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What is a standard drink?

.6 fluid oz of alcohol

How much is a standard drink of liquor?

1.5 oz

How much is a standard drink of wine?

5 oz

How much is a standard drink of beer?

12 oz

What is the percentage of alcohol in hard alcohol like rum or vodka?


What is the percentage of alcohol in most wines?


What is the range of alcohol percentages in beer?


What are some factors that effect a person’s risk of alcohol related problems?

Gender, ethnicity, extracurriculars, and more

True or false? There are many reasons college students choose not to drink.


True or False? A large group of incoming freshman are frequent heavy drinkers.


True or False? Everyone drinks at college parties.


What is the percentage of college drinkers who plan on, are ready to, or are currently trying to consume alcohol in a safer way?

Just under half

What are some factors that influence whether or not people choose to drink?

misperceptions of campus drinking norms, family background, peer influence, and stress

What is true of alcohol advertisements?

They target men and women differently, focus on stereotypes, and don’t show the negative sides of drinking.

What are some key factors that influence BAC?

Sex, weight, time, and other liquids, food, or drugs in your system,

What are some risk factors of alcohol consumption?

Prescription or over the counter drugs, energy drinks, sugary mixers, and drinking games

What are some protective factors for alcohol consumption?

Eating before or while drinking, drinking water, and slower drinking

True or False? The majority of sexual assaults on campus involve alcohol.


What specifically in your body does alcohol interfere with and disrupt?

The central nervous system and the normal functions of your brain and body

What is the face drinking range of BAC?


What is the zero tolerance law?

It is illegal for anyone under 21 to drive a car after drinking any amount of alcohol. The .08 BAC is only applicable to individuals of legal drinking age

What are some alternatives to drinking and driving?

A designated driver, calling a cab, or staying put

True or False? If I see someone who has had too much alcohol and is planning to drive, I should NOT voice my concerns and offer assistance.


Who is impacted when an individual consumes too much alcohol?

The drinker, friends and family, and even the employer

What are some options to keep a friend who as had too much to drink from drinking more?

Tell him/her all the alcohol is gone, remove any alcohol from their sight, pour out their drink w hen they are not looking, or give them a non-alcoholic drink

What are some signs of alcohol poisoning?

Having passed out or being in a semiconscious state, difficulty waking up or talking, slow or irregular breathing, and cool, pale, or bluish skin.

What steps should be taken if alcohol poisoning is suspected?

Lay the victim on their side, do NOT put them to bed, call 911, monitor breathing and heart rate, stay until help arrives

How should you plan ahead?

Make yourself aware of safe ride options and save the number, saving a number for a taxi and the location of the party, making plans to ride home with someone who will not be consuming alcohol, or making plans to stay overnight so a car will not be needed

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