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standing committees

-Permanent body with specified legislature responsiblites. -evaluate bills and either kill them or pass them along for further debate -each has a juridiction over a certain area – each has several subcommittees

select committee

-temporary -set up to investigate specific issues for a limited amount of time -no legislative authority

joint committee

-composed of members of both houses -deal with issues of interest of both houses rather than consider legislation -limited jurisdiction

conference committee

– both houses have passes a different version of the same bill -is formed to achieve an agreement between both the house and the senate on the exact wording of the bill -temporary

House Rules Committee

– unique powerful position (gatekeeper power) – determines the terms on which legislation withh reach the floor -sets the time limit of the debate time for a bill -decides whether and how a bill may be amended

House Ways and Means Committee

-drafts tax legislation -jurisdiction over all taxation, tariffs, and other revenue raising measures

senate foreign relations committee

-oversees the foreign policy agencies of the US govnt -funding of foreign aid programs as well as arms sales -reviews and considers all diplomatic nominations and international treaties and legislation relating to US foreign policy

senate judiciary committee

-conducts hearings proir to the senate to vote on whether or not to confirm prospective fed. judge nom. by Pres. -provides oversight of the department of justice and all the agencies under the departmetn of justice

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