ap human geography chapter 1 terms

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define space time compression relating it to technological innovations

Space time compression is the increasing sense of connectivity that seems to be bringing people closer together even thought their distances are the same. Space time compression is the solution to distance decay because technology (internet,cell phones) is allowing us to communicate more across longer distances.

formal region

region composed of areas that have a common cultural or physical feature

spatial perspective

outlook through which geographers identify,explain, and predict the human and physical patterns in space and the interconnectedness of various spaces


location of a place relative to the physical and cultural characteristics around it

perceptual region

region whose boundaries are determined by people’s beliefs, not a scientifically measurable process

intermediate directions

southeast,southwest,northeast, and northwest

human geography

branch of geography primarily concerned with analyzing the structures,processes, and location of human creations and interactions with the earth


system of satellites used to determine an exact location on the global grid


baseline for time zones around the world,centered on the prime meridian

relative directions

directions commonly given by people, such as right,left,up, and down, among many others


necessary error resulting from trying to represent a round,nearly spherical earth on a flat plane or map

absolute location

position of an object on the global grid: latitude and longitude

great circles

the equator and every line of longitude paired with its twin on the opposite side of the earth form one of these


process of map making

friction of distance

degree to which distance interferes with some interaction

equidisant map

map that maintains distance but distorts other properties

geographic model

simplified version of what exists on the earth or what might exist in the future


two dimensional model of the earth or a portion of its surface

sense of place

person’s perception of the human and physical attributes of a location that give it a unique identity in that person’s mind

cultural ecology

study of human-environment interaction

galls-peter projection

map created by a geographer to show the relative sizes of the earth’s continents accurately. its distorts shape so it is not conformal

chloropleth map

map that shows a pattern of some variable,such as population density or voting patterns,by using various colors or degrees of shading


internal physical and cultural characteristics of a place, such as its terrain and dominant religions among others

Robinson Projection

map showing the world with slight distortions to all four properties,rather than having one property correct and the others drastically distorted


Cartographer’s process of eliminating unnecessary details and focusing on the information that needs to be displayed in the map

isoline thematic map

map displaying lines that connect points of equal value.

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