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Between 1820 and 1840, the population of the United States

rapidly grew, in part due to improved public health

Between 1800 and 1830, immigration to the United States

was not a significant contributor to the national population

In 1860, the percentage of the population in free states living in towns (places of 2,500 people or more) was

twenty-six percent

In 1860, the percentage of the population in the South living in towns (places of 2,500 or more) was

ten percent

Which city did NOT owe its growth to the Great Lakes


Between 1840 and 1860, the overwhelming majority of immigrants who arrived in the United States came from

Ireland and Germany

Before 1860, the largest single group of arriving Irish immigrants was

young, single women

Before 1860, compared to Irish immigrants to the United States, German immigrants

generally arrived with more money.

Prior to 1860, hostility among native-born Americans toward immigrants was spurred, in part, by

fears of political radicalism

The "Know-Nothing" movement was partially directed at reducing the influence of


After 1852, the "Know-Nothings" created a new political organization called the

American Party

In comparing turnpike transportation to canal transportation

New York was the first to finance turnpike construction

The Erie Canal was

a tremendous financial success

In the 1820s and 1830s, railroads

played a relatively small role in the nation’s transportation system.

Which of the following statements regarding American railroads in the 1850s is FALSE

Private investors provided nearly all the capital for rail development.

During the 1840s, advances in journalism included all of the following EXCEPT

the technological means to reproduce photographs in newsprint

Before the 1830s, American corporations could be chartered only by

state legislatures

In the 1830s, limited liability laws were developed in the United States that

restricted the amount of capital a corporation could possess

By 1860, factories in the United States

were concentrated in the Northeast

Before 1860, the development of machine tools by the United States government resulted in the

turret lathe, universal milling machine, and precision grinder

By 1860, the energy for industrialization in the United States increasingly came from


By the middle of the nineteenth century, merchant capitalists in the United States

were an increasingly important economic force

In the 1820s and 1830s, the labor force for factory work in the United States

None of these answers is correct

American factory workers in early nineteenth-century textile mills largely consisted of

families and rural, single women

When the Lowell factory system began

workers were fairly well paid and lived in supervised dormitories

As the Lowell factory system progressed into the 1840s

the owners increasingly used immigrants as their labor force

In the 1840s, the dominant immigrant group in New England textile mills was the


As the immigrant labor force in New England textile mills grew in the 1840s

payment by piece rate replaced a daily wage.

The republican tradition in the United States included the tradition of

the skilled artisan

The rise of the American factory system

led to the creation of skilled workingmen’s craft societies

The early union movement among skilled artisans

was weakened by the Panic of 1837

The Massachusetts court case of Commonwealth v. Hunt (1842) declared that

labor unions were lawful organizations

All of the following factors inhibited the growth of labor unions EXCEPT

the question of whether to include women members

The commercial and industrial growth in the United States prior to 1860 resulted in

increasing disparities in income between the rich and poor

Prior to 1860, American urban society

None of these answers is correct

In most parts of the North, before the Civil War, free blacks could

compete for menial jobs

Prior to 1860, class conflict in the United States

was limited by a high degree of mobility within the working class

Prior to 1860, the fastest-growing segment in American society was the

middle class

The growth of commerce and industry allowed more Americans the chance to become prosperous without

owning land

became the most influential cultural form of urban America

became the most influential cultural form of urban America

Prior to 1860, the most significant invention for middle-class American homes was the

cast-iron stove

Early American Victorian homes were characterized by

dark colors, and rooms crowded with heavy furniture

Compared to 1800, in 1860, urban American families

had a declining birth rate, and were more likely to see income earners work outside the home and see their children leave home in search of work.

All of the following statements regarding American leisure activities prior to 1860 are true

unpaid vacations were becoming common among the middle class

In the 1840s, P. T. Barnum’s American Museum in New York showcased

human oddities

In 1860, the typical white male American of the Old Northwest (today’s Midwest) was

an industrial worker

For most American farmers, the 1840s and 1850s was a period of

rising prosperity due to increased world demand for farm products

The main staple crop of the Old Northwest (today’s Midwest) was


In the 1840s, John Deere introduced significant improvements to the


In the 1830s, Cyrus McCormick improved grain farming when he patented his


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