men conquered the Moroccan port of Ceuta and sponsored a series of voyages down the west African coast?

Henry of Portugal

The first European to sail around the Cape of Good Hope was

Bartolomeu Dias

The profitable merchandise that Vasco da Gama purchased in India was made up of

Pepper and cinnamon

Christopher Columbus’s decision to sail west to reach Asia was based on

His miscalculation of the distance from the Canary Islands to Japan

When Columbus reached this area, he sent delegates to seek the court of the emperor of China.


On 12 October 1492, Columbus made landfall on an island that the native Taínos called


The first circumnavigation of the world was completed in 1522 by

Ferdinand Magellan’s crew

Ferdinand Magellan established a trade route between Mexico and

The Philippines

Most of the actual exploration of the Pacific Ocean was carried out by the


The explorer who led three expeditions into the Pacific in the eighteenth century was

James Cook

The English explorer James Cook died during a fight in


In their attempt to control the spice trade in the Indian Ocean, the Europeans during the period between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries

Met with limited success because of a lack of personnel

The Portuguese dominance of trade was dependent on their ability to

Force merchant ships to call at fortified trading sites and pay duties

Hormuz, Goa, and Melaka were all seized in the early 1500s by

Afonso d’Alboquerque

Which of the following cities was not a Portuguese trading post?


In the end, Portugal was unable to maintain its early domination of trade because

It was a small country with a small population

Which of the following was not an advantage that the English and Dutch had over the Portuguese?

They had much better captains

The VOC was the

United East India Company

The Philippines fell to

Miguel López de Legazpi

The center of the Spanish commercial activity in Asia was


Under Spanish rule of the Philippines, the native population

Was pressured to convert to Roman Catholicism

Jan Pieterszoon Coen was responsible for

Founding the city of Batavia on the island of Java

The Dutch policy in Indonesia was

To control the production of spices

The most prosperous country in Europe in the seventeenth century was

The Netherlands

Russian territorial expansion into northern Eurasia began in

The sixteenth century

Russian merchants and explorers began the expansion into Siberia in the quest for


In the long term, the Columbian exchange

Increased world population because of the spread of new food crops

From 1500 to 1800, the largest contingent of migrants consisted of

Enslaved Africans

By 1750, all parts of the world participated in a global trade network in which Europeans played dominant roles except


During the early modern era, which of the following non-European peoples explored the Indian Ocean?


Wind wheels

Are circular wind patterns whose discovery aided sailing

The volta do mar

Relied on a thorough knowledge of wind pattern

The first European to sight the Pacific ocean was

Vasco Nunez de Balboa

On his circumnavigation of the world, Ferdinand magellan died in

The Phillippines

The Portuguese lost control of the port of Melaka in 1641 when it fell to the


The country that finished the Seven Year’s war with global hegemony was


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